Perfect Animation: 5 Business Problems That Motion Graphics May Solve

Animations & graphic motion on the website are helpful for a wide variety of business goals. Let’s analyse why they are specifically needed by most business websites and which problems in businesses motion graphic video production hels solve for them.

Animation created by Fireart Studio

1.    Sales

Engaging, converting or engaging, and retaining audiences are important challenges for brands, but all for one purpose. And that’s sales.  So, from time to time, brands prefer to directly and openly devote new motion graphics to a new product so that to engage better achieve great business results.

As a rule, in cartoons, explainer videos, or any other animation type, brands show what a new product consists of, or fit it into funny scenarios, review it or get the myths busted. Animated backgrounds and designs in different formats may also be used as refreshing hand-drawn footage to boost your sales.

2.    Training

According to a Sprout Social survey, 59% of users are interested in training videos on brand pages.

Here graphics in motion or motion animation will be a great and fast helper. A huge plus of graphics is that they may help to embody literally any idea. Animation provides more possibilities than traditional videos. The leap of imagination cannot be limited by anything.

Need an explosion and helicopters, surrealistic dreams, or pencil drawings? – Fine, just design the whole thing to solve any problem of business, any kind of business, including training video production function.

3.    Explaining

Users do not want to waste their time waiting for an informative squeeze in the most accessible form. And that’s an explainer video or a great animation. They want to quickly understand how to make a purchase, use a product instruction, why a particular feature is needed, why and how prices go up, etc. So, why not achieve that with the graphic in motion? The brand’s mission is to help consumers explain everything and sort it out to the right shelves.

You may create a five-minute video with an expert or brand representative who will tell everything seriously and in detail. But what if, instead of a video with a talking head, you make an explanatory cartoon?  You will simultaneously become more noticeable among competitors. The share of animation in the content stream is less than that of commercial videos. And you may use fictional characters that do not risk causing any negative associations and may be created from scratch the way you need it instead of hiring real people who may not fit at once.

4.    Engaging

By capturing and engaging viewers, graphic motions content helps spread the brand’s philosophy and culture, deliver its missions better, and take care of the audience. Even if the video is strictly about a product or about another item, it still carries the brand’s style. So, tirelessly communicate your business idea, regardless of any problems business may have through incredible animation design.

5.    Entertaining

Last is an entertaining function a video may have alongside the functions above. People come to the Internet for benefits, but additionally, they urge for entertainment.

Statistics say, most often, YouTube is used to find videos with practical advice (65%) and to watch something funny (57%).

Entertainment content is often understood as something humorous, absolutely senseless, distractive, or useless. Literally, trash. But it is quite possible to make a fascinating cartoon about the history of a brand or its customers both entertaining & converting. That’s what we do here at Explain Ninja.

To Sum Up

Social media content like photos or traditional videos may not be enough to vary your business approach. At the same time, it is more challenging to create animations on your own because you cannot do it without special skills tools.

To reduce the budget and time for the production of business videos, we aat motion graphics agency dvise motion graphics to grab attention on any channel of communication to solve business problems. Great animation solves and foresees any business problem by engaging, training, sales, or using it in websites just for fun.

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