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The online world is becoming even more saturated with brands, products, and services. The competition in the eCommerce area is particularly challenging. To stand out from the crowd, brands look for innovative ways to promote their products online. Animated eCommerce explainer videos can be what they need to conquer the customer’s hearts and present their offering extraordinarily.

Explain Ninja is an animated explainer video production company with around a decade in the animation business. Our team of talented illustrators, animators and producers creates high-quality explainer videos and animated commercials for eCommerce businesses.

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Benefits of using an animated explainer video for eCommerce

Explainer video boosts your brand Ecommerce Explainer Videos it's easy for us 20

An animated video is one of the most engaging content types that makes people slow the scroll and watch it completely. Such user behavior lets Google algorithms know that your website contains highly valuable and relevant content. It helps boost a website in the search results and appear at the top of the competition.

Product videos increase sales Ecommerce Explainer Videos it's easy for us 21

Brands use eCommerce product explainer videos on landing pages to showcase product benefits, explain how to use it, and motivate customers to complete a purchase. Such product demos and promotional videos encourage people to learn more about a product competitive advantages and trigger more conversions.

ECommerce videos build customer loyalty Ecommerce Explainer Videos it's easy for us 22

You can use an animated explainer video to advertise your product or the entire eCommerce business creatively on social media, website, or other spots on the web. The animation is a kind of unsalesy and unobtrusive promotion that provides entertainment first of all and helps build customer loyalty.

Animated videos grow engagement Ecommerce Explainer Videos it's easy for us 23

An animated video is a powerful tool for customer engagement that makes your brand message more compelling and motivates people to check your eCommerce store. The appealing animation evokes the viewer's emotions, awakens the interest in a brand, and allows interacting with customers at a more personal level.

Why partner with Explain Ninja?

Learn more about why it's worth to create your next explainer video with us.

We collaborated with game-changers

Since its establishment in 2013, the Explain Ninja animation team has shipped more than 400 projects for startups and enterprises, including iconic brands like Google, Atlassian, Pipedrive, Codio, Bolt, and many others.

We earned an international reputation

Explain Ninja has become an international brand serving businesses located worldwide. This year, the company has been rated among the Top Explainer Video Production Companies in the world, according to the market research made by
The Manifest.

We take an individual approach

At Explain Ninja, we approach every brand as a unique personality. We run in-depth market research and attentively investigate your business goals to deliver the video content that addresses your specific needs and resonates with your audience.

Other Services

2D Animated video is what we recommend if you want to demonstrate lightness, simplicity, and spontaneity. No showing off. Nothing «too much». Less effort, more results – that's all that 2D animation is about. Click above and see how we will take care of it.
more Ecommerce Explainer Videos it's easy for us 24
Make a «wow» effect with a breathtaking 3D animated video! This technique works great to build an unforgettable impression on your audience. Too much time and money? No! You will be surprised after calculating all your efforts. Do it now, with us.
more Ecommerce Explainer Videos it's easy for us 25
Crypto tech is only for a bunch of chosen, isn't it? Break this myth! You can extend your target audience with animated video explainers! Make original video tutorials: you don't need special animation or screenwriting skills. We'll be happy to help!
more Ecommerce Explainer Videos it's easy for us 26
Do you think your audience has seen everything? Colorful, detailed ads will conquer it. Animation exists to show something new and expand your customer's experience. Concepts, tastes, smells – everything has shape, color, and direction. Release it with our animation service.
more Ecommerce Explainer Videos it's easy for us 27
Want to engage more active users? Want your application to be more accessible and friendly? Get rid of long-read instructions or formal presentations. Animated Explainer is helpful for you if your app has many functions. Present them the original way with our help.
more Ecommerce Explainer Videos it's easy for us 28
Not the boring PowerPoint Presentation again. Stop it; your business is worth original visualization! That's not a big deal: we are here to tell your unique story with magnificent animation tricks. Push your business forward with us!
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FAQ about eCommerce<br>explainer videos

How much does it cost to make an eCommerce explainer video?

The price of explainer videos for eCommerce ranges from $2000 to $5000, depending on the length of the video, specifics of an animation style, sound design, the urgency of delivery, and other factors.

What is the optimal length of an eCommerce explainer video?

The optimal length of an animated explainer video for an eCommerce business ranges from 30 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on the video's purpose and your business goals.

What are the stages of your explainer video production process?

Our animated video production process includes seven primary stages, including briefing, scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustration, animation, voiceover, and sound design.

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