YouTube Video Ideas for Your Channel

62% of YouTube users in the US accessed the platform on a daily basis. This fact clearly shows how much time users spend on YouTube. Check your device usage statistics to see how many hours a day you spend on YouTube. You might be surprised.

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YouTube has replaced television, radio, and newspapers. Here you can watch clips and TV shows, listen to music or podcasts, and find the latest news. The potential of using the platform for business owners is simply huge. 

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You just need to create quality clips and get into the platform to attract users.

However, there is a lot of competition. Really. A lot. You’ll have to put a lot of effort into ranking at the top of the list or the top of the video. As difficult as it may seem at first, it’s worth a try. 

YouTube’s continued growth is driven by a combination of factors, including ease of use and access and the volume/diversity of content” 

Said technology industry analyst Charles King of Pund-IT.

If you have absolutely no idea where to start, or if you want to diversify your clips, then this post with YouTube video ideas will be very useful for you. We’ve put together ten out-of-the-box video content ideas for your YouTube channel. 

Explore the best YouTube content ideas to attract more subscribers!

Explainer Videos

The easiest way to start your YouTube channel is to make explanatory videos about your company’s product. Show all sides. Show all the features, show all the options.

You can start with a short presentation video. Create a series of these clips for your channel, and you’ll have some content to go on. Share these videos on your social media channels. That way, you’ll let your users know that they can now follow you on YouTube.

As new versions of your product (or new product models) are released, you can record explainer videos. This way, you can get even more attention from your users, and you can alert them to your product presentation.

Don’t neglect explainer videos, even if you’re not going to develop your YouTube channel. Companies can use such content in their marketing strategy, and it certainly won’t be useless.

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DIY YouTube Videos

As far as DIY videos go, you should either do them at the highest level or not do them at all. If you understand the subject and can teach the user how to do something with their own hands (anything), this is great content for you.

The ideal is to make instructional videos that no one has made yet. But in this case, you will have to do your research and find topics that have not yet been covered. You will be able to attract a lot of views and be useful to your viewers.

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Gameplay Videos

In early 2021, YouTube Gaming Live provided a total of 1.373 billion hours of content viewing. Game-related videos are becoming increasingly popular among both young people and adults. These can be both reviews of new games and walkthrough videos.

If your business is at least minimally related to the games’ industry, or you have teenagers watching, then test such content. It doesn’t take long to develop, as all you need to do is film your screen. Plug in a microphone so that users can hear your comments. 

Remember that gamers are usually well versed in the field. You should also be well versed in the subject to be interesting to viewers and not get negative feedback.

This type of content idea for YouTube gives you an enormous scope for your ideas. Invite stars to play on broadcasts with them. Have competitions between your team members. Show interesting ways to get through the game. Get through the game as quickly as possible. Compare one game to another. Invite game developers for interviews and let your subscribers ask questions.

Here you are limited only by your imagination as well as your material resources. Game content is suitable for both experienced video creators and those just starting to promote on this platform. There are excellent YouTube video ideas for beginners!

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Travel Videos

Look at how popular travel videos are on YouTube. was the most viewed travel channel, with approximately 21.58 million uploaded video views. 

Viewers love travel videos, and especially if you show atypical countries or cities. Making another video about Paris is not a bad idea, as long as you come up with an interesting and original view. In a travel video, you need to interest your subscribers with an unusual view of a tourist destination. 

You have to be different from your competitors and have good YouTube video ideas to make them want to watch you. No matter how good a video you make, you’ll get far fewer views if it copies a video from another channel.

It’s not hard to make such videos if you or your team members travel regularly. So seize the moment! It’s especially To create users to watch videos during a pandemic when travel has become restricted.

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Tutorial Videos

Very often, users turn to YouTube for help. It is where you come in. Here are some easy YouTube video ideas. Create explanatory videos that solve the user’s problem. Show how to use your product. Cover the maximum problems the user might have in your field and provide a simple solution. 

It should be quality and a short video. No one is going to want to spend an hour solving an uncomplicated problem. No unnecessary information. Only useful facts.

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There is a high probability that having solved the problem with the help of your video, the user will subscribe to your channel. In addition, he can make a purchase or other targeted action. 

For the creation of tutorial videos, you can involve employees of your company, who understand the subject like no one else. Then you’ll know you’ve done your best to create quality content that’s useful to your subscribers.

Review Videos

Ask your users to comment on their experience with your product. In this way, you can show potential customers that they can trust you. For example, you can ask the customer to write you a text review and create an interactive video based on it.

If you are attending a large thematic forum or conference, try to find your customers there. Write a video review at the conference! To motivate the user to leave you feedback, you can offer a discount on your services or a nice souvenir. People are more willing to help if you give them a nice gesture. It is one of good YouTube ideas!

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Educational Videos

Tell your subscribers in simple terms about a complex theme. If you or your team members have practical experience in any area, share it in the video sooner!

Make the most of your knowledge and pass it on to others. Trust that such content will always be popular. You can tell your users about the tips that will simplify their life. Teach your subscribers how to draw beautifully, read quickly, or dig deep holes (for the pool, of course).

The ultimate goal of such YouTube ideas should be to solve the user’s problem. The main principles of an educational video: lightness, simplicity, brevity, and brevity. If a subscriber watches your video, you should do everything to make it useful and interesting.

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Interview Videos

People are interested in other people. Invite a well-known person in your sphere to talk to them. That way, you can attract even more subscribers by attracting a celebrity. Swap audiences, and you’ll both benefit. 

You need to prepare well for the interview. Rent a studio, prepare questions and topics to discuss. It should be a good interview to please your subscribers. If you look insecure in the frame or pick an inappropriate expert, then all your efforts will be in vain.

Interviews are a difficult genre of journalism, so we don’t recommend that you start creating content with such videos. Search other video ideas for YouTube channel. If you have problems with preparation but want to produce a video, ask the experts for help. 

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Storytelling Videos

One popular trend in company marketing is to sell the story, not the product. It is YouTube content ideas, which can help you to gain more users. Tell your subscribers about the history of your company’s creation and the problems you faced in launching it.

Introduce users to members of your team. Tell their story. The more you pay attention to the story, the more interesting your YouTube channel and product will become for your subscribers!

To create a quality storytelling video, you need to write a script and develop an idea. What goal do you want to achieve with this video? How many clips will be part of the series?

Think about the optimal length of the video. Too short a video will not allow you to tell everything you have planned. A video that’s too long won’t be interesting for users to watch to the end. 

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A Challenge Video

Get in on the trends and participate in Challenges! The whole world was pouring ice-cold water. Have you had time to get poured for your YouTube channel?

The world of video content is driven by short-term trends that will help you grow your channel faster. Users love to watch the platform go through challenges. Join the trending movement!

How do you find out what’s trending? Oh, it’s not hard. Look on YouTube under popular videos to see which videos are getting more views. Look on other platforms. Find out video ideas.

Yes, you’ll have to do some minimal analysis, but it will help create quality content! Track trends regularly to become one of the first to hold your breath for the camera (or dance with your eyes closed).

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Final Thoughts

In the process of creating video content, you’d be surprised with how many new ideas you can come up with. And that’s great! The more and the better quality content you create, the more you can attract subscribers. 

The most important thing in creating content for YouTube is regularity. You can’t stay popular, releasing one video a year. Certainly, there are exceptions, but all the same, it is recommended to be very regular in content production.

On Instagram and TikTok, trends will always come and go. The secret to long-term success on YouTube is to create a lot of content all the time. Sadly, most people put all of their eggs in one basket, and that’s the viral-video basket. Consistency and quantity will win in the long run on every platform, especially on YouTube”. 

            Said Brennen Creer, CMO at Mammoth Tech.

Creating videos for your business is an inexpensive way to attract more customers, spread the word about your company, and get more exposure in the marketplace. We at Explain Ninja create original and interesting videos to promote your business. 

We are sure that interactive and bright content is the digital future for every company. Furthermore, we hope that these YouTube video ideas 2021 have motivated you to create clips content for YouTube!

What are you waiting for? Just leave us a note, we’ll respond faster than Flash would do!

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