How Explainer Videos Help Acquire New Customers

You may admit it or not, but all of us are driven by emotions. Do you maybe know at least one emotionless personality? Likely, no. Emotions are as useful to us, as bothering. However, anyway, they are the power you might leverage for your company’s success. The content that evokes emotions attracts attention, creates a lasting impression, and helps acquire new customers. It is here that the most significant value of animated promotion is hidden. 

Animated explainer videos drive emotions, engage people, and make them remember a brand that has caught an eye with an appealing and funny animation. Consequently, they are incredibly beneficial for customer acquisition and may become a significant part of your empathy-driven and “emotional” marketing. This article will consider how businesses can use explainer animated videos for self-promotion and efficient customer acquisition.

Why Animated Explainer Videos Are Effective for Customer Acquisition

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Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

There are three essential reasons why animated explanatory videos are so powerful in terms of acquiring new customers. The first one lies in the fact that a short and sweet video is much more helpful when it comes to the necessity of transferring large volumes of complicated information in a straightforward and easy to understand way. 

In the video, you can break complex concepts down into simple scenes and pass information concisely, step by step. Moreover, you can introduce your company, product, or service in the video more effectively, since it allows you to use a popular storytelling model that sounds like 1 – a problem definition, 2 – considering solutions available in the market, 3 – telling why your company’s solution is the best option (plus, adding a call-to-action). This storytelling practice is particularly useful for sales and marketing.

The second reason is the ability to entertain and evoke emotions. People are more likely to recognize and recall the brand that offers them entertaining content. There is no better way to entertain a target audience than to do it with the help of animation. 

The third and one of the most important reasons is the capability to evoke the viewer’s interest and draw attention. Catching the customer’s eye in the crowded digital media, social networks, or anywhere else on the web has become a real challenge for brands. Luckily, animated explainer videos can help you overcome it because they are among the most powerful attention-grabbers available for the business world today.

Using Explainer Videos on Social Media

As known, social media is a useful tool for audience engagement and customer acquisition. However, if you add animated explainer videos to your social media content, it multiplies its power. 

In digital space, intelligent brands are actively interacting with their customers on social networks, trying to set emotional bonds with them and make them interested in what the company offers. Attractive videos and animation incorporated in social media marketing strategy may help you do all this even more effectively and drive more traffic to your company’s website. There is no big secret here: more traffic often means more chances to convert sales and generate leads.

Ad Campaigns with Explainer Videos

There are a lot of advertising channels today. From ad banners on the web to Facebook/Instagram ads and video promotion on YouTube. You may choose what suits your business best and start your advertising campaign. Although… Please, wait for just a while! What if to spice up your sweet ads with a pinch of humor and entertainment in funny animated videos? 

The video is one of the most actionable types of content for advertising. From our experience, they convert 2-3 times better than an average image, carousel ad, or slideshow. But, if your video is animated, it brings nearly 3-4 times more conversions since it’s really eye-catching, original, and reveals your unique style. People miss truly original and funny things in their feeds.

You have a fantastic opportunity to give them what they want by leveraging the engagement and entertainment power of animated videos in advertising. It will help you stand out on the web since there are no many companies that use promo-animation today.

Attract New Customers from Your Website

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Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

The video background on a website is one of the most popular web design trends. It allows customers to see what the company is about at a glance. It may introduce the brand, tell its story, describe the mission and values, and briefly outline what the company offers to its customers. 

You can use animated videos to add even more uniqueness and extraordinary style to your company’s introduction on a website. It may help express yourself as a genuinely creative and unusual brand that offers an exciting customer experience. In the animated video, you can place your products and services in the most unexpected and fancy context to emphasize your brand’s personality, character, and style.

Things to Remember

It is our short guide on how startups, medium-sized businesses, and enterprises can use animated videos to acquire new customers. Don’t forget that to be attractive and effective in the digital world, your explainer video has to contain hot triggers and call-to-actions, be short, sweet, to the point, and tell a strong story that resonates with your target audience. 

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