Best Examples of Internal Communication Videos

Internal communications build strong teams. Get to know how to use videos to improve communications and build loyalty within your teammates.

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Effective team communication has never been more important. Today, to get A-players in the team, you must offer them challenging tasks, great products to work on, and proficient communication. Internal communication video is one of the most demanding tools to establish good relationships with employees, build their loyalty, and keep them informed about everything that’s going on in the company.

For an enterprise and corporation working worldwide, an internal video helps to reach every employee. Small businesses can also benefit from video content: they can reduce the number of calls by shooting one internal explainer video and holding a Q&A session.

Internal videos help to connect employees from different time zones (95%), increase brand awareness (93%), and empower employees to share knowledge (93%). In addition, HR and recruitment can make use of the videos when hiring or onboarding staff!

If you are planning to reboot communication strategy within your company, read this brief guide! We will tell you about video communication types and share some internal corporate video ideas that you may use in your strategy.

What are Internal Videos?

First and foremost, we need to define what an internal video is and how it differs from other types of videos.

We’re sure you’ve already heard about video marketing, and perhaps you even implement it in your business growth strategy. Internal video communications are very similar to marketing video communications, as they both use the same tool – videos.

We’ve got used to using emails and chats to communicate with each other in our business lives. Meetings are also an inevitable part of our everyday business routine. However, sometimes one 90 second explainer video can be more effective than a 30-minute call to explain all new product features in words.

The latest studies show that 98% of businesses have noticed the growth of videos in their internal communications. Of course, webcasting and video streams also affected these numbers. But the fact is, a video is an impactful tool that you should at least try to use. The matter is a video helps to create an emotional connection with the information. In this every, everything that you show to the employees will be properly understood as the message will be clear, and what’s even more important, they will understand why you transmit this message to them.

Using video to communicate with employees will also help you with these:

  • employee training and instruction
  • conveying missions
  • creating announcements that are to be heard by everyone
  • explaining working protocols
  • transmitting the values of the company

However, the benefits of internal video communications are not limited by the abovementioned. The article will give you more useful insights on how using videos can boost your communication and exemplify ideas with videos. 

Why Does Your Company Need it?

If you have never used videos in your internal communications, you probably don‘t understand why you should start using them now. We’ve prepared 5 top reasons that help you catch the main idea of video communications.

  • Visuals help to explain complex things

Every business has some aspects that are hard to understand. Moreover, every business has even more aspects that are hard to explain and find proper words. ‘Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving images help us find meaning… video helps capture and contextualize the world around us,’ these words of Dan Patterson prove that visual information helps find proper meanings for our ideas. So why should we ignore such help?

  • Videos are great for worldwide communication

If you work in a big enterprise, perhaps you have already noticed that communication with teams from different time zones is complicated: you need to work late at night to contact a person from another location. However, videos can solve at least part of communication problems. For example, you can shoot a video for the whole team from another time zone, and all of them will use it.

  • They are impactful

Today, when many businesses went online and employees work from home, communication has changed. Predominantly, we use phone calls and messengers. But for effective corporate communication, you need to be impactful. And it can easily be reached if you use both sight and hearing as you do in video content.

  • They are emotional

Using video for internal communications, you create bright emotions – exactly what you want to achieve. For instance, an email has zero chances compared to a video to make people laugh or understand the urgency or importance of the problem.

  • They build brand loyalty

Turning customers into brand advocates is important to the growth of the business. However, turning employees into advocates has even bigger importance and can have a more impressive effect on the company’s overall results.

Types of Internal Communication Videos

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Now you know: internal video communication is the next step in your company development. But what types of internal videos do you need to get the maximum results? Here they are!

Recruitment videos

If you plan to expand your team and hire new employees, create a video that will demonstrate the benefits of working in your company. These are marketing videos that sell your company to top-level candidates.

Onboarding videos

Video content helps not only to attract the best candidates but to onboard them effectively. For example, an explainer video will help show the peculiarities of working with corporate software, corporate email rules, or even the team’s structure.

Training videos

If you are planning to boost your employees’ hard and soft skills, make use of videos! They will watch them when they have free time and even re-watch if they didn’t capture the information from the first time.

Announcement videos

For a CEO, it’s impossible to meet with every team of the company, especially if it is an enterprise or corporation. Shooting only one video can become a great solution!

FAQ videos

Employees have many questions. Even though they may be working for you for years, regular FAQ videos will help to reduce the number of incoming questions and requests.

Tips For Making Internal Communication Videos

Internal communication videos share many common features with traditional marketing videos. For example, they must be interesting and captivating, the quality should be high, and the idea must be clear.

Check out these tips; they will help you create the best video for your company.

Make Videos Fun

Always start with the script. It helps to find the right words and images for your idea. Don’t hesitate to be funny: there’s always a place for jokes, even in large enterprises.

Bring Internal Content to Life with Video

Use your brand voice in video communications. Your video should convey the same ideas your other internal communication channels do.

Swap Traditional Print Communications for Video

Hire a professional team for video production. You will save time and effort, and it costs more than money. Moreover, pros will help you create unique videos that will perfectly demonstrate your company’s style.

Best Internal Communications Video Examples

No more words! Here are some internal communications video examples. They will help you get some ideas for your videos.

Bayer Compliance Explainer Video

This video covers one of the most sensitive problems any employer faces – the problem of compliance. In which cases you need to complain to your colleagues? Bayer Compliance video explains it with the help of humor, but at the same time, not making a joke of the situation.

GoToWebinar Demo How it Works?

We’re sure you’ve been in situations when you need to use some corporate software but don’t know how to do that. A video may help! It is a great example of an onboarding video that explains how to start a webinar by using the software. 

Welcome to Waste Management Services

Every employee wants to be a part of something big. Welcome to Waste Management Services video is an example that shows that a company loves every person who works for them and is proud to build a business together with employees.

Pittsburgh’s International Airport Update

In the Pittsburgh’s International Airport Update video, we see a demonstration of leadership. CEO of Pittsburgh’s International Airport spoke to the whole airport team when the pandemic started, and it was huge support for everyone who worked for the organization at these times.

H&M’s Values

We’ve already mentioned that an internal video can help transmit the right corporate values to the employees. Just look how beautifully H&M executed this idea!


By analyzing all the above mentioned, you will agree that internal video communication is significant for building a proper corporate culture. However, creating such videos requires the same time and effort as making marketing videos.

No matter what kind of video you need, Explain Ninja is here to help you. We will help you with a script that will brighten up your message and make the idea clear to all employees. Also, we take the production services on us, as well as pre-production and post-production. If you have something to discuss, please contact us. Then, let’s create the best internal video for your corporate communications.

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