How Animation Can Spice Up Social Media Marketing

If brand marketing is a tasty pie, then social media marketing is its big slice. Social networks  have become critical strategic places for brand presentation via animated social media posts. They help to share the company’s culture and essence with its target audience.

Social media space with social media animations is fertile soil for emotional interactions between customers and their beloved brands. It is where the brand’s community is born and where the first loyal customers start following a company.

How Animation Can Spice Up Social Media Marketing 20
Illustration by Lily for Explain Ninja

To increase audience engagement and attract new users’ attention to a brand, social media marketers should think of creative growth techniques like social media animation videos that can boost online business presence on social channels. The animation services can be the answer, which you have been looking for. The animation is a powerful engagement tool that gives a fresh update to a brand image on social media. The animation helps to promote a brand and shine out from competitors online.

Here we will outline essential reasons why a social media marketing explainer video can bring better results for a business.

Key Points Why to Use Animated Posts in Your Social Media Marketing

Animated Posts Draws The Viewer’s Attention

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Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

No doubt, the animated social media cartoon is the strongest attention grabber in the news feed on social networks. It sets your post apart from others in the crowded sea of information. The animated social post looks alive, fun, and engaging. It catches the eye and keeps users watching and reading your brand’s message.

As known, GIFs and videos perform the best on all the social platforms because they stick attention and take more time to experience a complete interaction with a post. Most of the social media algorithms boost posts that are being watched for a longer time than on average. Consequently, it also drives the brand’s profile, raises its popularity and audience engagement.

Animated Posts Simplifies Complex Ideas

How Animation Can Spice Up Social Media Marketing 22
Animation by DeeKay

All brands have their creative and technical sides. The tech ideas are most complicated for the non-experts and need additional explanations. If your company wants to share news about the product launch, new services, or any other complex idea, the animation can appear to be the best option for the presentation of your thoughts in an easy-to-digest manner. Both the animated GIFs and longer explainer videos are versatile ways to convey a message in a simple form and provide a more successful interaction with a potential customer.

You might hear a saying that is it is more efficient to see how to do something once than to hear about it many times. These words precisely describe the function of animation in social media posts aimed to transfer messages that are highly saturated with complicated information.

Moreover, you can post animated how-to guides on your social profiles to show customers how to tackle a specific issue and how to use a product, service, or software.

Animated Posts Are Memorable

Nothing can stick to the memory stronger than a visually stunning animation or fun short video. They steal the user’s hearts, make them want to share this content, drives more traffic to the company’s profile, and multiply the chances for a conversion.

Animated posts are exceptionally efficient in social media advertising since they combine the three most significant reasons to click on an ad: they are fun, enjoyable, and unobtrusive.

Continually publishing eye-catching animation on social platforms, you can step-by-step shape a unique brand voice. Beautiful and well-performing motion design needs to be injected by a dose of a distinctive and unrepeatable style. It can ideally contribute to a brand image on social networks.

People always recognize something original. If your animation presents a unique style and originality, it will stop a user, scrolling the news feed, to enjoy this motion design masterpiece.

Animated Posts Are Fun

How Animation Can Spice Up Social Media Marketing 23
Animation by Dmitrij for Explain Ninja

When telling your followers about complicated ideas or concepts, you should think of a solution that can transfer this information more efficiently. Your customers will thank you if you make learning entertaining. We digest information more quickly if we have fun at the same time.

Fun animation is an excellent way to tell your brand’s story funny and creatively. We love fun. After days of routine and hard work, we are looking for something that can give us psychological relaxation and relief. The fun animated post will engage users, entertain them, make them smile, and more loyal to a brand.

Spice Up Your Business Social Presence

Marketing is a strategy mixed with creativity and spices. Particularly when it comes to marketing a brand on social media. The animation can become the needed spice in your content plan. It draws the user’s attention. It creates a lasting impression and an unforgettable taste that combines creativity, innovation, and fun.

Hopefully, this article will inspire you to deploy the nuclear power of motion design and level up your social media marketing in 2020. Stand up and stand out on the digital media space!

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