7 Types of Video for Sales Prospecting

Brands are focusing their marketing efforts on generating quality leads. A video may appear to be the most effective option to engage people, make them interested in what your company offers, and turn them into prospective customers. In this article, we are going to outline the seven most essential and popular types of video for sales prospecting.

Support Videos

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A good sales video shouldn’t necessarily sell products or services directly. Companies often use support or animated explainer videos instead of a sales pitch. This kind of video answers the target audience’s key questions, tells about the latest trends, and brings other valuable information that helps potential customers solve their issues. 

These videos are related to the topic of products (or services) but don’t sell them. It helps evoke the lead’s interest in a brand without being obtrusive.

Referral Videos

People often trust word-of-mouth recommendations. You can use it as a marketing practice for your referral video. You can ask previous customers to provide feedback about your brand and get permission to use their names and comments in your marketing content. And after, you can use this information in your referral video to tell viewers about your past customers’ stories and share their reviews. You can include referral videos in your sales emails to engage people. 

Reminder Videos

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A short animated introductory video is an excellent way to remind your customers about your brand. You can use it to tell about your brand in a nutshell, demonstrate product-specific features, and show your customers that you are always in touch with them when it’s needed. Try to include details in the video such as contacts, prices, and a clickable link to a web store. It can be relevant information for viewers at the decision-making stage of a customer journey.

Demonstration Videos

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A product demonstration video is aimed to show off all the beauty of a product and convince leads to purchase it. This kind of video should help people conclude whether a particular product will satisfy their needs, see how to use a product, what its benefits are, and decide if this product is exactly what they have been looking for.

Background Videos

You might see that brands use background videos to demonstrate their products at the tradeshows or exhibitions. It engages visitors at this event who are probably your potential customers. This video should spark interest in your offering and motivate people to visit your company’s stall (or even a website) to learn more about your products.

Question Videos

Have you ever heard about a question-video? It is a type of video that starts with questions about your products that are likely the most relevant for prospects. It draws the attention of those who are highly interested in purchasing a product. 

Follow-up Videos

You can follow up on your prospects with animated videos that will help you set a more powerful connection between a brand and its audience. If a person engages with your follow-up video, it means that he or she is your most valued prospect and considers buying from you. The follow-up video should be appealing, show that you are a trustworthy brand, and include additional information about a product. Or, it may be a short thank-you video with a few extra tips on how a person can solve a specific problem y using a product.


To promote your brand more effectively, you don’t need to send your prospects an email with sales pitches. You can produce an engaging animated promotional video or explainer video that will bring your potential customers valuable information about how to tackle their problems, how to use your products, or introduce your brand as a trustworthy company. At Explain Ninja, we wish you benefit from genuinely unobtrusive sales prospecting and bring great results to your company with the seven most engaging types of sales videos.

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