90-Second Explainer Videos

Most businesses worldwide are seeking new methods to educate customers on how to use their products and services. Today, people prefer more innovative ways of learning something new. Manuals, tutorials, and how-to articles don’t perform as well as before. An explainer video is what can help you present all the information concisely and engagingly.

90‑second animated explainer videos are especially helpful for brand introduction, customer onboarding, and educational purposes. Explain Ninja, a leading animation studio in Poland, can help you make a 90‑second explainer video for your business.

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Why 90 seconds?

90 seconds are the standard for the medium-length explanatory videos. Usually, it’s enough time to mention the customer problem, provide the solution, and demonstrate how your product, service, or brand can tackle it effectively.

Compared to 30- and 60-second videos, 90-second explainer videos provide more freedom for your script, and you can get a little bit more in detail about your offering. However, you should stay concise anyway, as even 90 seconds is a limited amount of time for transferring all the essential information.

90-second explainer videos are typically used for product demos, brand introduction, service promotion, explanation of complex concepts, and educational purposes. The most popular placements for 90-second videos are social media, homepage, product landing pages, online advertising, and corporate digital libraries for internal training.

How many words are in a 90-second explainer video?

Usually, a script for 90-seconds explainer videos contains around 180-240 words, depending on the speed of performance you choose. However, it’s recommended not to exceed 200 words as they are the most optimal for this kind of video and don’t create the viewer’s cognitive overload.

200 words are usually enough to introduce the topic, explain it, and wrap it up with a conclusion.

How to create
effective 90-second
explainer videos

Stick to your goals 90-Second Explainer Videos 20

First of all, set your goals. Think of what you are trying to achieve with this video. Do you want to motivate the viewer to buy a product? Or do probably need to explain your product idea to a potential investor? It will help you create a more compelling and concise script avoiding too long introduction and “watery” text.

Create a solid script 90-Second Explainer Videos 21

When creating a script, focus on the customer’s main problem and provide it at the beginning of the video. Then, introduce your product/service as the best solution and explain its key advantages. Close your story with a sweet conclusion presenting your company’s mission, motto, and hot call to action.

Focus on engaging graphics 90-Second Explainer Videos 22

We are visual creatures. So, it’s crucial to create impressive graphics that will catch the viewer’s attention, help you win their loyalty, and add an appealing wrappage to your pitch. Choose the appropriate visual style that fits the mood of your story.

Add humor 90-Second Explainer Videos 23

It’s a powerful practice that helps build trust-based and more “human” connections between the brand and its customers. A pinch of humor may make your explainer video even more engaging, entertaining, and memorable.

Choose the right voiceover 90-Second Explainer Videos 24

Provide a powerful voice for your video. Speak the same language and accent as your target audience. Choose the right voice, speed of speech performance, and tone that will resonate with your customers.

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Explain Ninja

Learn more about why it's worth to create your next explainer video with us.

One-stop-shop for animated video production

Explain Ninja provides full-stack animated video production services, spanning scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustration, animation, voiceover, and sound design. We offer all the most popular animation styles and techniques, including whiteboard animation, 2D and 3D animation, motion graphics, and stop-motion animation.

Multiple awards & global reputation

Our company has received plenty of industry awards and international expert recognition on B2B market analytics platforms like Clutch and The Manifest. From year to year, Explain Ninja ranks among the Leading Explainer Video Production companies in Poland, according to Clutch.

In-depth expertise & domain knowledge

Providing animation services since 2013, Explain Ninja has gained rich expertise and in-depth domain knowledge. The experience in producing explainer videos for top brands like Google, Atlassian, Bolt, Pipedrive, MyTaxi, and Codio, has helped us receive invaluable insights that we apply for our next projects.

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FAQ about 90-second<br>explainer videos

Why choose a 90-second explainer video?

A 90-second explainer video is a perfect medium for conveying complex information and breaking down complicated concepts into short scenes. 90 seconds are commonly enough to describe your product’s functionality and mission, outline the benefits of your services, or tell your brand story.

What is your explainer video production process?

We approach every project with our 7-step process. Everything starts with the discovery stage that includes target audience research, the client’s requirements outline, and business analysis. Then, we dig into production that implies the six next stages: scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation, voiceover, animation, and sound design.

How much does it cost to produce a 90-second video?

Since we approach every client individually, the cost of explainer video production varies depending on the client’s requirements, business specifics, the animation style you choose for the video, and plenty of other factors. However, the average cost of a 90-second video is 5000 USD.

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