How to Promote a Mobile App With an Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos have become one of the most effective sales and advertising mediums available for businesses today. They can help you boost your brand awareness and increase mobile app downloads right on the launch day. Learn here how.

Are you going to launch your mobile app? Or have you maybe already done it? Then, you might be searching now for effective ways to promote it in the online world to receive positive reviews in the app store and increase downloads. One of the most actionable practices to do it is video marketing or (if to be more specific) animated explainer video marketing.

Short animated commercials have become one of the biggest trends in mobile app marketing in 2022. You may wonder why explainer videos are so effective for your digital product strategy? Probably, because the average audience retention rate for a 60 second explainer video is 77%. In this article, we’re sharing proven strategies and insights on how mobile app explainer videos can help you promote your mobile application.

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Animation by Aslan Almukhambetov for Explain Ninja

Explainer videos transfer your mobile app’s idea and mood

If you want to explain all the variety of your app’s features and benefits under the minute, there is likely no better way to do this than in an animated explainer video. It allows you to transfer the main idea of your app quickly, describe its functionality, competitive advantages, and more. Let viewers understand how your mobile app can entertain them or make their lives easier in an obtrusive and really engaging way.

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Animation by Markus Magnusson

Animated explainers help grow brand awareness

Nothing can spread the word about your brand and mobile application more effectively than a lovely, funny, and memorable cartoon. It catches an eye, sticks to the memory, instills strong associations and images, and increases your brand recognition and awareness. Consequently, it can expand your mobile app’s reputation across the web at wind speed being shared and re-posted multiple times. If it’s really creative and fun, your audience will grow faster than you might even imagine.

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Animation by Mike | Creative Mints

Explanatory videos effectively convince and convert

Animated videos allow you to immerse the viewer in your mobile app’s world, see its beauty, feel its mood, and evaluate all advantages. Within a minute or two, you can tell about your app more than in any other format, because people are more likely to “hear” you when they’re engaged and intrigued by HOW you communicate your message. According to recent research by Google, videos are a great advertising choice for news apps particularly, as they increase the average download rate by more than 10%.

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Animated explainer videos bring incredible ROI

There is no secret that the video is the most popular content format today. It’s also one of the best success-driven strategies for the app launch. The animation is one of the most powerful attention grabbers. No matter whether it’s a social media news feed, ad on YouTube, or web banner — animation is noticed almost always. Many advertising agencies use animated videos in their marketing campaigns to engage customers, draw their attention, and increase conversions. So, why shouldn’t you try to do the same for your app?

It’s recommended to develop a video strategy to have a more significant impact on your audience and boost the ROI of your mobile application. It requires conducting in-depth target market research, choosing distribution channels that work best for you, producing an evergreen video-content, and launching it on the web.

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Animation by Vladislav Olshevsky for Explain Ninja

They are as engaging as nothing else

Just like kids, we all love fun and entertainment. Advertising spiced up with a pinch of humor and animated funny characters work much better than ordinary promotional adverts. You can use animated videos to communicate your ideas and introduce your app features in a humoristic way. Explanatory videos are usually short, and it allows you to message your audience quickly and engagingly, without making people bored with long app functionality descriptions.

How to Promote a Mobile App With an Animated Explainer Video 25
Animation by DeeKay

Animated explainers help the brand and audience connect

Animation evokes the viewer’s emotions and helps instill powerful associations with a brand. It also enables you to interact with a target audience at a more personal level and build a more “human” connection. Mobile apps introduced in animated videos are much more recognizable and popular as they create a lasting impression. Explainer videos allow you captivate viewers, engage them with your product or service, and boost conversions by 20% on average.

Are You Still Thinking Whether It’s Worth?

While you are doing it, your competitors are probably thinking of the concept of their next animated video to promote their app. Stay ahead of the market and impress your audience with a fantastic promo before others will do it. The time to win your audience’s loyalty is limited. Start building it right now. Engage them, entertain them, talk to them — everything is now possible in a branded animated video.

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