6 Types of an Animated Video for Your Business

Entrepreneurs all over the globe open up amazing opportunities of videos that help them boost their business efficiency. The power of engagement hidden in this type of content is proved by the fact that YouTube has become the second biggest search engine after Google. Modern users want rather watch how to do anything than to read about it.

To uncover all the possibilities of animated video marketing, our team has prepared a list of the seven most effective types of video for your business.

Product Demo

There is no better way to reveal all the beauty of your newly launched product than to do it with the help of the video. In the animation, you can zoom the smallest details and show even the internal product parts that are invisible at a glance.

You can also use the limitless opportunities of animation to explain how to assemble and dissemble a product. And you can do it in a really engaging way. The animation promises you that customers will have fun while learning how to use a product. We subconsciously perceive animation as something fun. We often associate it with those positive motions which we have been feeling while watching cartoons in childhood. An animated demo is one of the most interesting ideas for explainer videos.

Tradeshow Videos

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Tradeshows are events where companies can show who they are and what they do to a highly-interested audience. It is an excellent time to introduce your business, demonstrate its uniqueness, build new connections, and make partnerships. 

For these occasions, you can produce an engaging animated video that tells about your business in a nutshell. It will help your business to stand out from its competitors at the conference or any other important event. 

The great animation can make your brand shine out from others and make a lasting impression for the audience. It will help you tell about your company much more than a thousand words. And it will speak right away to the hearts of your prospective customers and partners.

Company Culture

The video about company culture is similar to a product demo. Mostly, it tells about a brand, its history, values, goals, etc. The target audience for this kind of video is people who are interested in a brand, and likely, they have already searched this company on the web.

It means that in this case, you will have a bit more time to tell viewers who you are and what you stand for. Our animated explainer video agency suggests making a company culture video not longer than several minutes. 

Like it is recommended for a product demo, choose a few key messages of your story about the company’s culture and emphasize them at the beginning of the video. The great idea is to show a video to as a large number of people as possible before finalizing it and ask them whether they would watch the rest of the video after 5 initial seconds. This approach is similar to user testing in UX design, and it helps get valuable insights from the viewers and improve it before posting on the web.

Online Ads

In fact, a video is the most effective type of advertising on social media and on the web, in general. Video-banners can give users a quick explanation of the brand or its products or services before a viewer will skip the ad or browse a promoted website. 

Animation can help you turn complex ideas into easy-to-digest sts of information presented in a simplified way. Using bold colors, characters, and the overall eye-catching animation style, you can draw the audience’s attention and keep them watching until they see a CTA. It allows multiplying conversions and a number of leads.

Training Videos

The training video is a creative way to educate your staff while keeping engaged and motivated at the same time. In this case, you do not need to think of the time restrictions like for the previously mentioned video types. Your audience is already very interested in watching this video, so your primary task is just to display the complicated concepts and ideas clearly and concisely. 

The training may be boring and tiring. This kind of videos can help a company engage the employees and make them interested in learning. Transforming educational content into an opportunity of having fun a company increases the effectiveness of the training process.


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Illustration by Lily

Like training videos, animated tutorials can make learning entertaining too. The tutorials are aimed to help your customers understand how to use a product or service, and animation can breathe even more freshness and life into this process.

The audience of tutorials are people who intentionally have found and opted for these videos in order to learn about something. So, we can conclude that the length of tutorials does not matter as much as their conciseness and a clear structure. Actually, it still matters, but you can feel more comfortable taking your time and ensuring you explain everything properly

Today, many SaaS companies use animation to demonstrate software and talk about its uniqueness. It helps them stand out from their competitors. Here you can see the best SaaS explainer videos and how famous brands use them to engage their audiences.


The type of animation speaks about your brand and its intentions. So, before you hire an explainer video production company, make sure that you have clearly defined your business objectives and requirements to choose a video type that will fit them the best.

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