Using Animation for Advertising: Which is the Best Animation Style?

Both brands and consumers need effective animated videos. The animated commercial is one of the types of animation often applied by brands to better engage their users. A commercial created using animation and/or graphics gains popularity. Great animated commercial production technologies include classic animation, 3D animation, and 2D and 3D graphics.

Using Animation for Advertising: Which is the Best Animation Style? 20
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The Rise of Animation for Advertising

The rise of animation advertising goes back in history. In fact, animation was first used in advertising back in the late 1950s, when now-familiar faces were introduced, including the Trix Rabbit and Tony the Tiger. The Flintstones premiered in 1960 and so many others! These and other animations for advertising had a significant impact on modern cartoons and commercials. 

How is animation used in advertising?

Animated advertising and video expansion do not clutter the page and illuminate more vividly than static posts. You may pack any message into animation. I may help you reveal the data in detail and explain complex things simply as much as possible.

Animated ads and posts get more attention and are more informative, and thus, more effective in pursuit of your business goals. Instead of one frozen slide, you get several frames – practically a story for a couple of seconds.

Even a photo with motion may convey a variety of emotions: serious, when talking about business, funny, if you want to have fun, etc. Animation suits any industry, content policy, and tone of the voice of the page.

Finally, the animation is inexpensive and simple. Even if you don’t have any special skills, creating an animated post for a personal or brand page is easy.

The Benefits of Animation for Advertising

The advantages of creating advertisement animation are obvious: availability, compactness, and significantly lower cost compared to television advertising. At the same time, the effectiveness of advertising campaigns using animated commercials is very high. An animation character is a fictitious image that can be used in the production of cartoons, flash games, and corporate videos. A corporate character has its own charisma. It has its own unique image (character, facial expressions, habits, voice). Thus, it is well remembered by the viewer, and begins to live their own life to engage over and over again.

Using an animated ad immediately sets your business apart from others who advertise through more generic means. Furthermore, you’re establishing a positive first impression with people experiencing your brand for the first time.

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Creating an animated ad is a very serious process that requires studying the specifics of the company, the objectives of the advertising campaign, the image of the company, the target group, etc. thus, it brings benefits at a deeper level, either financial or any other.

What Kind of Animation to Use for Your Advertising Campaign

To get your post or ad noticed, you need to do your best in choosing the right animation style for your animation in advertising. If the publication does not stand out among others, it is simply ignored, so mind the composition and pick the technique accordingly.

2D Animation

Good old 2D animation is a way in ads. Since it’s the art of creating movement in a two-dimensional space, it may include characters, creatures, FX, backgrounds, etc. The illusion of movement is in fact created when individual drawings are sequenced together over time, which greatly affects your animated advertisement.

3D Animation

3D animation advertising is a preferred type. Because 3-dimensional animation or CGI looks visually astounding, it’s the number one choice for most brands looking to create high-quality and top-industry video content, including commercials. Stop Motion Animation

Stop Motion Animation

 Stop-motion animation may also be applied in ads. The big advantage of its experience and usage is that they’re short and very catchy. Besides, this one is probably one of the cheapest ways to apply animation in an advertisement video. The big advantage of its usage – is they’re short and very catchy. It is probably one of the cheapest ways to use animation in the advertisement video.

Kinetic typography

As a variation, kinetic typography is another animation technique that may be used for moving text to capture attention, set a tone, as well as educate and entertain. Now commercials, music videos, mobile apps, and websites contain text and use it to make their message more impactful and simply add an element of artistry to wording.

Factors To Consider When Making Different Types of Animated Videos

Before you get to work on your disruptive animation advertisement, it’s wise to consider the factors that may affect the process to avoid mistakes and make it a success:

Clear Objectives

Creating animation videos for business or explainer videos for your business is quite an interesting process that should fit your marketing strategy and the business objectives, otherwise why even make it. 

The Script

Essentially, your script will convey the narrative and message of your whole commercial video and include the following elements: scene descriptions, characters, descriptions that provide context for filming scenes, etc. A video script is an important document that outlines how your marketing video is going to run in the end.

The Storyboard

Traditionally, apart from the script, your animation video production will contain a storyboard. A storyboard is a way of graphic representation of how your video story will unfold, shot by shot, frame by frame. It’s made up of squares with illustrations or pictures representing each shot, with notes on what’s going on in each scene and what’s being said in the script during that shot.

The Voice-over

Also, decide if your ad will need voice-over. You are always welcome to make a professional voice recording of the script for your animation ad, video game, or other types of media. The actor speaks words that are written in text form and their recorded voice is used to narrate the story.

The Timing

Timing in animation refers to how long an action actually takes from the beginning to an end. The timing should be considered to create movements that obey the laws of physics, as well as add interest to your videos. Timing may be equally implemented by applying scaling properties, weight, and emotion.

Designs and Illustrations

The animation style you pick may need some extra illustrations, graphics or other design ideas.

Explainer Distribution & Copyright

Of course, if you’re actively engaged in intellectual work, a copyright issue is essential.  Decide on how and who will distribute your video if any and if there will be any transfers in the right of authorship.


Animations will help to diversify the content, attract attention and explain complex things to people. So do not be afraid and choose animation advertising examples from our video for marketing portfolio or go straight to the contact form to ask for an ideal animator for creating an ideal animated design for your business needs which is easier than it seems at first glance with Explain Ninja experts.

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