How to Convert Web Visitors into Loyal Customers Using an Explainer Video?

Do you want to start with explainer video marketing? It is a good decision for many businesses today. An exciting and visually pleasing animated video can help you build a loyal audience and boost web store sales. Although, you should know essential practices that will help you deploy this marketing initiative more successfully.

In this article, we will outline four practices that will help you uncover the power of explainer videos for audience engagement and lead generation.

Attract High-Quality Website Visitors

Have you already driven website traffic? That’s great! Is this traffic quality? It may be more complicated to answer this question since not every website visitor becomes your loyal lead or even a customer.

Our primary mission is to generate quality website traffic that brings new leads and conversions. A great explainer video can work as a filter that will help you drive the right people to your website and keep the wrong ones far away!

How to implement it? First, you need to create an engaging educational video that teaches people something useful and drives them to your site. This video should not be directly about what your company offers but on some related topic. And it shouldn’t be promotional, of course. However, its topic must be attractive to your potential buyers. A nice instance is a video created by Nest.

The next step is to run advertising with your explainer video that promotes your product or service. Don’t forget to use a compelling CTA that will send users to your website. Pay particular attention to precise targeting. It is the number one factor influencing ad success.

This simple algorithm will help you attract not more traffic, but more quality traffic that can be more easily converted into conversions. Once you have increased the number of quality web visitors, your explainer video marketing work has just begun.

Turning Visitors Into Leads

Potential customers are here, on your website. What’s next? Many of them will likely abandon your landing page. You should do all possible to prevent it and, on the contrary, engage them even more.

You may have a visually stunning website design, a beautiful blog with valuable content, and even a few unobtrusive pop-ups on the home page. Despite all this, web visitors may still be not interested in further discovering your website.

Explainer video marketing can help you retain more web visitors and convert them into quality leads. You need to produce a prominent animated explainer video for your homepage. It will help you keep the audience’s attention longer on the website content and reduce the bounce rate. An excellent example is an animated video created for Slack.

The average web visitor will spend more time on a web page to watch an exciting video. It will significantly help your SEO. Google boosts websites with a longer time spent on a page and makes them rank higher in search results.

After this, set a simple retargeting campaign using your explainer video. It is usually much easier to turn web visitors back than attract new quality visitors. The main idea of this ad campaign is to remind potential customers: “You have already been on our website. We are here and ready to help you!”

These two straightforward practices will help you considerably boost your website traffic and bring more energy into your lead generation process.

Converting Leads Into Customers

Explainer video marketing is king when you need to conceive web visitors to hit the buy button and complete a purchase. An engaging video helps you demonstrate your product’s features and functions. You can zoom details and show how a product works.

There are two types of explainer animated videos you can place on a landing page to increase sales:

A product overview. You can create an awesome video that demonstrates all your product’s advantages and amazing features. It will help people assess your product once again and decide whether they want to buy it. A great example is a video that provides a short overview of Pipedrive’s software created by Explain Ninja.

USP video. It is a kind of video that shows off a unique selling proposition that sets your product apart from its competitors in the market. It is particularly useful for crowded industries, in which you can win by offering something better and genuinely unique.

A helpful and entertaining video on a landing page can work as a trigger for the customer’s desirable decisions and actions. If all has been done correctly, you will likely get an increasing number of conversions.

Making One-Off Buyers Into Returning Customers

Returning customers are the lifeblood of your business. Here we will talk about how to turn your customers into fans of your brand which follows all your updates, the launch of new products, and buys from you again and again.

Explainer video marketing can be the answer. Let’s consider a few types of explainer videos that will be helpful here.

Onboarding videos. Don’t underestimate the power of onboarding – it can increase customer loyalty and eliminate the potential frustration evoked by difficulties that occur when a person uses a product for the first time.

Video-announcements about new product features. You can use explainer videos to tell your customers that you are continually improving to make their experience with a product smoother and more enjoyable. You can also announce the new product release in explainer videos to spark even more interest in your brand.

Short FAQ/troubleshooting explainer videos. These videos can help your buyers tackle any issues they might face using your product. It will help your brand minimize negative customer experience.


An excellent animated explainer video can help your business grow and build customer loyalty. Moreover, it turns your customers into fans of your brand and gathers a big community around your company. As known, customer loyalty, trust, and a strong reputation are three pillars of a successive business that becomes a choice of thousands of people around the globe.

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