Educational Video Production Cost

How to describe complex information or processes for any internet user? Whether explaining mathematical theories, demonstrating product usage, or offering lifehacks, our solution lies in educational content. It caters to academic and business needs, helping create content that encourages people of any age and status to learn.

What is educational video content?

There are various types of educational content, ranging from academic and school-focused to business-oriented. Each has its unique goals and advantages.

When it comes to business eLearning content, it can be described simply as a way to share knowledge, providing your audience with the tools to make informed decisions and improve themselves. However, creating informative content serves a dual purpose – it not only selfless act but also helps users understand the value you offer without the pressure of traditional sales tactics.

Why eLearning Content Important For Businesses?

Educational videos influence a company’s success by establishing expertise and building credibility. These videos boost customer confidence and foster brand loyalty. Also, it is a powerful tool for attracting website and social media traffic.

Empowering customers with valuable insights improves the overall customer experience and relationship. Moreover, eLearning content alleviates sales pressure by establishing a comfortable environment for potential clients, simplifying decision-making.

What influences the cost of educational videos?

If you’re wondering about the cost of creating an educational video, let’s explore each factor influencing it. We’ve outlined the most common ones, but remember that each case is unique and requires specific attention to detail.

Preparation work for video creation

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When deciding to handle the work yourself or get support from an outsourced team, evaluate the project’s scale and complexity. 

Engaging with an agency can enhance your content with their expertise. Therefore, ensure you are well-prepared before working with experts. Having a brief that outlines goals, concepts, duration, references, and the script is crucial. If you lack any of these, consider seeking help from professionals who can efficiently organize everything, saving you time and costs.

Video style options

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When working with an agency, you get a variety of styles to choose from, and you can work directly with experts in each. You can pick from different options with varied costs, as different artistic styles require distinct skills:

  • Art Style. Depending on your request, you can choose standard 2D motion graphics or take it to the next level with 3D animation. The first option may include, for example, whiteboard-style videos or flat illustrations, which are more straightforward and more budget-friendly. The second option requires more work, time, and expertise due to the enormous scope of work, making it more expensive. 
  • Animation Style. Depending on the educational content, you can choose 2D, 3D, 2.5D Animation, stop-motion, kinetic typography, or cut-out animation. Opting for 2D animation can be a cost-saving choice, whereas crafting a detailed 3D environment incurs a higher expense.
  • Approach. When creating your visual story, you have different options. You can have designers animate content using 2D or 3D graphics. Another choice is recording a screencast with a voiceover or collecting materials from stock footage. You can also combine stock footage with live footage. Each option has its costs and considerations. 

Varieties of training videos

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Having a brief and desired stylistic approach for educational videos, you can choose from various video options. The key is to ensure your choice aligns with your goals and resonates with your target audience. You can explore popular formats or unleash creativity to create your own, collaborating with experts to gain a better understanding. For example, you might consider:

  • Sales Enablement Training Videos
  • Microlearning Videos
  • Leadership Development Videos
  • Safety Training Videos
  • Product Training Videos
  • Marketing and Communication Videos
  • Brand Training Videos
  • Technical Training Videos

Selecting a video production provider

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The choice of a video production provider significantly influences the overall cost. Typically, you’ll have a few options to consider which influence the educational video production cost:

  • Freelancer. When hiring a freelancer for video production, you can find a wide range of price options, from $10 to $180 per hour, depending on the request and the designer’s skills you might need. However, it’s essential to consider the risks of working with freelancers, including possible delays and variations in the quality of work.
  • Internal Staff. Hiring an internal employee can cost a company an average of $170 per hour, but costs may vary based on the employee’s skills and location. However, you should be confident in providing regular workloads for a full-time position.
  • External Agency. Collaborating with an agency for educational video development can cost around $100 – $149 per hour. However, this is an average figure, and costs may vary depending on your agreements, video complexity, and other factors influencing the project.

Establish collaboration process

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Create a transparent flow to ensure that full-cycle video production is efficient and cost-effective. 

For example, working with a freelancer may come with lower costs. You should discuss communication flows, draft approvals, and feedback exchanges to avoid prolonging the project and going out of budget.

Synchronizing processes with an in-house employee may be more straightforward, as this person is within your company. However, double-check that you can provide regular full-time work for this individual. Hiring a skilled person or investing in their training is also crucial to cover a full spectrum of your tasks.

When collaborating with vendors, you must ensure they are true proffies. They will provide you with a transparent workflow, gathering all necessary information from you, structuring it into the right scenario, and minimizing revisions. The agency approach will save both time and money.

Scope of work

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Deciding between exclusive or generic content becomes pivotal in cost determination when delving into educational video production. 

Opting for customization is a valuable investment, primarily if you aim to uphold a consistent theme across all your training videos. However, this choice requires meticulous budget considerations. 

The balance between a tailored approach and a more generic, standardized one depends on your specific needs, branding goals, and the budget at your disposal. Striking a harmonious balance between customization and budgetary considerations ensures you attain the desired visual identity without exceeding your video production budget.

How to Maximize Your Financial Returns

When working with an outsourcing team, follow these simple tips to make the most of your money:

  1. Define a specific learning outcome. It simplifies communication with the vendor.
  2. If you’re a beginner, start with a few short videos. Evaluate the results before investing in more significant budgets.
  3. Create a detailed brief and technical task yourself. It saves your budget and clarifies the vendor’s requirements.
  4. Begin with easier and more cost-effective video options, like 2D videos. Scale up as needed.
  5. Choose a company wisely. Look at their cases and industry experience. Prior expertise in the field increases your chances of success.

How to Establish Educational Video Production Cost?

When exploring training video production budgets, acquiring precise cost estimates can pose a challenge due to many factors. They include script development costs, complexities in pre-production and post-production, various animation styles, the selection of voice-over talent, and numerous others.

Therefore, the most straightforward approach is communicating with the vendor and requesting a detailed estimate, which will be the most accurate for each unique case.

Explain Ninja Expertise in Educational Video Production

At Explain Ninja, we specialize in creating different types of educational content. Working closely with educators, we produce instructional videos that simplify complex concepts. 

In collaboration with businesses, we investigate audience needs and can handle the entire education explainer video creation process. We understand the specifics and will save you costs. Explore our works to see how animators find solutions for various educational requests.

Final Word

Offer your users more than excellent services—provide helpful educational content that meets their needs. For instance, create YouTube tutorials on making a personal budget if you have a finance app. If you’re in real estate, share guides on choosing an apartment wisely. Be creative in your field, add value, and see impressive results.

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