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Here we provide an overview of the key reasons to incorporate animated videos into your marketing strategy and business. 

Why Animated Explainer Videos Are The Best for Marketing in 2024 | Explain Ninja 20
Illustration by Dzmitry Kazak for Explain Ninja

Today, almost every marketer may hear that a video is the most versatile, favorite and effective content type for modern customers. It’s very true. The power of video content is on the rise. Video advertising performs better than any other ad type, the number of video-based platforms is rapidly growing, the video is becoming a common part of background content on many websites – there are so many ways businesses can use the video in their marketing strategies. 

However, the effectiveness of video content is amplified even more if it goes about animation. Animated videos have a greater power of engagement and entertainment. They make an unforgettable impression and help the brand name stick to the target audience’s memory. These are just a few examples of why animated videos are worth investing in and incorporating into a digital marketing strategy. 

In this article, we will take a look at the primary reasons to use animation in business and several compelling explainer video examples for your inspiration. So, why animated videos? 

Animated videos have a greater psychological impact

Why Animated Explainer Videos Are The Best for Marketing in 2024 | Explain Ninja 21
Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

Why are they powerful from a psychological point of view? They engage viewers and interact with their psyche at visual and auditory levels simultaneously. They make a long-term impression, they are easy to remember, and they can raise our mood. 

Animated videos are commonly associated with cartoons that we have used to watching in childhood. Sweet memories about those times when we’re kids make people love animated content even more. According to recent studies, the feeling of nostalgia makes a positive impact on the viewer’s mood in most cases.

They simplify complicated concepts and ideas

Animation has a capacity for simplification of complicated information and presenting it in an easy-to-understand form. Things that seemed complex before can become easily digestible for the mind if they’re are explained in animated content. Do you want to transfer a business idea or explain the process to the viewer? There is likely no better way to do it than the video.

Videos can become viral more easily 

Mostly, videos are easy to share on the web. It contributes to their ability to become viral. Particularly, you can triple the chances of your video getting viral by adding social media share buttons and engaging call to action right at the end of the video or in its description underneath, on the platform where you posted it. 

They are great at keeping the viewer engaged

Impressive characters, imaginative backgrounds, surprising contexts and powerful visual metaphors – all these elements can make your animated commercial or product explainer video even more engaging and eye-catching. Videos are great at keeping the audience’s attention, especially if some (or all) of the above-mentioned components are incorporated into them. 

Why Animated Explainer Videos Are The Best for Marketing in 2024 | Explain Ninja 22
Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

Animated videos help instill the desired associations

Animated videos are very efficient in reputation protection, brand image building, and crisis management. Do you want to introduce the easy and smooth change into the audience’s perception of your brand? Do you aim to improve your brand reputation or debunk the deceitful myths about your company? An animated video is a good idea in this case. 

It’s fun, entertaining and “light” content that can quickly spread on the internet and communicate the necessary brand message to its target audience. Thanks to the capacity of getting viral, it’s highly effective for these business purposes. 

Videos are extremely mobile-friendly

It’s not a secret that the video content is the most responsive and adjustable to different types of devices. Investing in animated marketing videos is a great business decision. It allows you to simultaneously cover many digital channels and the brand’s needs with only one video that looks excellent on different screens and platforms.

Animated videos are a good fit for almost every business need

Customer onboarding and support, various sales and marketing purposes, staff training and education, product/concept/service presentation and brand storytelling – there are a lot of ways how you can use an animated video in a business strategy. Animated videos have unlimited potential for businesses. 

Do you need to impress investors with your startup idea? Do you want to engage customers and earn their trust? Or do you want to present a new product and drive conversions? Animated videos address almost all business needs. 

Why Animated Explainer Videos Are The Best for Marketing in 2024 | Explain Ninja 23
Illustration by DAN Gartman for Explain Ninja

Animated explainer videos have a very high ROI

The last but not least advantage of animated videos for business and marketing is that they have one of the highest return on investment rates compared to other content types. Moreover, they are really cost-effective. Many entrepreneurs may think that animated explainer video production is costly. In reality, it’s cheaper than the implementation of many other marketing strategies. 

The price for one minute of animation ranges from 1000 USD to 12 000 USD, depending on the animation style you choose, business needs and an explainer video production company you partner with. 


Are you ready to get started with animated explainer video production or are you just thinking about it? Anyway, we hope that this brief overview of the key reasons for incorporating animation into marketing will help you make a better-informed decision. 

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