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Over 90% of users enjoy watching videos online – to relax, have fun, learn something new or get the gist of the information quickly and clearly. Such content is getting even more popular in 2024. Can you imagine that video content is that powerful? It sure is! And, what’s more, you can profit from its marketing impact! Go on reading to know how to cope with video marketing in action!

5 Key Types of Video Marketing in 2024 | Explain Ninja 20
Illustration by Gyöngyi Balogh

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing is the type of advertising that leverages different types of videos for marketing purposes. As a rule, its mission is to promote a product, service, or brand. To make it happen, create and use various types of video content marketing: starting from animated banner ads, short promos, and commercials – up to live streams and sponsored product placements. Whatever the video advertising types your business requires, it’s the most emotionally engaging content solution to draw your potential customer’s attention on a massive scale.

Why is Video Marketing Important?

Now that you know what video marketing is, let’s dig deeper. High-quality video content can significantly contribute to your business growth. No wonder video has earned its place in companies’ strategies worldwide.

Different types of marketing videos are more memorable and catchy than other digital visuals. And that explains why video marketing holds fourth place in the digital advertising industry, having generated more than $90bn in 2021. 

We at Explain Ninja believe that its potential will be growing immensely by 2024. So, let’s look closer at the benefits you get with the major types of promotional videos.

How can Video Marketing Boost Your Business?

These days, there are lots of types of video marketing. It doesn’t mean, though, you’ll be lost. How to make a choice simpler? Start with understanding the business goals you expect to achieve through different types of video marketing. 

For instance, you may want to enhance your brand recognition or increase traffic to your site. You can also be interested in leads generation or a sales boost, usually measured by conversion rates. However, one common feature unites all the video marketing types – a value statement spread to your TA.

5 Types of Video Marketing

1. Explainer Video

Among all the marketing video types, the explainer plays a pivotal role. Consider it as an excellent product presentation format, which will attract a broad audience and make them offer to use it. 

In a nutshell, this brief and understandable introduction of your brand shows its competitive advantage in the market and its unique value proposition. Imagine yourself being at the conference and telling the listeners about your product. Make it short, illustrative, and inspiring!

To get its bottom line better, watch this video as an example. It’s the explainer of how the Wise online wallet works and what it brings to its customers. As you see, the information is put in a condensed and clear-cut manner to release any possible difficulties on the viewer’s side. Evidently, that’s how one should do it!

2. User Tutorial

As video is a proven educational format, creating a short video tutorial is a great idea to assist your newbies with the onboarding process. These video advertising types show genuine care about customers and readiness to help in their successful and stressless first steps on the site or with the product. Gratefulness for that can turn into the customer’s loyalty to your brand, so what can be a better result?

Another case from Wise’s YouTube channel illustrates how the same brand can diversify its marketing advertising strategy. Watch it carefully to get the specifics of one of the finest types of video marketing! 

For the time being, we’re ready to give you a hint — the user tutorial works best for guiding your user into the quick how-to details. Visually and audibly. In this case, the lesson material supplies the newcomer with steps to schedule a payment. Compare its effectiveness to the long-read guide on explaining a similar theory — the difference is in the air, isn’t it?

3. Customer Testimonial

Is there a better way to promote the product or service than by requesting real feedback and sharing it with others? Perhaps, no. Here’s where the customer testimonial comes to play! 

This type of marketing video considerably raises the users’ trust in the brand because of the rapport with the storyteller. Remember that your customers are human beings, and they take the positive referral opinion as a suitable authority to rely on. 

Wise also knows this kernel of psychology wisdom and perfectly implements it in their video advertising. This example is worth your watching! The narrator tells the story of the zero foreign transaction fees as the unique strength of Wise. 

Who is the target audience of this message? Businesses, travelers, or even immigrants. Speaking in the language of benefits, the payment provider successfully does its job.

4. Employee Portrait 

An employee portrait is another convincing marketing video type. It gains more meaning nowadays because it goes beyond a typical company description. Diving into the daily routine of one worker, the viewer can get the general impression of the organization and what their professional life looks like in the real dimension. 

Thus, this kind of video advertising is perfect for attracting the applicants’ attention and allowing them to imagine themselves in the company before getting hired.

Here’s a relevant video to watch and get the point better. Alex, the Video Lead at Wise, makes the free online office tour and shares his story of joining the company. You’ll also see their teammates at the beginning of the day, which adds much to the realistic portrayal of the company’s work atmosphere. How would you like it?

5. Corporate Culture Glimpse

Exhibiting the company’s social initiative is also a powerful way to tell the brand’s story and get customers on track with your corporate values. Being socially aware is now the must-have skill that promotes the employer’s brand and evokes a desire to contribute to their mission. 

A list of principles and corporate values doesn’t seem as inspiring as seeing them in action in a video. Hence, if you’re not on this way yet, catch our friendly reminder to start immediately. 

This final video piece might be the source of your inspiration. Its plot revolves around the company’s initiative to ask the European Parliament to review the currency exchange rates and improve the EU customers’ conditions by lowering the bid. Looks evergreen, right?

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We’re not just able to provide you with the theory and its success cases in practice. What we can help you with is producing professional and custom-tailored types of promotional videos for your business needs. Be it the animated video for business and your project or the explainer video for a startup — we can do both! Visit our contact form and explain your concern to us! In turn, we’ll do the rest for you!  


Hope you need no more reasoning to see that video marketing calls the shots in 2024. Use video advertising to promote your product, acquire more customers and sales, or transmit your brand’s story. Now you’ve got the food for thought! Take your time to decide on your marketing goals first, and then come to us to help you attain them!

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