How Much Does an Explainer Video Actually Cost?

The value and benefits of an animated explainer video are endless. They help introduce the brand creatively, promote products and services unobtrusively, and explain complex business concepts in an easy-to-understand form. However, what is the price of all the magic done? How much does an explainer video cost?

Usually, the cost of making an explainer video depends on the animation style you choose, the length of the video, and your requirements. At Explain Ninja, the average cost of an explainer video is around 5000 USD.

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The animation style affects explainer video costs

The animation style is the primary factor affecting the cost for explainer videos.
At Explain Ninja, we offer the five most popular styles.

Whiteboard animation How Much Does an Explainer Video Actually Cost? 20

Whiteboard animation is one of the most widely used in marketing and advertising in recent years. It looks like a process of drawing illustrations on a whiteboard. It usually involves the author's hand that creates drawings.

2D animation How Much Does an Explainer Video Actually Cost? 21

It is the art of creating the illusion of motion in a two-dimensional environment. In 2D animated videos, characters and objects can move only from one point to another, creating the effect of smooth movement.

3D animation How Much Does an Explainer Video Actually Cost? 22

3D animation means creating characters and objects in a digital three-dimensional space. A peculiarity of this animation technique is that objects can turn around, providing more freedom for the digital artist's imagination. It is usually more expensive than 2D animation.

Stop-motion How Much Does an Explainer Video Actually Cost? 23

Stop-motion is another animation technique in which objects are manipulated manually in small increments between individually photographed frames. Merging these frames creates the illusion of movement in the space. It is more expensive than those mentioned above.

Motion graphics How Much Does an Explainer Video Actually Cost? 24

Motion graphics are pieces of animation or digital footage that are merged together to create the effect of movement. It usually focuses on typography and text. This animation style is often used in multimedia projects.

The length of a video impacts the price

You might hear the saying "Time is Money." And it is indeed, especially when it comes to animated video production. The length of the video is one of the most significant factors influencing the animated video production cost. On average, the 1-minute explainer video may cost nearly 5000 USD.

Our animated video production

At Explain Ninja, we create high-quality animated videos taking the seven primary steps that make up the final explainer video pricing.

How Much Does an Explainer Video Actually Cost? 25

1. Briefing

At this stage, we investigate specifics of your business and the product or service that should be promoted in the video. We take time to research a target audience to understand your customer's pain points and create a script that will introduce your company as the best problem-solver.

How Much Does an Explainer Video Actually Cost? 26

2. Script

Then, we start creating a script for your video. It includes movements, actions, expressions, and dialogues of the characters presented in the screenplay format. At this step, we also incorporate your main brand message into the story and outline the benefits of your products or services.

How Much Does an Explainer Video Actually Cost? 27

3. Storyboard

Storyboarding means crafting hand-drawn representations of your story, including the sketches of characters, scenes, and objects. It allows both our team and clients to see and evaluate low-fidelity versions of every scene in the script.

How Much Does an Explainer Video Actually Cost? 28

4. Illustrations

At this phase, we create final illustrations depicting all characters, objects, environments, and storyline presented in a script. Our illustrators are recognized professionals and have already made many digital masterpieces that helped even the top brands like Google and Pipedrive stand out on the web.

How Much Does an Explainer Video Actually Cost? 29

5. Voice over

We add the voice and sound effects to your animated video. We collaborate with talented voice artists from around the globe, so you will be able to choose any language, accent, and voice that will suit your video best. At this step, we also add appropriate music to your video to make it even more impressive.

How Much Does an Explainer Video Actually Cost? 30

6. Animation

It's time to breathe movement and dynamics into static illustrations. Our animation team develops the motion design for each character and object that will appear in the video. After a range of interactions, we present an animated video that brings your brand story to life.

FAQ about explainer video costs

What is the lowest price for explainer video production?

On average, the lowest cost of explainer video production is 500 USD. For your interest, an explainer video for 500 USD is usually 30 or fewer seconds long. It often uses a simple script and a 2D animation style.

How much does a product explainer video cost?

The product explainer video cost varies depending on the company, the client's requirements, and product specifications. However, the average price of a product demo or promo video is around 3500-5000 USD. Read our blog post to find out educational video production cost.

How much does explainer video cost if I have my own script?

Usually, the cost for the explainer video script is included in the final video production price. However, if you have already created a script for your story, the cost will be naturally lower. Please contact our experts to discuss opportunities.

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