TOP 10 Websites Like Youtube

Want to expand the online presence of your business? Check out these ten websites like Youtube, and choose where to upload your next video to attract more prospective clients.

TOP 10 Websites Like Youtube 20
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Do you like videos? We bet you do! We spend more time on video websites than ever before. The Covid-19 pandemic affected video consumption even more: 68% of Internet users state that they started to watch more videos during lockdowns.

Visual content breaks the records even in creating apps: we no longer read bloggers; we prefer to watch them. Amine Rahal, Forbes Communications Council, says: ‘There’s no denying that we’re witnessing a shift in the way content marketing is delivered… While there was once a time when long pages of text… dominated content marketing strategies, today’s market is shifting toward the ephemeral, the fun and the visual.’

What makes videos so popular? First of all, they are more engaging than texts. Secondly, it takes less time to watch a video than read a story. Therefore they help to acquire new customers in a shorter time. And the third point is that the number of websites to watch different kinds of videos grows all the time. We all know Youtube, but this is not the only option. There are many sites like Youtube, and you should know at least some of them.

Customers choose video platforms depending on their own goals: they go to Vevo to see music videos, 9GAG TV for viral videos, or Vimeo to watch videos without ads. You can build different digital communication aimed at different client types depending on the platform on which you publish videos.

This article will outline top 10 websites where you can find and upload different types of videos.


Vimeo is an online platform where you can host, share and watch videos. Many compare it to Youtube, but it has some features that make it even better. So what are they?

  • No ads.

So you are planning to upload an explainer video about your websites like Youtube. You decide not to use Youtube because of the number of ads that ruin the whole experience of your customers during watching your video. What to choose in this situation? Vimeo! No ads, just video itself – nothing will interrupt your users from the story.

  • Analytics

Yes, it’s not a free option. However, with a business account, you get 5 terabytes, an option to customize your page and all necessary analytic tools to check the performance of your video.

  • Privacy setting

Don’t want to show videos to everyone? You can set limits! For example, you can open videos to some accounts only or protect videos with a password. Not all video websites like Youtube offer this option!

Still, Vimeo has some disadvantages as well. Compared to Youtube, it does not have such a big audience. What’s more important – your video on Vimeo will get a lower rank in Google search.


Metacafe is a popular option among other Youtube alternative sites. Currently, it’s one of the best choices for short videos, just like explainer videos. For example, if you want to promote your 30-second explainer video, you can use Metacafe. The main advantages of Metacafe are:

  • It is a platform with a strong community. If your target audience uses Metacafe, be sure your videos will be extremely popular!
  • It has unlimited uploads, and it’s free to use. Startups and young businesses will appreciate this option.

It’s one of the best youtube alternatives, but one more thing should be clarified before you start to use Metacafe. You cannot upload long detailed videos here, as they are not supported.


Video platforms like youtube are various, but let’s be honest – Dailymotion can easily substitute Youtube in your life. It’s the second global website that provides video content. It has 300 mln unique users per day, and this is an impressive result!

Dailymotion allows you to upload videos up to 2 GB in size. There are also limits for the length – 60 minutes. However, if you are an advanced user of Dailymotion, these limits don’t apply. Companies and businesses will appreciate the variety of formats to upload. Therefore, the key advantages of Dailymotion are as follow:

  • it’s big. It has a huge audience. It’s almost as big as Youtube! 
  • various upload functions that suit any business needs
  • mobile apps for different devices

Disadvantages? We found none. 


The next on our list of youtube alternative sites is Utreon. It was launched in 2020, and this is one of the youngest video platforms. Monetization features make it attractive to bloggers; however, many businesses also choose it for hosting videos. Now let’s concentrate on other advantages of Utreon:

  • easy processes for inexperienced video marketers

In case you just started your video marketing story, Utreon will be a good choice for you. Here, everything is a piece of cake. Moreover, if you have already uploaded some content on Youtube, you can import it to Utreon in a few clicks and synchronize all the uploads in the future.

  • professional approach to video marketing

Have you ever read the rules of posting videos on Youtube? There are many of them, but the main problem is that they are not clear from the first glance. Utreon adds a professional approach to video marketing and explains all the rules in simple words. You clearly understand what content you can post.

  • Communities for interaction

Comments are not enough to interact with your viewers. Utreon rethought communication between a creator and a consumer and developed a more effective approach to commenting. Of course, Utreon is too young to become the number one among platforms like youtube. But we are sure it will take the leading position soon!

TOP 10 Websites Like Youtube 21
Illustration by Anastasia Golub for Fireart Studio

The Internet Archive

We’re sure you’ve heard about this digital library at least once. But why did we place it among youtube alternative sites? The matter is that The Internet Archive has a huge selection of videos and movies, but these are not funny, entertaining explainer videos that we can find on Youtube. The collection of videos contains real pieces of art. Who knows, perhaps once you will create an advertising video for your business that will be added to The Internet Archive library?


Crackle is a popular streaming service used to watch videos and TV shows. What makes it so attractive to businesses and users? One can install it on iOS, Android, Roku, Xbox, Playstation, and other devices. Smart TVs also support it.

You can use Crackle to promote your business via ads. Each video starts with a 30-second ad, which can be your explainer video! Moreover, after 17 minutes of watching a video, another ad appears – this time, a 90-second one.


Twitch is known as a video streaming platform for gamers. Not sure howTwitch can be added to the list of best video websites like youtube? The answer is simple – for the businesses that have to do with gamers, this is a number one platform for hosting videos.

Let’s imagine the situation that a company creates video games. Where to stream them? Youtube is not the best choice, as the audience is too big, and it’s hard to attract those interested in the content. But it seems that Twitch was made to solve this problem as the video will be published in a huge community of those interested in games.


If you have ever watched music videos on Youtube, you’ve noticed a Vevo mark on some of them. Vevo can be listed as one of ‘Video sites other than Youtube’ because it provides its own videos. However, you won’t find Discover Channel content here. Music – that’s all! Vevo has impressive earning potential, so if you are a music business representative, pay attention to this site. 


Short funny videos, memes, explainer videos, and much more – 9GAG TV is about all that and even more. You can find a fantastic number of animations, movie trailers, and viral videos on this platform. It has a global audience, so if you plan to go international, 9GAG TV will be a great option for attracting prospects to your business.

TED Talks

Videos are not only about having fun. TED Talks proves that! It’s a platform where you will find the records of talks, webinars, and speeches of world leaders. You can use this platform to build a stronger connection with your audience by telling cases, demonstrating new products, and sharing your experience.

As the TED audience is versatile, you will find people interested in your product. Of course, TED promotion is different from the video marketing methods that we use on other platforms. But at the same time, it helps to establish an emotional bond between you and your audience. And as a result, you get customers that love you, your brand, your company, and your products – just because the opinion leader (you are a TED speaker) presents them.

Pave your way to videos

As you already know, sites like Youtube are numerous. Depending on your business goals, niche and audience, you can choose a platform that suits you better.

Have any problems with determining what type of video you need for online platforms? No worries! Explain Ninja team comes to the rescue! Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need a video for any of these platforms. We will help you create the best animation that will equally attract audiences on Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and any other platform where you want to establish an online presence.

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