Why You Need An Animated Explainer Video For Your Business

Due to the fast-deploying digital transformation, many businesses need to build an impressive online presence to stay competitive today. An animated video about your brand, its products, and values may appear to be the required spicy for your company’s powerful online image. 

An animated video is an excellent way to attract your target audience and catch their attention. In this article, we will consider several key reasons why you should use an animated explainer video to boost your business in the digital age.

We’re Visual Creatures

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Illustration by Lily for Fireart Studio

By saying that we are visual creatures, we mean that most of the information humans perceive visually. Even according to psychology studies, only 20% of people remember the information they read, and only 10% remember what they heard. At the same time, we also know that visual information is processed 60,000 times faster than text. Eye-tracking studies demonstrate that Internet readers pay more attention to information-carrying images. 

All these statistics make us understand that an animated explainer video can be one of the most optimal and smartest options to drag the attention of your target audience and generate new leads. Within one or two minutes, an explainer video can tell your customers more than any text or simple image. Plus, animated explainer videos involve both visual communication and audio that considerably improve perception.

A Video Is Effective for Business Development

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Illustration by Julia Hanke

Here are a few statistics confirming this statement and let your know why it’s definitely worth at least to think of getting started with your own explainer video creation.

According to Wyzowl’s video marketing statistics:

  • 97% of marketers say video has helped increase user understanding of their product or service.
  • 76% say it helped them increase sales.
  • 47% say it helped them reduce support queries.
  • 76% say it helped them increase traffic.
  • 80% of marketers say video has increased dwell time on their website.

An Animated Video Triggers Emotions

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Illustration by Dzmitry Kazak

It’s true, we are often driven by our feelings and emotions, especially when it comes to making purchasing decisions. We may accept it personally or not, but we should surely know about this in terms of smart marketing. Using tools that drive human emotions, brands can communicate with their customers on a higher level when this interaction looks like the communication of real people. 

In this case, we can communicate with the audiences more organically and suggest to them our offerings as unobtrusively as possible. You may ask why? Because such an emotional interaction with a brand also constitutes a psychological value for a customer, bringing more positive vibes in their lives.

Lively animated characters, along with eye-catching cartoons, trigger strong emotions and create a very special atmosphere that engages an audience and captures their attention. An animated video is a perfect way to start an emotional interaction between your brand and its customers.

An Animation Has No Limits, and It Really Engages

When producing an animated explainer video, you can present your product in the most unexpected and interesting context. There are no limits for imagination since digital artists may help you implement any of your boldest ideas into catchy images. 

An animated explainer video is not limited to scripts. The characters can fly, dance, sing, and wear any costumes, while the action may take place at any historical period and in any geographical location. This makes it possible to create an inventive storyline for a better presentation of a product.

Bottomline Word

According to Nielsen Research, Training and Consulting Group, the average user spends about 10-20 seconds on a site if there is no compelling reason to stay longer. Motivate your audience to stay with you longer than a few seconds by using an animated video on your website and other spots on the web. It will help your company turn this interaction into long-term customer-brand relationships.

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