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An animated explainer video is a versatile content type that suits almost every stage of employee onboarding, training, and other corporate processes. Enterprises can use corporate explainer videos to educate their employees about the company's policy, run internal workshops, and recruit new professionals.

Explain Ninja is a leading animated explainer video production company based in Warsaw, Poland. Operating since 2013, we create top-notch animated videos for different corporate purposes.

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Why corporate explainer videos are more effective than training manuals

75% of employees would rather watch a video than read an article, document, or email.”

Corporate Explainer Video for Your Company 20

“Microsoft cut down training costs from $320 per person to just $17 per person with the help of videos.”

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“Training and recruiting millennials are easier with videos. 87% of millennials prefer working for video-savvy companies.”

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We offer different types of corporate explainer videos

Recruitment videos Corporate Explainer Video for Your Company 23

Companies can use an animated corporate explainer video to attract the potential candidates' attention, describe job opportunities, and target the right audience with an impactful message. It can help you convey brand identity, culture, and values to evoke the viewer’s interest in a company and a job position.

Training videos Corporate Explainer Video for Your Company 24

Businesses can use animated corporate video explainers to train their employees, demonstrate how particular equipment or processes work and encourage workers to grow professionally.

Onboarding videos Corporate Explainer Video for Your Company 25

Onboarding is an essential part of the recruitment process. Introduction corporate explainer videos may help HR professionals and recruiters to provide all key information about the company and its policy to newcomers in an easy‑to‑understand form.

Company culture videos Corporate Explainer Video for Your Company 26

Animated corporate explainer videos featuring the core company's values and mission can kill two birds with one stone. On the one hand, they inspire employees and remind them that they are part of something bigger and impressive. On the other hand, they present your brand as an authoritative company driven by values to customers.

Shareholder videos Corporate Explainer Video for Your Company 27

Whether you want to present your strategy for the upcoming quarter or demonstrate your financial progress to stakeholders, an animated explainer video is likely what you need to implement it the most narratively, creatively, and extraordinarily. You can now say goodbye to boring presentations and meet a more innovative way to introduce your business.

Why Brands Choose Explain Ninja

Industry leadership

Explain Ninja is recognized as one of the top explainer video production companies in the world on The Manifest. According to Clutch, it has also been rated among the best 2D animation and leading video production agencies in Poland.

Client-oriented approach

Our client's success and prosperity are our primary goals. That's why we take time to understand your business, its KPIs, and objectives to deliver the animated corporate video that meets all of them.

Full-cycle video production

At Explain Ninja, we offer full-cycle animated video production services, including target market research, creating a corporate explainer video script, illustrating, animating, voiceover, and sound design.


We understand that every company works within a particular budget. Our animation team always does our best to deliver a high-quality video that doesn't exceed your budget but expectations.

Other Services

The average person will not spend hours reading long medical academic work to understand how the human body works. Explain Ninja is here to simplify things! An animated explainer will provide clear, science-based information for your healthcare business. Find out more!
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Attract more experts with an animated video explainer! Short and plain video clips will save time and energy and highlight your offer among boring vacancy descriptions. Check out how we can help you catch your best specialist!
more Corporate Explainer Video for Your Company 29
Strict ties and white-collar time have passed. Modern time demands a creative approach and original decisions. Show your business partners an animated video explainer: show them your concern and creativity. Give them more and have a big deal! Tap above to get more information.
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Explain Ninja is here to make your idea real! If it involves marketing, advertisement, business, and recruitment – there's nothing impossible for us. We can animate it and explain everything! Our team is ready: click above to run the creativity!
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Use simple motion graphics as an alternative to complicated and overloaded animation. Simple shapes and understandable messages are powerful enough to interest your target audience. Click through, and we will help you choose the best solution.
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Not the boring PowerPoint Presentation again. Stop it; your business is worth original visualization! That's not a big deal: we are here to tell your unique story with magnificent animation tricks. Push your business forward with us!
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FAQ about corporate explainer videos

What is an animated explainer video?

An animated explainer video is a short video 30-120 seconds long that uses animation to explain complex concepts, promote services and products, describe the product functionality, present a company, etc.

How can an explainer video help business?

Whether you are presenting information to your shareholders, employees, or customers, an animated video can help you explain concepts is a more straightforward format and boost the viewer’s engagement.

How long does it take to produce an explainer video?

Every project is unique and may require a different delivery time. However, the average animated explainer video production time is 2-4 weeks.

Reinforce your corporate culture with a branded animated video

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