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Do you need a 1 minute explainer video for your business? Explain Ninja is your one-stop-shop for animated video production. Over the years, we have been producing high-quality explainer videos for companies across different industries.

We are inviting you to check the animation works created for our valued clients in the showreel provided below.

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Why 1 minute explainer videos
are effective

1 minute explainer videos are the golden mean between short commercials and long educational videos. They are short and sweet. You have only 60 seconds to pack all the necessary information and introduce a business creatively. There are no excessive details or distractions.

A 1-minute video delivers your pitch concisely and engagingly, having enough time to describe essential features and benefits of your products or services, unlike 30-second explainers that perform better in fast adverts.

Essentials to producing compelling 60‑second explainer videos

Be concise

It’s much easier to create a script for a 2-minute video than for a 60-second explainer. Conciseness is the main requirement for a great explainer video. Less is more when it comes to 60-second animated explainer video production.

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Create a clear message

Create a clear message and prioritize essential information at the beginning of the video. It allows you to hook the audience in the first seconds. Start with the problem your customers face and present your product (service) as the best solution before getting into further details.

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Use a powerful call to action

Don’t forget to add a powerful call to action at the end of the video. It’s the right moment for letting your viewers know what are the next steps and what opportunities they access choosing your brand.

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How many words are there in a 1 minute explainer video?

An ideal 60-second explainer video script has around 150 words or even fewer. This text size allows you to outline all the key product features or service peculiarities. This pitch usually contains enough information to evoke the viewer’s interest in a brand and not make them bored with long explanations.

1 minute videos perform the best at the consideration stage of a customer journey when people explore all solutions available in the market.

Why brands choose Explain Ninja

Learn more about why it's worth to create your next explainer video with us.

Creative thinking

Our team starts every project with brainstorming to generate fresh and innovative ideas for a video. We strive to combine creative thinking with proven practices to deliver an animated video that shines with exciting innovation, features beautiful visual style, and communicates a brand message clearly.

Extensive expertise

Since its foundation in 2013, Explain Ninja has been actively acquiring valuable experience and knowledge working with companies from various industries. Today, our team can offer a comprehensive skillset and rich expertise that empowers us to create high-quality videos for our clients.

Global recognition

Explain Ninja is rated among the leading animation, explainer video production, and storyboarding companies in the world on Clutch and The Manifest. Our portfolio includes explainer videos produced for Google, Atlassian, Codio, Bolt, MyTaxi, and Pipedrive.

Other Services

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FAQ about 60‑second <br>explainer videos

What stages does your video production process include?

Our explainer video production process usually includes the six stages: discovery, scriptwriting, storyboarding, animation, voiceover, and sound design.

How long does it take to produce a 60-second explainer video?

Usually, it takes around 4-5 weeks to produce a high-quality 60-second explainer video. More complex animation styles and additional specifications may add to the delivery time.

What is the cost of 60-second explainer video production?

Explain Ninja strives to offer an affordable solution to our clients. We offer four packages as different price points to accommodate a range of budgets and business needs.

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