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Animated video production has become the top sales and marketing practice. Businesses across various industries incorporate animated explainer videos in customer onboarding, online advertising, website content, social media, and email marketing. It is a versatile content type that suits every stage of a customer journey and brings innovation to a brand presentation, product demonstration, and service promotion via an animated video production company.

Explain Ninja is one of the leading animated explainer video companies in Poland. The animated explainer video production company helps companies bring their ideas to life using the most popular and beautiful animation styles and techniques. Let’s create something amazing for you!

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What is an animated explainer video?

An animated explainer video is a marketing video 30-120 seconds long used to present a company, its products, services, and business concepts to a target audience. Animation from our animated video production agency empowers brands to create a more compelling elevator pitch, stand out from the competition, and increase customer engagement with impressive graphics, exciting storyline, and fun explainer video characters.

Animated Video Production Services 20

Benefits of animated explainer videos

Connect to the audience as the emotional level

Animation evokes the viewer's emotions, feelings, and associations. It helps build emotional bonds between the brand and its customers. An animated video explainer allows companies to set a more personal interaction with a target audience and create trust-based relationships.

Empower a sales pitch with storytelling & entertainment

An animated explainer video can become a part of your sales pitch. Empower your service or product presentation with impressive storytelling, beautiful animations, incredible visual style, and outstanding voiceover. It will help set your company apart from competitors with animated marketing video production.

Explain complex ideas in an easy to understand form

Cartoon explainer videos allow you to describe complicated ideas breaking down the information into simple scenes. Animation makes learning entertaining. That's why companies widely use it for internal training, education, and employee onboarding. As known, we learn more effectively when we have fun at the same time.

Boost your marketing efforts on the web and social media

An animated video is particularly helpful for financial companies looking to breach the market with the latest innovations. Explainer videos are an excellent animated promotional video production solution for startups that aim to conduct their marketing across different platforms, as they perform well in terms of customer engagement in any marketplace.

How to use an animated video

Attract your audience using…

Video adverts Animated Video Production Services 21

Boost lead generation and conversions by advertising your brand and its offering in compelling explainer animated videos.

Teaser videos Animated Video Production Services 22

Spark the buzz and excitement around a product release by promoting it in your explainer animation video.

Sales videos Animated Video Production Services 23

Spice up your sales pitch with animation. You can present your business strategy, products, and services more innovatively in animated sales videos.

Explain your product, service, or idea using…

Explainer videos Animated Video Production Services 24

Animation explainer videos can help you describe business ideas, product concepts, and complex information in an easy-to-understand way.

Product demos Animated Video Production Services 25

Turn your product demo into an intriguing animated story. Many experts say that an explainer video has become an obligatory part of a product strategy today.

Event videos Animated Video Production Services 26

Grow your event coverage by creating an exciting narrative for an explainer video that informs people about an upcoming event.

Support your prospects & customers using…

Training videos Animated Video Production Services 27

Create an animated explainer video to make training sessions more engaging and enjoyable for your employees.

Onboarding videos Animated Video Production Services 28

Use fun animated explainer video characters in your customer onboarding experience to educate people on how to use your products and services.

Customer service videos Animated Video Production Services 29

Improve your customer service by providing animated explainer videos for the most frequently asked questions in the "Help" section on your website.

And it all comes with...

Clear & fixed pricing

You can schedule a free consultation with our experts to get a precise estimate of your animated video project. There are no hidden costs or unnecessary charges. At Explain Ninja, we believe in transparency and provide clear, fixed prices for our video production services.

Unlimited revisions

Client satisfaction lies at the heart of our company's ethos and strategy. That's we try to make an animated explainer video adhering to your vision from the beginning of the project. We are ready to make as many revisions as needed to deliver the result that entirely matches your expectations.

A wealth of experience

Cartoon explainer videos allow you to describe complicated ideas breaking down the information into simple scenes. Animation makes learning entertaining. That's why companies widely use it for internal training, education, and employee onboarding. As known, we learn more effectively when we have fun at the same time.

Excellent project management

We apply the best collaboration and project management tools to provide effective communication and meet all the milestones in time. Our project managers will be a contact point with the entire team working on your project and help you navigate through a video production process.

Other Services

2D Animated video is what we recommend if you want to demonstrate lightness, simplicity, and spontaneity. No showing off. Nothing «too much». Less effort, more results – that's all that 2D animation is about. Click above and see how we will take care of it.
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Make a «wow» effect with a breathtaking 3D animated video! This technique works great to build an unforgettable impression on your audience. Too much time and money? No! You will be surprised after calculating all your efforts. Do it now, with us.
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Not the boring PowerPoint Presentation again. Stop it; your business is worth original visualization! That's not a big deal: we are here to tell your unique story with magnificent animation tricks. Push your business forward with us!
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No doubt, your product is unique. It is worthy of a corresponding — and mind-blowing — presentation! Using Explain Ninja's animated product introduction is a fascinating way to impress your target audience. Click to learn more.
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Too long? So boring. Too short? Nothing is clear. One minute? Perfect! Just one minute can introduce your product or service well and inspire your customers to join. Don’t know how to make explainer video? That's easy; learn more details from us.
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Sometimes it's hard to figure out the figures (ba-dum-tss!) But there is nothing funny if it concerns financial security. Be friendly to your customers: educate them with an animated video explainer. Increase loyalty and break this ice with minimal effort.
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FAQ about animated explainer videos

How much does it cost to produce an animated video?

Animated explainer video pricing depends entirely on the length of the video, animation style, the client's requirements. On average, an animated video costs around 5000 USD.

What does the price include?

The price reflects the whole animated explainer video production process, including target audience research, scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustrations, animation, voiceover, and sound design.

Do you make a voiceover? What are the options?

Yes, Explain Ninja provides a voiceover for our animated video. It is usually included in the final explainer video production cost. We collaborate with an extensive network of voice artists, so you will be able to choose any voice, language, and accent for your video among dozens of professionals.

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