Animated Video Production Process

Consider you need to explain some principles or processes to your customers or employees—there two most popular ways to do it. The first one is very traditional, it’s the text. The second one is an explanation video with engaging visuals and an exciting story. The video is a more effective way to communicate ideas, as your audience will perceive the information at visual and audial levels at the same time. You can use explainer videos for marketing, education, employee onboarding, and other purposes.

Our animated video production company offers full-cycle explainer video production services. The process usually consists of several stages. Our primary principle is not to move to the next phase until you approve the work done at the previous one. If you want to ensure excellent results, high quality, and transparent cooperation, don’t hesitate to contact our video production company right now!

Animated Video Production Process 20

FirstlyAnimated Video Production Process 21

The first stage implies briefing via Zoom, Google Meet, or any other way comfortable for you. In the beginning, we ask you to tell us more about how your business functions. The key questions refer to your target audience and the problem you need to solve with an explainer video. We discuss then the genre, visuals, deadline, and other details. These factors impact the video production cost and turnaround time.

SecondlyAnimated Video Production Process 22

Next, we write a script for your short animated movie. We will try to make it as easy to understand as possible. You may ask us to include characters in the video to make the story even more compelling. Right after the script is ready, our experts start creating the story scene by scene on a special storyboard. Along with a storyboard, we do a bit of a style exploration to find the best visual voice for your video and present it to you.

And finallyAnimated Video Production Process 23

The last stages include animation and recording the voiceover by the actors you choose. After that, we carefully connect the story, visuals, and sound into an exciting animated video. Finally, we deliver it to you and await your feedback. At each stage, you have time to give us your feedback so that we can address all your requirements and business goals.

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