Why Animated Commercials Are The Best for Online Advertising

The animation is probably one of the most engaging techniques actively used in mobile app design, web design, and marketing materials. It’s always unique, funny, and appealing. It drives customer emotions and evokes interest. That’s why it is so often used in online advertising. 

Animated commercials are gaining popularity in 2020. Many startups and big companies all over the globe have already understood that this kind of promotion can help them to introduce products and services to a target audience in the most unobtrusive way. 

In this article, Explain Ninja is sharing with you several tips, hacks, and tricks related to animated commercials. Here we are also talking about why animated commercial videos have become one of the most effective types of digital advertising today.

Stand Our With a Unique Style

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Illustration by Julia Hanke 

The animation can help perfectly complement the unique style of your company. Why? Because it’s already a unique product itself by default. It is difficult to repeat or to plagiarize, so it can make your brand presence even more appealing and outstanding. 

There are plenty of animation techniques. Motion designers usually combine them in different ways in order to create an unforgettable visual experience that corresponds to the mood and character of a brand. Even though animation has become a new trend in the digital world, there are not many companies that use it in online advertising. So, it is one more reason why commercial animation is worth investing in. It will help you stand out from the competitors in the crowded web.

Explain Complicated Things in a Simple Way

It is difficult to find any other kind of visual presentation that delivers a brand message better than an animated explainer video. It helps you transfer the most complicated business ideas and concepts in a fun and easy-to-digest way. Animation can break all the information down into several outstanding scenes that tell the user a story promoting a product or service.

Moreover, the animation is a practice that allows you to educate the customer while having fun at the same time. And as known, the most effective learning should be entertaining.

Animation Is a Powerful Marketing Tool

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Illustration by Lily

The animation is very helpful in marketing and advertising because it introduces the brand to the customer very creatively. It is easier to remember a brand if it promotes itself in an animated commercial than in an average banner or common video. It creates a lasting impression, evokes customer emotions, instills specific associations with a brand, and creates an unforgettable brand image. 

Moreover, people like to share creative advertising with their friends via social networks, so you’ll get even more chances to get your advert widely spread across the internet.

Cost-Effective Advertising

Despite there are plentiful beliefs that animated video production is expensive, it can be affordable for many businesses. Many marketers consider animated commercials as a smart investment since they are highly effective in terms of customer engagement, lead generation, and brand awareness. 

You can kill two birds with one stone by producing an animated commercial. On the one hand, the funny and entertaining animation will help you win customer loyalty. On the other hand, it transfers a brand marketing message very effectively and unobtrusively. It makes an animation one of the most cost-effective forms of online advertising.

Consistent Content Flow 

Building long-term relationships with customers is a challenging and time-consuming task that requires many interactions. However, you can significantly speed up this process by delivering fresh and new information about your brand and its offering in a set of animated commercials published on your business website or social media profiles one by one.

You can even build a communication strategy that will include a range of steps and planned interaction with potential customers by publishing videos on the web. For example, you can start by producing a short video that introduces your brand. The next step can be an engaging and intriguing new product teaser. After this, you can publish the video about all the product features and competitive advantages. Only at this phase, the video will look like a promotion, but investing in creativity, you will awake even more the audience’s interest in a brand or a product.

All in all, a video itself is a convenient way to present information consistently. It uncovers the subject gradually and allows you to reduce customer cognitive load passing part of a message visually.


These are just a few of those multiple advantages of using animated commercials. This kind of online advertising will enable you to increase sales, boost a website in search engine results, and grow ROI. Our team hopes that these tips and video production practices will help you stand out in the modern digital space.

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