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Explain Ninja is an award-winning explainer video maker. Since 2013, the company has been providing animation and video production services to PR & advertising agencies, SMBs, startups, and large enterprises.

We have vast experience in the animation business and cross-industry knowledge that helps us produce top‑notch explainer videos for different niches.

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Why use explainer videos
for your business

Animated explainer videos help companies unlock the sales and marketing power of brand storytelling. Animation empowers companies to present their products and services engagingly, build customer loyalty, and multiply sales. However, these are just several benefits of explainer videos for businesses. Let’s consider more reasons why animated video production is so useful in online marketing.

Animation keeps attention Explainer Video Maker 20

Animation performs as a powerful attention grabber. A bright, impressive, and original animation style will attract users in a social media news feed, online advertising, websites, and other places in the online world. It evokes the user’s interest in a brand and encourages them to check its products and services.

Explainer videos simplify complex topics Explainer Video Maker 21

Businesses across different industries use explainer videos to communicate a brand message and complex information related to products and services in a fun and entertaining way. This approach helps make even the most complicated concepts easily accessible for everyone.

Animated explainers help your SEO Explainer Video Maker 22

Website visitors tend to spend more time on web pages with animated explainer videos. It happens because they are mainly interested in watching the video more than reading the text or just scrolling a page. Such user behavior lets search engines know that a website contains high-valuable content. They boost such a web page in search results.

Animation does PR activity for you Explainer Video Maker 23

Wherever it is used, an intriguing animation helps draw your target audience’s attention and motivate people to share your explainer video with friends on social networks. It works as an effective PR practice for brands spreading the word about them on social media.

Why create your animated video with Explain Ninja

We offer a range of animation styles

Our team specializes in various animation styles, including whiteboard animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, and stop-motion. Our animators can masterfully combine them to deliver even more outstanding results.

We have rich traditions in animation

Since its foundation in 2013, the company has been nourishing video production traditions. We have developed our own practices and techniques and actively use them in every project to deliver the best outcomes possible to our clients.

We are highly rated by the experts

Explain Ninja is a recognized leader in the animation and video production industry. It has been named as one of the top explainer video production companies in the world by
The Manifest.

We offer affordable prices

Do you want to make an explainer video, but you have a limited budget? No worries! Explain Ninja offers different price packages to meet all of your needs, requirements, and finance opportunities.

We are innovation-thinkers

Explain NInja brings together not only experienced professionals but also innovation-thinkers. We help startups and big brands, like Google, Pipedrive, Codio, Atlassian, and Bolt, evolve their online marketing, applying by the engagement power of animated videos.

We approach every brand individually

At Explain Ninja, we approach every brand individually. At the beginning of the project, our experts research your products/services to reflect their benefits in the video. We try to make explainer video production fully optimized for your business specifics and peculiarities.

Other Services

2D Animated video is what we recommend if you want to demonstrate lightness, simplicity, and spontaneity. No showing off. Nothing «too much». Less effort, more results – that's all that 2D animation is about. Click above and see how we will take care of it.
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Make a «wow» effect with a breathtaking 3D animated video! This technique works great to build an unforgettable impression on your audience. Too much time and money? No! You will be surprised after calculating all your efforts. Do it now, with us.
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Do you think your audience has seen everything? Colorful, detailed ads will conquer it. Animation exists to show something new and expand your customer's experience. Concepts, tastes, smells – everything has shape, color, and direction. Release it with our animation service.
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Want to engage more active users? Want your application to be more accessible and friendly? Get rid of long-read instructions or formal presentations. Animated Explainer is helpful for you if your app has many functions. Present them the original way with our help.
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Explain Ninja is here to make your idea real! If it involves marketing, advertisement, business, and recruitment – there's nothing impossible for us. We can animate it and explain everything! Our team is ready: click above to run the creativity!
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Strict ties and white-collar time have passed. Modern time demands a creative approach and original decisions. Show your business partners an animated video explainer: show them your concern and creativity. Give them more and have a big deal! Tap above to get more information.
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FAQ about animated explainer videos

How to use animated explainer videos for a business?

You can use explainer videos on a corporate website, social media, product landing pages, in email marketing, at the tradeshows, and in many more other cases. Explainer video marketing helps strengthen your brand image in the online world.

What is the price of an explainer video?

The cost of an explainer video varies depending on its length, animation style, and peculiarities of your project. However, it usually starts at 2000 USD.

Who owns the rights to the videos?

Once the animated explainer video is done and delivered to the client in the highest quality, all the rights belong to the client.

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