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As the job market is expanding tremendously, hiring the right professionals is becoming even more challenging. Recruiters might wonder how to promote a job position online creatively, explain its specifics in the shortest form possible, and attract the candidates to apply for it.

At Explain Ninja, we create animated videos for HR and recruiting experts to help them interact with existing and potential employees more efficiently.

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How to use explainer videos for HR, training & recruiting

Human resource management

The HR department can use a short explainer video for recruiting, onboarding, and training employees. Our HR explainer videos will help you save time and effort spent to inform newcomers about the company's policy and code of conduct.

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Internal communications

To enhance internal communications proactively, companies can use animated videos in their HR strategy. They are particularly effective when you need to introduce new ideas and strategies, inspire employees with success stories, and reinforce the company's core values.

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Professional development

You can store training explainer videos in the corporate digital resources library so that everyone within an organization can easily access them and develop it's professional skills. Moreover, companies can incorporate a PMP training animated explainer video in project management courses to make learning entertaining and encourage employees to develop professionally.

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Why HR explainer videos are effective

Animation is a powerful tool for engagement and building trust with a target audience. It is fun, eye-catching, and original content that performs in online advertising especially well. The second biggest advantage of an explainer video is that it can help brands deliver a message concisely just within a few minutes.

All these factors make animated explainer videos extremely effective for HR and recruiting professionals. Likely, an animated explainer video is what you need.

Why Brands Choose Explain Ninja


At Explain Ninja, we are committed to producing high-quality explainer videos that breathe innovation into our clients' marketing strategies. We follow the latest trends and apply proven techniques to deliver animated videos that create a buzz around brands and multiply their conversions.

Professional team

Our company brings together award-winning animators, illustrators, voice artists, and directors whose skills, talents, and endless effort will empower your brand to beat the online competition with an eye-catching explainer video.

Experience with big brands

The work with the top brands is the most challenging, as they have the highest requirements for the end-product. The experience in creating animated videos for world-known companies like Google, Atlassian, Codio, Bolt, Pipedrive, and others helped us acquire even more in-depth industry knowledge.

The best animation production traditions

Since 2013, we have been nourishing the best animation traditions and discovered new methodologies that help us deliver even more stand out animation. From year to year, we refine our skills and acquire new knowledge to deliver the best outcomes for the clients.

Other Services

The average person will not spend hours reading long medical academic work to understand how the human body works. Explain Ninja is here to simplify things! An animated explainer will provide clear, science-based information for your healthcare business. Find out more!
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2D Animated video is what we recommend if you want to demonstrate lightness, simplicity, and spontaneity. No showing off. Nothing «too much». Less effort, more results – that's all that 2D animation is about. Click above and see how we will take care of it.
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Thirty seconds is the golden standard of duration for commercial videos. This is the perfect format if you are in the market for a quick, powerful pitch, a short and clear tutorial, or an engaging explainer video. And we happen to be the experts in those — hit us!
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Too long? So boring. Too short? Nothing is clear. One minute? Perfect! Just one minute can introduce your product or service well and inspire your customers to join. Don’t know how to make explainer video? That's easy; learn more details from us.
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An animated explainer for a credit card is perfect for visualizing complicated financial terms to your customers. Let them appreciate your openness and accessibility – make a simple animated video. Our experts are ready to create something extraordinary for your profit.
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Clients and businesses need to remember your company. Be a maverick among monotonous commerce offers: introduce your brand and promote your product with an original animated video! Check us out if you are ready to have innovative commercial content.
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FAQ about HR & recruiting<br>explainer videos

What makes a good recruitment video?

A good recruitment explainer video must clearly describe a job position leaving no space for the candidate's confusion. It typically contains the company's introduction, job description, benefits of working there, and a powerful call to action.

How much does a recruiting video cost?

The average cost of a recruiting explainer video ranges between $2000 and $10 000. It depends on the client's requirements, the animation style, the length of the video, and other factors.

What is your animated video production process?

Our animated video production process includes the following steps: briefing, scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustration, animation, voiceover, sound design, and delivery.

Innovate your HR strategy with an engaging animated video

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