Animated Video for Advertising

Animation has become the most effective sales and marketing medium available for businesses today. They can incorporate animated videos into a digital marketing strategy to draw the customer's attention, increase brand awareness, and skyrocket conversion rates.

Explain Ninja, one of the top animation production studios in Poland, can help you navigate through a whole creation process.

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What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short video that describes the company's services, products, and processes using animation. The length of an average explainer video ranges from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on the purpose of the video, the placement, and the client's business goals.

All you need is to define goals, find a professional video production company, and introduce a completed video to the right audience and in the right place.

Benefits of explainer video marketing

Better ranking on Google Animated Video for Advertising 20

A relevant animated video attracts the visitor's attention and makes them spend more time on a web page than on average. It lets Google know that your site contains highly valuable content and boosts it in the search results.

Attention-grabbing Animated Video for Advertising 21

Animation makes the advert look more appealing and eye‑catching. It amplifies the power of influence in marketing and advertising due to its ability to grab the user's attention. An explainer video for network marketing can help brands stand out from the competition and win the customer's loyalty.

Increasing conversions Animated Video for Advertising 22

Adding an immersive explainer video enhances user experience and provides an impressive first-look. 73% of online consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after seeing an engaging explainer video.

Compelling elevator pitch Animated Video for Advertising 23

An animated explainer video can make your elevator speech even more exciting and compelling. An adventurous storyline, stand-out character design, beautiful illustration, and a persuasive script will do wonders with your conversions.

Shareability Animated Video for Advertising 24

One of the biggest advantages of the video is its shareability. An explainer video spiced up with the animation is even more attractive to users. It encourages them to share it across social channels like entertaining or educational content.

Reflection of your brand's culture Animated Video for Advertising 25

Companies can use a video marketing explainer to reveal their brand identity and promote core values. An animated video is a perfect medium for brand storytelling. An explainer video incorporated in advertising, social media content, website, and email marketing helps build a strong brand image.

Brand awareness Animated Video for Advertising 26

Explainer video marketing is an actionable practice that can help you boost brand awareness. Businesses can promote their logos, company’s values, and other brand identity details in an animated video on social media or websites to build a remarkable online presence.

Where to use
explainer videos?

  • Landing page
  • Sales pitches
  • Trade shows
  • Email marketing
  • Online advertising
  • Social media channels

What makes our marketing videos resonate with your audience

High quality

High quality is our top priority in animated video production. We adhere to the best practices and techniques to deliver the result that will exceed your expectations.

Precise targeting

Before we dig into the video production process, our experts conduct target market and audience research to understand your customers better. It helps us craft well-targeted animated explainers.

The right rhythm

Timing and pace are crucial considerations in explainer video production. We conduct many tests and iterations to choose the rhythm of the video that suits your storyline.


Branding is an essential part of a marketing commercial. At Explain Ninja, we create animated logos, character design, and kinetic typography that emphasize your brand uniqueness.

Clear message

We create a script that delivers a clear message to customers, evokes their interest in a brand, and encourages them to learn more about the offering.

Why Brands Choose Explain Ninja

Affordable prices

We offer affordable prices and deliver the video of excellent quality within your pre-defined budget.

Fast delivery time

At Explain Ninja, we have highly efficient and streamlined project management processes that ensure a fast turnaround.

International reputation

Explain Ninja has earned an international reputation as it serves companies worldwide and is rated among the top video production companies on a global scale.

Experienced team

Our company brings together senior professionals with extensive expertise in animation, illustration, and video production.

Other Services

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Make a «wow» effect with a breathtaking 3D animated video! This technique works great to build an unforgettable impression on your audience. Too much time and money? No! You will be surprised after calculating all your efforts. Do it now, with us.
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Too long? So boring. Too short? Nothing is clear. One minute? Perfect! Just one minute can introduce your product or service well and inspire your customers to join. Don’t know how to make explainer video? That's easy; learn more details from us.
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The gaudy social media world is a battlefield for attention now! An animated video explainer will be your reliable weapon here. Don't let your viewers scroll down. Don't let them lose your product. Click and get outstanding content from us.
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Want to engage more active users? Want your application to be more accessible and friendly? Get rid of long-read instructions or formal presentations. Animated Explainer is helpful for you if your app has many functions. Present them the original way with our help.
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Not the boring PowerPoint Presentation again. Stop it; your business is worth original visualization! That's not a big deal: we are here to tell your unique story with magnificent animation tricks. Push your business forward with us!
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FAQ about business explainer videos

What is explainer video marketing?

Explainer video marketing is a practice of brand promotion using videos that describe the company’s products and services at the different stages of the customer journey.

What are the types of explainer videos?

The most popular types of explainer videos are 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard animation, and stop motion videos.

What makes a great marketing video?

A great marketing video must deliver a clear message, provide information concisely, be visually appealing, feature an original style, and reflect a brand identity.

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