Animated Explainer Video Templates

Do you want to impress your audience with unique animated video content? You can create it right now. Explain Ninja will prepare an extensive collection of pre‑made animated explainer video templates to amplify your marketing efforts with vibrant animation.

Over the years, our team has been producing animated explainer videos for businesses from different industries and learned a lot about their needs and specifics.

We have tried to embody all our insights in animated video templates created for various niches and verticals.

Types of explainer video templates we offer

Explainer video template

Let your audience get your idea within several minutes. Create an animated explainer video to describe your business concepts, processes, and systems in an easy to understand way.

Product video template

Make an explainer video to present your product functionality, competitive advantages, and original style. Demonstrate how your product can solve customer problems creatively.

App video template

Demonstrate your mobile app features, benefits, and peculiarities in a fantastic explainer video. It will help you spark the buzz around your app in the media and increase downloads.

Business service video template

Promote your services innovatively and extraordinarily. Build customer loyalty and engagement through explainer videos for business.

Social media ad template

Create an animated video advertisement to amaze your target audience with your brand’s innovative approaches to customers.

Event promo video template

Let the information about the upcoming event spread in the media at the wind speed. Make an animated promo video to create intrigue around your event.

Educational & training video template

Add more fun and creativity to your lessons or workshops. Convert complicated information into an easy-to-consume content using educational and training video templates.

Whiteboard animation video template

Explain your ideas consistently and engage a target audience using a whiteboard animation explainer video template.

What you get choosing templates from Explain Ninja

Outstanding illustration style Animated Explainer Video Templates 20

Animated videos created by Explain Ninja have got many awards thanks to their outstanding visual style. Our digital artists create original, fun, and visually stunning illustrations that will catch an eye and conquer the heart of your target audience.

High-quality animation Animated Explainer Video Templates 21

We offer different animation styles, including 2D and 3D animation, whiteboard animation, motion graphics, and stop motion animation. Our animators masterfully combine them to deliver high-quality explainer video templates that breathe with a style and dynamics.

Easy-to-use videos Animated Explainer Video Templates 22

With Explain Ninja, you can create an animated video and update it within minutes. Just choose a video template, customize your video (write text, upload pictures and videos, add or remove scenes), and post your new video on social media or website.

Pinch of humor and fun Animated Explainer Video Templates 23

At Explain Ninja, we love fun. We always strive to add a pinch of humor to animated videos. It helps companies increase customer loyalty and build an emotional connection with a target audience.

FAQ about explainer video templates

How can I use an animated explainer video template?

You can use an animated explainer video template to create your own video and share it on social media with your followers, embed it on your website, use it in online advertising, or mobile user onboarding.

What are the benefits of animated explainer videos for business?

Animated videos help increase brand awareness, grow customer engagement, grab the target audience’s attention, present your products or services creatively, and convert viewers into loyal customers.

What makes a good explainer video template?

A good quality explainer video template should include beautiful illustrations and graphics, professional animation, pleasant background music, and engaging sound effects.

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