SEO in Video Production: Some Tips for Beginners

SEO is an essential tool for a website’s success and popularity. When you add an explainer video to it, the same rules of SEO apply. Video implementation will attract more customers and tell more about your product or service. Explainer video companies always tell their clients that making a video means a successful marketing campaign. What are the principal rules of video SEO? Remember that a video should generate leads and sustain clients’ interest.

  • The main message. One of the simple rules of SEO and marketing is that a video should convey a company’s message and principles. Make sure that your service or product is the main focus. In this case it will be easier to promote it.
  • Title and keywords. The imperative rule of SEO is using proper title, description and keywords. Ask your video production company to select the relevant ones. It improves visibility and motive a viewer to watch and share your video. A catchy description serves as an engaging index to a video and helps with SEO rank.
  • Tags. In addition to keywords, it’s necessary to use tags so that search engines could drive clients to your website. Use general and specific tags and key phrases. For example, you may have a look at the best explainer videos on Instagram to see which tags they use.
  • Links. Wherever you post your video, don’t forget to add a link to your website. You can also include it in your video to induce customers to further investigate your website.
  • HTML transcripts. Search engines like HTML which is a necessary tool to index rank.
  • RSS platforms. Present a video to different RSS platforms and create a hype.
  • Sitemaps. A relevant video sitemap is also important in web video production for high ranking with search engines. It’s another opportunity to be found quickly and easily.
  • Sharing. Use various social networks to share your video. It allows you to generate more leads and creates more possibilities for brand awareness.

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