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The insurance industry is a highly competitive area that requires having a robust online marketing strategy. An animated explainer video can perfectly complement it and help you promote your insurance services more innovatively.

We create an animated marketing or educational video to introduce your offering in a creative manner.

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What do insurance explanation videos involve?

Vibrant but informative animated explanation clips are how your company can dispel customers' doubts about insurance and motivate them to use your services. Such videos typically include information on types of insurance, policy terms, claims process, risk management, or other topics potential clients are interested in. Do you want to prove that your team consists of insurance professionals? Then, you can add to your website animated videos with helpful tips for consumers or explanations of relevant laws and regulations. Insurance explanation videos usually involve the firm’s case studies. Informative animations can tell your audience about real-life examples to illustrate how insurance works in different situations.

Seven primary stages of an explainer video production process

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1. Filling out a brief

It all starts with contacting an animated video production agency and filling out a brief. The more details, the better. If you already have an initial concept, share it. Otherwise, it's worth explaining the purpose of your video and your company's preferences.

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2. Writing a script

When details are clear, a production team moves on to scriptwriting. The perfect script should be simple and easily understandable, especially for clients who are dealing with the topic for the first time. But it also communicates the main message effectively.

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3. Choosing an animation style

An animation style means a lot when creating an explanation clip. It should match your company's character and the tone of voice you use to communicate with your customers. Experts from a video production agency know how to a visual style that will only strengthen your position.

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4. Drawing a storyboard

Storyboarding means a visual representation of the script using sketches or illustrations. Its goal is to plan scenes and action in an animated video so the final result looks balanced and efficient.

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5. Voiceovering

This stage involves cooperation with a professional narrator who voiceovers text lines essential for enhancing the video perception. The audio track makes a clip complete, easily perceived, and accessible.

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6. Animating

When the previous steps are completed, and all the necessary components for creating an engaging animated video are in place, animators bring everything together. They follow the storyboard prepared in advance to achieve the perfect result.

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7. Editing and reviewing

The filmed video is not the end of the story. At the last stage, professionals review the video, adding the necessary sound effects or music, editing timing, and pathing. The client can request changes to get a clip that meets all their expectations.

Benefits of an explainer video for an insurance company

Help clients understand the services Insurance Explainer Videos 27

Explainer videos present an excellent way to explain insurance services and products to potential customers. Let them save time and learn essential information about your company’s benefits in a few-minute video.

Extended outreach to new clients Insurance Explainer Videos 28

Animated explainer videos for insurance companies can help reach a broader audience and acquire more customers since video traffic constitues 80% of all consumer Internet traffic.

An ideal way to cut through the digital “noise” Insurance Explainer Videos 29

Your company can stand out among other insurance agencies in the digital world. All you need is to present your unique offering in an engaging animated video story.

Bring any concept come to life visually Insurance Explainer Videos 30

Modern customers prefer video content because it allows them to get all the necessary information within a few minutes and in a more digestible way.

Flexible for any budget range Insurance Explainer Videos 31

Different animation styles and the length of the video refer to different cost of production. You can produce an animated video within your budget, without compromising the quality.

Immersive response from clients Insurance Explainer Videos 32

An animated explainer video will enable your agency to drive customer engagement and increase their loyalty. Due to the entertaining and educational nature, an animated explainer video will cause the immersive reaction of your target audience.

Types of videos for
the insurance industry

  • Interactive videos
  • Understanding the policies
  • Medical payments service
  • Property damage liability
  • Bodily injury service

Why brands choose Explain Ninja

We explore the client’s vision

Our experts are eager to hear your expectations, take notes, and create a comprehensive client’s requirements outline that will help us produce the video that matches your vision.

We research business goals

Every project at our company starts with investigating your business specifics and critical objectives. We should understand your offering inside out to create a clear brand message and choose the right visual style.

We investigate a target audience

At Explain Ninja, we realize the significance of target audience research. We take time to investigate your potential customers and discover what resonates with them.

We apply rich expertise and skillset

Explain Ninja is a team of senior professionals in their fields of expertise. It brings together talented animators, illustrators, and directors that perfectly complement our professional core.

We produce high-quality video

Quality is our top priority. We deliver the highest quality animation and video production that meet all the industry standards and market demands.

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FAQ about insurance explainer videos

How long does it take to create an insurance explainer video?

Creating an insurance explainer video typically takes one to two months. The terms depend on various factors, for example, the desired clip length or complexity of the chosen animation style.

How much does it cost to make an explainer video for insurance?

The cost of a generic explainer video for insurance companies starts at $2000.

What animation styles can you offer?

Explain Ninja offers the most popular animation styles, such as 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard animation, and motion graphics.

How do I know if my business needs explainer videos?

If you have some doubts about spending money on getting explainers, consider the following benefits. Clients tend to like creative firms that go along with new trends and innovation, so they will be glad to try your services. Potential customers will also love that you do care about them by providing them with all the necessary information in such a fun and understandable way.

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