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1 minute video animations

Your brand deserves
a high quality explainer
video. Don’t be shy,
we’re here to help.

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Explainer video animations

The visitors of your brand site deserve for the clear understanding of your services. The explanation video animation is one of the ways to help them in this question. We’re a leading worldwide animated explaining video production company with the richest quality and technological traditions.

Learn more about our creative process
in our explainer video blog: 35 articles
to date.

Why do you need it

The animated explainer video is a short movie presenting
your business profile. You can show the preparing works,
production cycle and depart of the delivery car in the one-
minute preview. It can be used as propaganda tool for health,
municipality or a lot of other nonprofit civil organizations.

The short length explainer video will boost your client’s
database 53 times actually than any SEO text as potential
customers should watch how you create the goods or
provide declared services.

If you want to make a compelling presentation and an
unlimited quantity of the current leads, don’t waste your
time for SEO or copywriting. Call to our company and we’ll
create animated videos for business according to your
specifications and budget.

Our strategy and clients

Our corporate tactics and professional team do their best
to satisfy the interests of our clients. Thought-out script and
modern visual technologies of our movies are the key factors
which turn strangers into leads and further to your tolerant

We have a wide spectrum of the customers around the
world who value our video animation for business. Among
our partner’s network are Google, Fleasy, Total and a lot of

The nuances of creative process

The creative animation process consists of 6 steps. We guarantee an individual
approach to your business goals.

1. Briefing
We’ll discuss the length of your movie,
technologies which will be used and deadline.

2. Script
Our team will write a detailed script for the
cartoon you need.

3. Storyboard
The project moves to multiplier who creates
the storyboard of the future video.

4. Illustrations
The graphic designers convert it to the pack
of illustrations.

5. Voice over
The next team will voice your movie. Age of
voice, gender, language are being chosen.

6. Animation
At last, you’ll watch the ready product. Enjoy
the increasing number of the customers!