5 Tips to Use an Animated Video on Your B2B Website

Most marketing specialists attempt to capture the customer’s attention and engage prospects. It has led to the fast-increasing popularity of animated videos on social media and companies’ websites. An animated video is an excellent tool for creative storytelling, even for such a specific audience as B2B customers. These are mostly problem-solvers who appreciate it when other companies tackle problems effectively and introduce their solutions in an easy-to-understand way.

Here we will talk about the top five tips to use animated videos on a B2B website to attract new clients and make them familiar with your solutions.

Introduce a Problem and Solution

You can use an animated video to tell about the possible customer’s problem. For instance, you have a problem X that causes a lot of suffering for your business. Or process Y is very inefficient.

The next scene in the video can introduce your company’s solution to this problem. It sounds simple; however, it works great! A video is a narrative and creative way to give a quick idea of your company’s offering.

Keep in mind that you have under a minute to explain B2B website visitors everything about your methodology, solutions, and tools. At the end of the video, you can also add a summary, memorable conclusion, and call-to-action to Learn More, Visit a Page, Call, or Email your company.

Company or Product Introduction

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Illustration by Lily

You can use an animated video to tell your customers about your company or a product. You can start a video with a message that sounds like “Welcome to our Organization” or “We would like to introduce our New Product.”

Awesome animated videos open limitless opportunities for presenting your product since you can zoom to the smallest details, show the invisible product components, or show how specific features work.

When it comes to the company introduction, you can tell about the history of your brand foundation, corporate values, goals, and achievements to show your prospects that your company can become a reliable partner for their business.

Explain an Idea

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Illustration by Julia Hanke

The animation is an excellent solution if you need to explain your big idea. In an animated video, you can provide all the arguments and implications in a creative cartoony way. It will help not only to convey your thoughts but also make your idea memorable and more eye-catching.

Forward-thinking companies utilize animation to pitch their ideas to prospective clients, partners, and investors. The visualized information helps them get directly into the essence of the concept, with no additional explanations.

Simplify Something Complex

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Illustration by Dmitry Kazak

An animated video can transfer complex concepts in the easy-to-digest form. As known, we can learn and understand something more efficiently if we have fun at the same time. Make learning entertaining to engage your customers, introducing big ideas in a short animated video.

The animation enables you to shows the elements that make up the problem and how they work together. It breaks complexity into a few simple scenes that evoke needed associations and help a viewer get a clear understanding of the most complicated information.

Demonstrate Past, Present, and Future

In the animation, your imagination can fly hight, and there are no limits. You can show how a product or a building can look and function in the past, present, and in the future. You gain the power to showcase product evolution and brand progress.

If you have an idea and even drawings, but you don’t know have enough costs and time to implement it, you can present how it may look like in the future in an animated video.


Here, we have considered the top five uses of an animated video on a B2B company’s website. We hope they will inspire you to make your online business presence even more appealing and experiment with the animation techniques.

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