Explainer Video Portfolio - Our Works


Explainer video for DeepCrawl - technical SEO for smart social media marketing.

Opengear: Campus

Video about the importance of network resilience at the university campus.

This is Zalando

One of the many videos we did for Zalando Lounge - the best place to find fashion treasures.

Tohu Trailer

Tohu's world is a dangerous place! Well... it's actually not. But it might seem dangerous, especially to those who never saw The Girl's alter ego.


This video was created for a brand new cybersecurity start-up to help them explain in 1-minute max their rather complex solution. So they can reach more people within their target group. It turns out as a cool project. And the goal has been achieved!


Video for Nexus - self-serve product that lets content creators make their own game store.


At Explain Ninja, we are happy to present an animated explainer video for Zense, a blockchain platform that makes the credit process intuitive, easy and secure.


We have partnered with LaunchCloud, a company that provides migrating services for businesses.

Swiss Fin Lab

We introduce an explainer video for Swiss Fin Lab, a fintech startup. It’s an engaging animated video that promotes their ZOA service.


We’re proudly collaborating with big brands. We have also created an animated video for Pipedrive, a cloud-based sales software company.


Enjoy a cartoon video for ClubSoda, a cool food ordering application.

Opengear: retail

Enjoy an animated video for Opengear, a retail networking solution!


Enjoy a fun and engaging animation for Kidkin, a booking platform for kids activities.


We created an animated explainer video for Aspiration, a mobile banking app for investing, charity, and retirement savings.


An explainer video for Plato, an app designed for users to play games instantly while chatting.

The Campus

Check our explainer video for The Campus, a service for searching for a perfect university in the UAE.

Zoominfo Engage

We produced an explainer video for ZoomInfo, a B2B database that helps businesses identify, connect, and close customers.


We are glad to introduce animation works, which we have created for our valued clients from around the world.

Spirit Roots

We love to create animated videos for games. See what we made for Spirit Roots!


We crafted an animated explainer video outlining all key benefits of this life chat and customer messaging platform.


Enjoy an animated video for Psiphon, the software that provides uncensored access to Internet content.


Meet an exciting animation for BuildBunker, a company providing business insurance products and services.


Watch our animated explainer video for Omise, a payment gateway for Thailand, Japan and Singapore.


Once, our animation team produced an explainer video for MyTaxi, a mobile application for ordering a taxi.

Freshy App

Our team produced an explainer video for Freshy, a food discovery app that helps restaurants optimize expenses and bring customers.


We tailored an explainer video for Boostation, a mobile phone cache cleaner. It shows how the app works considering your phone as a city.

Young Alfred

See what we have produced for our client Young Alfred, an online marketplace that allows you to find the best priced insurance options.


Hopefully, you will enjoy this animated explanatory video, which we crafted for OpenGear.


Here is what we have made for Inssta, a social media marketing application.

Book Universe

It’s an adventurous animated video for Book Universe, a book platform for those who are looking to extend their borders.


It was a pleasure to produce explanatory animation for Codio, a famous ᠌ ᠌platform for high-quality computer science education.

Explain Ninja

Of course, we have also created an introductory video for our company Explain Ninja.
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