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7 Benefits of an Animated Explainer Video for Business

January 10, 2020

A great animation will not leave anyone indifferent. It grabs the viewer’s attention, engages, and makes the audience listen to what a company speaks. In this article, our motion design team will uncover the benefits of an explainer video for business. Do you want to learn about how an animated video can boost your brand awareness and increase sales? Keep on reading!

It Is a Powerful Attention Grabber That Makes Your Message Heard

Undoubtedly, the video is one of the most engaging content types on the web. Meal’n’Real! Since ancient times, people have enjoyed visual entertainment. An animated video can deliver a marketing message more effectively because it entertains at the same time.

No matter where you use animation, in advertising, on a website, in emails sent to your customers, or as the announcement of the upcoming event, the most likely, the viewer will not be able to take the eyes off until the video ends. It helps make customers listen to what your brand says to them. The better-delivered brand’s message often leads to an increasing number of sales and leads.

A scene from the animated video we created for Swiss Fin Lab

This Universal Type of Content Fits Anywhere in Your Sales Funnel

Whether you use an animated video on the top of your sales funnel targeting new leads or at the very bottom just to retain and entertain existing customers, it drives good results everywhere. To use video marketing more effectively, you should try to identify the weak points in your sales funnel and apply the animation there. 

Maybe, your site lacks traffic to generate new leads, and you need to use the video to attract the audience and motivate them to enter your website. Or the ROI has recently dropped down, and you need to apply animation in advertising to generate more sales.

The Creative Video Helps Rank Higher on Google

According to VNI Global IP Traffic and Service Adoption Forecasts for 2017-2022, created by Cisco, by 2022, the video will make up to 80% of all traffic compared to 67% in 2014. It means that the video is predicted to stop being an integral part of a marketing message, and will be more and more often used as an independent content marketing tool due to its power of engagement. In other words, it becomes (or has already become) a top SEO trend that boosts website traffic.

Moreover, the animation makes users stay on a website longer. Unlike images or a text copy (that is often simply scrolled), the animation takes more time to be watched. Usually, Google recognizes the content as a more valuable one, if users spend more time on a web page than on average. Consequently, it boosts this website in search results and opens an opportunity to get more traffic.

An Explainer Video Sells Without Being Salesy

Producing explainer videos, companies usually follow three objectives: to explain something to their customers, to educate, and entertain them. The goal of selling is not even listed in the top three aims. It sounds illogic; however, being unsalesy, an explainer video is a powerful selling tool

There is no need to say directly that your brand may appear to be the best option for customers. Creating animated videos that explain to customers how complex systems work or help them understand how to use a particular product, your company shows that it cares about customers and strives to make them feel comfortable while interacting with a brand. It makes the audience loyal and, consequently, more interested in purchasing anything provided by your company. 

It Breaks Down Complicated ideas into Simple Scenes

Illustration by DAN Gartman

Cybernetics. Nanotechnology. Artificial intelligence. There is no topic which you couldn’t tackle and explain though an animated video. We learn more effectively when we have fun at the same time. The animation helps businesses break down complex concepts into simple visual images and scenes that make information easy to digest. 

Let’s consider it from the psychology perspective. According to Nielsen Norman Group, only 10% of people remember the information they heard. On the contrary, experts at Frieze state that our visual perception is 80 percent memory and 20 percent input through the eyes. It proves the fact that relevant information-carrying visuals can help companies communicate with their customers better.

You can see how complex ideas can be presented in a simple form in this animated video about a ZOA Data Exchange Service which we created for Swiss Fin Lab. 

Animation Brings Interest and Emotion to Your Subject Matter

Animation always has the power to transfer emotions. To convey emotions more effectively, an illustrator exaggerates them on the image and makes the marketing message even more expressive and distinct. 

Moreover, the video interacts with human emotions at different levels of perception since it usually combines visual and sound constituents at the same time. It offers viewers an emotional and aesthetic appeal and allows a brand to interact with the audience on a more personal level.

It Is Easy Shareable and Makes Information Fly Fast On The Web

People love to share interesting content with their friends and family, although it can even be creative advertising. There are also Facebook communities that consider the most original and catchy adverts as the art masterpieces and share them with their subscribers. So, appealing animated videos used in advertising not only convert better but even can be re-shared by other people on social media. 

Besides this, animated videos that explain complicated concepts related to a specific industry can be widely spread on the web by experts (and for experts) associated with this area. Of course, if people like the content, they often pay attention to a company that delivers it. It helps raise brand awareness and recognizability that matter for business as much as conversions because they constitute the foundation for future success.

Add More Value To You Business With An Animated Explainer Video 

Great animation is not only a pretty visual content that helps explain complicated information and pass the company’s message, but it also shows off your brand’s unique personality and brings communication with your target audience to a new level. 

The company’s emotional interaction with its customers builds makes a brand memorable, creates a strong image, increases loyalty to a brand, and generates the returning customers. This powerful combination builds the foundation for an exciting scenario of business growth and development.

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