How to Increase Video Marketing Exposure

An online video is everything for your marketing campaign. No matter how good your product is, if you are not online and cannot be found on the Internet. About 70% of the traffic is related to online videos. Many start ups use YouTube channels and other sources, but nothing happens and they have few views. How to draw attention to your explainer video blog and boost exposure for it?

  • Do not target the top keywords. Try a research tool and see what Google suggests. If you use widespread keywords only, you won’t land on the first page because of competition. Pay attention on the number and strength of your competitors and choose untapped keywords for SEO.
  • Increase the rank of your video. Use Keyword Planner to find ideas for your content. Figure out what your potential client wants to know through the research.
  • Make quality and catchy content for your audience. How long do clients tune in to your marketing video? Are they really interested? Contact an explainer video studio for making interesting content and improving the retention rate. If the public is interested it will come back for the next video.
  • Make a video for humans instead of search engines. Nowadays search engines optimize the results for human users. Find out what algorithm would be the most appropriate, so that your video complies with it.
  • Focus on your goals, metrics and analytics for explanation video production. Deliver value to your clients, make offers and include free resources for a shareable video.
  • Do not forget about a closed-captioning script. Use more keywords so that search engines could understand more about your content and product. You can find how to add the script on Google and YouTube on the Internet

Explainer video cost doesn’t have to be high, just use these SEO and exposure tips to make your video shareable.

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