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How to improve your branded video content production? It’s worth considering the most influential branding trends 2024 to look out for in the coming year and beyond to assist your logo design project improvements and so much more. Here we’ll check the top branding trends.

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What is branding design?

At a basic level, branding is the process of researching, developing, creating, and iterating your brand experience to accurately convey your vision, mission, identity, and purpose. Encompassing everything from visual design to messages and tone of voice, branding consists of all the external perceptions, ideas, and concepts that differentiate a business from its competitors.

Why branding design is important?

Brand building is the key to business success these days. Branding provides companies with an identity beyond products and services alone, creating something unique so that customers can relate to. No matter if you are a project owner or a designer working on a branding project for a client, building a strong, relevant, and recognizable brand is essential to grow your business and build a loyal, scalable customer base.

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Are you ready to make your brand design new again? Whether you’re looking to build a brand, change its look, or keep up with the hottest branding styles right now, here are the top trends to look out for handpicked by our video production team.

1.    Animated logos

Commonly, a logo is the visual identification of your brand. As a rule, a modern logo animation (or animated logos) as a trend allows adding incredible animations into your logo designs or applying motion graphics where needed. This artwork is vital to assist in keeping in mind the brand’s values and purpose so that we may translate these ideas into a high-quality animation. 

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2.    Brand activism

Brand activism is by no means one of the latest branding trends. It has never been more essential to show your soul and demonstrate that you are committed to what you believe in (and not just in words). Your product users want to interact with brands that share their values, from sustainability to social justice, as well. So, Brand activism is all it takes to communicate your commitment to positive change—and see it through!

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3.    Minimalism

How a brand “fits in” with a consumer’s values, belief system, and lifestyle is likely to determine whether they buy a particular product or service or not. And the mission and purpose of a brand play a huge role in who people consistently buy from and decide to do business with. Minimalism is always in vogue as one of the major design dogmas. Adhering to the “less is more” mantra, minimalism in graphics is based on using only basicelements such as basic shapes, plain text, limited color palettes, and white space – to create a clean aesthetic with organic elements.

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4.    Bauhaus

The Bauhaus is a modern design direction that originated in the famous German art school, which gained momentum at the beginning of the 20th century. It combines both elements trends in branding of art and industry, manifested in geometric shapes, clear lines, and sharp corners. Similar to minimalism, the Bauhaus has a minimalist, modern and functional style that draws on retro design elements, making it an ideal and versatile choice for your product design branding.

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A House in the Mountains

5.    Nostalgia

Missing the past and an obsession with nostalgia has become a dominant force in branding and marketing nowadays. For many reasons, the past continues to be a rich source of inspiration, and as a result, many take a fresh look at much-loved symbols, cartoons, animations, instantly recognizable icons, and more. We are also seeing a resurgence of design elements and pop culture references from more recent music history, namely the 1990s and 2000s, appearing in films, TV shows, commercials, marketing materials, branding, and social media feeds.

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6.    Gradients

A well-designed gradient does not irritate the eye. We often see gradients used in a variety of contexts—for example, in photo overlays that connect images to a brand’s color palette, in animation transitions, as a way to add extra visual interest to the motion, text, and as a subtle or vibrant backdrop for illustrations, etc. Applying three or more colors that complement each other that are monochromatic or similar will create an incredible effect. While radial and linear gradients are typical, triangular ones have multiple light sources for depth and dimension, giving you a more modern, timeless look.

7.    Quirky Branding 

Other branding trends 2024 are the so-called quirky branding which means it may use everything in a row: from monogram to neon,  from the hand-drawn whiteboard, illustrations, and whimsical images to overlapping elements, asymmetries, disruptive motion graphics, or chaotic designs.

This is a trend that has been adopted by a wide range of brands and in traditional industries such as finance and health insurance too. Whimsical branding is all about breaking the rule and using unexpected design elements to create a sense of fun and individuality.

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Wind Energy

8.    Bold Playful Type

Finally, we’ve approached the brand identity trends in lettering and font choice. Sure, a picture is used instead of thousand words, but you never underestimate the power of a fun, playful text for your storytelling. When you convey your brand message, choosing the right font or font family is an integral part of the process.

Add some movement and bold colors like 3D fonts, animated letters, kinetic typography, and shape-shifting sentences to bring your desire to life. By wrapping words in the proper line packaging, you can convey a powerful message that matches your brand tone. If your brand is bold, fun, and playful, this is the trend.

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Branding Design Trends you may look through and choose to apply in your digital products will help to spice them up and make them stand out from the competition. In this case, you need to carefully choose, feel free to rely on expert logo design and motion graphics team that cope with any brand project complexity.  


Since the brand building is the key to business success, it’s worth looking through the brand design trends 2024 to form a clear vision of your identity that goes beyond products and services alone, creating something unique that customers can relate to. When you are a business owner or a designer working on a branding project for a client, building a strong, relevant, and recognizable trends brand name is essential to grow your business and build a loyal, scalable customer base. So, take your time!

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