Generating More Leads Using an Explainer Video

Explainer video – is an explaining short movie about what the company may offer. It helps to solve a lot of problems in different spheres. For example, a short movie may become the best solution for the thousands people rather than five people consulting on the phone.

Here the company tells about itself, about its products and serves to be useful for other people (the customers). It answers the questions like “What?”, “Why?” and others during two minutes.

The explainer videos are different from the commercial. The explainer video studios are trying to make the information understandable for every person. It is too difficult to evaluate its usefulness.

There are a lot of explainer video examples. Many famous companies make such videos. For example, Google Corp. with its Google Drive. The tagline is “Keep everything. Share everything”. This video graphically explains and demonstrates the aspects of this service.

Explainer video is a simple ability to sell the difficult product or service. The techniques and ways of demonstrating may be different. You can see and acquaintance it in many recourses. Every modern company has already made or offered such video.

The video wins the texts. It happens because the reading is much more difficult than the watching. People assimilate the picture better. That’s why such advertising way will be more useful for every company. Moreover, it has the virus potential to become famous in the social nets.

It is difficult to evaluate the explainer video price because it increases the conversion. A good conversion, as it’s known, brings good money. Moreover, it helps to promote the video in the searching.

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