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The largest production studios and creative agencies engaged in the commercial video production allow create advertising videos for multiple business purposes. You may display them on TV or YouTube channels, shoot corporate videos for website, or pop up existing content with 3D motion graphics and animation effects.

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What is commercial video?

Video production for commercials helps create an ideal commercial video. This video is usually aimed at promoting a product or service or explains your brand. It is often pushed out to an audience and backed up with media spending. A video production ad aims to raise awareness, acquire new leads, or nurture the existing ones and increase conversions for the company.

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How commercial videos can boost your business?

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Apart from boosting your brand awareness, video production commercials may do other jobs for your company. They may become an integral part of your complex marketing strategy.

Presenting videos Commercial Video Production Company 21

Use a video to tell a company story that is engaging and relevant to the audience's expectations. By presenting videos, you may do a much better job showing clients that you share similar values; have similar feelings and emotions, etc.

Advertising video production process

We offer a range of creative commercial video production

Creative commercial video production offers a full cycle of services in the field of advertising video production, media design, creative storytelling and scripting, online commercials and viral videos, corporate and educational films, etc. If you need to explain some principles or processes to your customers, employees, or stakeholder - there is one of the most efefctive ways to do it via our service.

We create a script with your message

First comes the text, so we create a script with your message. The second is engaging visuals with motion graphics or animated design to visualize your exciting story. And finally, the explanation video is ready and may be distributed via any suitable channel.

Best Practices for a Commercial Video Production

Engage your users during the first 3-4 seconds, as the most successful commercial video production recommends. Also, make sure your videos preserve the brand aesthetics and are coherent with the landing page design and contextually similar.

Ensure your videos make sense without a sound. Pay attention to the users that may engage with a video without audio; make sure the value is clear with either setting.

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To come up with an effective ad video production, use the best practices. Here are the criteria:

  • 30 seconds optimal
  • Contains quality brand content
  • Makes sense and engages
  • Make an emotional connection
  • Contains a clear CTA
  • Share-worthy

What we offer

Our commercial video production company offers full-cycle commercial explainer video production services. The process usually consists of several stages. Individual approach and tailor-made solutions are our strong points. Feel free to apply and find out more on the fullest list of our commercial video production services.

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Other Services

Transform your product into a compelling story with our product explainer video service. Engage your audience effectively in 60 seconds or less. Boost sales and simplify complex features with visually stunning narratives. Elevate your brand today!
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Sometimes it's hard to figure out the figures (ba-dum-tss!) But there is nothing funny if it concerns financial security. Be friendly to your customers: educate them with an animated video explainer. Increase loyalty and break this ice with minimal effort.
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Not the boring PowerPoint Presentation again. Stop it; your business is worth original visualization! That's not a big deal: we are here to tell your unique story with magnificent animation tricks. Push your business forward with us!
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Let people fall in love with your brand's vibe. Animated Explainer perfectly demonstrates the general atmosphere and delivers your brand's key message. We can make some magic content for you – click above, and we will help.
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Too long? So boring. Too short? Nothing is clear. One minute? Perfect! Just one minute can introduce your product or service well and inspire your customers to join. Don’t know how to make explainer video? That's easy; learn more details from us.
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Do you think your audience has seen everything? Colorful, detailed ads will conquer it. Animation exists to show something new and expand your customer's experience. Concepts, tastes, smells – everything has shape, color, and direction. Release it with our animation service.
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Frequently Asked Question

How Much Time Does It Take To Make A Video?

A commercial video production company may spend a couple of hours or up to several days filming, depending on your project topic, visual complexity, where you need to make it, etc. However, the main segments may be shot there in two to three hours for a 3-minute video if urgent.

What Do I Need To Do To Get Started With Explain Ninja?

Don’t hesitate to contact our video commercial production company right now to set a briefing via Zoom, Google Meet, or any other way comfortable for you.

What Does a Commercial Production Look Like?

Commercial production and post-production are to be accomplished. The entire post-production or final editing process may range between a few hours or days, to a couple of weeks or even months. Most of the time, the process may be completed in 1 week or less. This process consists of scripting, shooting, animation, editing, finalizing the footage, etc. It much depends on your particular requirements.

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