How to Use an Explainer Video in Education?

An explainer video is a good tool not only for advertising but for audio and visual learning and demonstrating your product or service. How to make explainer videos for education highly informative and inspire your target audience to use them?

The most suitable form for educational purposes is an educational animation videos because they are entertaining, easy to edit, and explainer video cost is low due to its simple production.

Simple Style and Ideas

When you explain a process via animation, don’t get lost in details. It isn’t a story of your brand, it’s a tutorial with step-by-step instructions. Ask your explainer video studio to use a simple art style. It will show the users only what they need to see and know.

Clear Structure

An education video should be structured clearly and specifically that allows your customers to follow along and come to the conclusion you want. Especially it relates to a series of videos, for example, if you sell different types of equipment and make lots of tutorials. Let your marketing company help you with the plan and contents.

Diagrams and Infographics

Focus on diagrams and schemes when creating an educational video. Use infographics, i.e. plain figures instead of real people so that users don’t get distracted by bright pictures and fields.

A series of FAQ Videos

What are the common questions of your customers? Make a number of short videos that can solve their problems. Talk about quality, terms of delivery, prices, discounts, and any other matters your users ask you about. Take them to a tour of your company’s working process to have them relate to your brand.

Interviews with Customers

Have you got lots of pleased customers? Let them tell about your product or service themselves! Ask you explainer video company to help you with the interviews.

Live News

Entertain your customers by creating videos about the latest news and hot topics. Share your experience and discuss any matters of your business sphere.

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