6 Ways Marketing Can Benefit from an Animated Explainer Video

As known, a video has become one of the most effective ways of how companies can communicate their ideas to customers. The modern generation does not read as much as previously. They love to consume video-content because it is more engaging, easier-to-digest, and entertaining at the same time.

It is just a pre-hint for a whole collection of amazing benefits of an animated explainer video for business. Especially if the talented animator’s skills are involved in the explainer video production. Here we will overview 5 ways how businesses can benefit from an animated explainer video.

Animation Makes Your Business Stand out from The Competiton

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Animation created by Aslan Almuhkhambetov for Bolt

Modern marketing is fast-evolving, and your strategy continually needs fresh updates to correspond to the requirements of digital space and tech-savvy customers. Animation incorporated in your marketing strategy can be what your company has been looking for to stand out from its competitors.

You can use an animated video to bring your company’s style, convey your values, and manifest your brand’s uniqueness. The animation is something valuable and creative by default. It is art with a purpose. The eye-catching and vivid animation can boost brand awareness and create a lasting impression for the audience.

Although video marketing becomes more and more popular today, not so many companies invest in animation. So, you have the chance to be the first n your industry to unlock the marketing potential of an animated video for your business.

An Animated Video Transfers Emotions and Engages The Audience

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Animation by Jonas Mosesson

Kids love watching cartoons because they are entertaining and bring positive feelings. As children, we perceive information much better if it is presented in a funny (and even cartoony) way.

Animation is a powerful tool for customer engagement and creative storytelling. It grabs the viewer’s attention for a longer span than any other type of content. Frequently, we can’t even take our eyes off until we watch a full short animated video. If it is visually sweet, sharp, and saturated with essential information which we have been looking for, it can give your business a significant advantage before your competitors in the market.

Another substantial benefit of an animated video is that it effectively transfers and provokes the customer’s emotions. To depict the concepts engagingly, video creators spice up cold information in the video with visually exaggerated emotions. It makes an animated video a perfect way to interact with the audience’s emotions and start a more intimate conversation with them.

Emotions often influence our choices. People prefer those brands which they associate some feelings, emotions, and bright memories with. An animated video can help you start a more emotional interaction with your customers.

An Animated Video Boosts Conversion Rates

6 Ways Marketing Can Benefit from an Animated Explainer Video 22
Animation by Fraser Davidson

Animated videos do not only engage customers but also motivate them to take desirable actions. You can produce a video that describes your services or reveal the full potential of your product creatively. An actionable marketing tip is to place an inviting CTA button at the end of a video.

This CTA can bring a viewer right to a landing page where he or she can see an even more in-depth overview of what your company offers to customers. Being unsalesy by its nature, an animation sells excellent!

An animated video can be a perfect tool for unobtrusive and unobvious promotion. It can even say no word about the company’s services. It can be entirely about something different. However, it is powerful in terms of sales.

If people like the video content, they will want to know what a brand stands behind its creation. This curiosity makes them enter your site where they can learn about who you are as a brand and what products (or services) you provide.

An Explainer Video Helps Your Website Rank Better

The web user’s attention spans become shorter over the years. Today it is even more challenging to draw the users’ attention and make them stay on a website to learn more about a company. Due to its power of engagement and entertainment, a video helps to keep visitors on a site longer.

Consequently, it boosts SEO and helps a website rank better on search engines. It happens because Google (as well as other search algorithms) recognize that the content is highly valuable if people spend on a web page more time than on average. It makes Google consider your website as an authoritative web resource and rank it higher in search results.

Both Google and customers love and prefer video content. So, it is a big reason to consider animated videos as a part of your future marketing effort.

An Animation Helps Build Customer Loyalty and Trust

We tend to trust brands that are associated with positive emotions and invest in entertaining their customers. It is, actually, another most significant benefit of animation for business. It helps set more effective and enjoyable communication between companies and their audiences. And it drives customer loyalty.

We are more loyal to brands if we feel that they care about their customers. Investing time, money, and efforts in the animated video production, keep in mind that you also invest in your audience engagement and entertainment. And customers will subconsciously perceive it as a gesture of the brand’s care of them.

An Animated Video Helps Create the Needed Associations and Build a Brand Image

There is no secret. Eye-catching visuals evoke strong emotions and associations. An animated video is one of the most impactful types of content because it interacts with us at a visual and audio level. Both sounds and memorable images in the video make the customer experience more immersive and give birth to emotions and sticky associations.

Using a video, you can intentionally shape brand associations that improve the company’s image and can even increase the number of sales and leads. Businesses can use animation not only to emphasize existing associations but also to instill new ones.


An animated video is a powerful tool for marketing storytelling, customer engagement, and entertainment. It helps shape a positive brand image by evoking the viewer’s needed emotions and associations. Moreover, businesses can use animated videos to convey their unique style and leading message to their audiences.

We hope that this animated video marketing overview will inspire you to do new incredible experiments that will help your business prosper.

Originally published on Business2Community

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