Why is an Explainer Video Essential to Your Product Marketing Strategy?

Animated explainer videos have become one of the most popular mediums, which brands use to market their products, services, and reach their audience. Today, social media are well-optimized for video content, and it automatically makes a video an excellent way to create buzz around the launch of a new product. Let’s consider other reasons why an explainer video is vital for a product strategy.

An Explainer Video Helps Build Trust and Loyalty

Many companies use a product explainer video to express empathy and show their customers that they care about them. They also believe that an impressive video that teaches people how to use a product or service will help build customer loyalty and trust.

Why is an Explainer Video Essential to Your Product Marketing Strategy? 20

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Companies often demonstrate customer reviews or tell about their reliability and an excellent reputation in videos. It is a good practice for animated videos too. This tactic helps convey the idea that your brand may appear to be the best option for users because it is already popular among other consumers and experts. It convinces an audience in your brand reliability and helps to level up a connection with customers.

An Explainer Video Strengthens Your Reputation as an Authoritative Company

The reputation is uber-important for all companies, regardless of the industry. An appealing animated video, telling a story about a brand as a creator of a wonderful product, can be particularly useful for a product strategy. It shows that a company is driven not only by a desire to sell products but also to bring real value to people, make their lives more comfortable, and create art together.

An explainer video can work as an excellent brand-building and brand reputation management tool for startups and enterprises that launch new products. There are many B2B ranking platforms that create lists of the top companies in the industry and analyze customer feedback. If your company has been listed as one of the best in such rankings, you can mention it in a video alongside other incredible achievements. This straightforward practice will make a positive impact on your brand reputation.

An Explainer Video Helps Express The Brand’s Empathy

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Illustration by Anastasia Golub for Explain Ninja

When a company markets a product, it also sells emotions and feelings, which a person will experience with a product. You can survey your customers and a test user group about what they feel while interacting with your brand.

These invaluable insights will help you improve product experience, on the one hand, and reinforce your marketing strategy with creative adjustments, on the other hand. Plenty of brands use so-called “empathic marketing” for the promotion of their products to show characters that the customer’s even subtle feelings related to the product user experience are the highest priority for a company.

An Explainer Video Boosts a Website in Search Engine Rankings

Videos are known for their ability to increase the time people spend on your website. They can catch the user’s eye, make him or her stop scrolling a page, and start watching an exciting video-story that conveys the brand’s message. Users commonly spend much more time on web pages that have videos. So, we can conclude that an animated video is one of the best ways to increase user engagement and motivate users to spend more minutes on a web page.

Consequently, it can considerably boost your site in search rankings since they will recognize it as high-valuable content. Videos embedded on your website make you 53% more likely to show up first in a Google search.

An Explainer Video Drives Sales and Conversions

Increased user engagement and interest in a brand usually lead to a more significant number of sales and conversions. Adding a product video to your site or landing page has shown to increase conversions by 80%. Video viewers 1.6x as likely to buy a product.

Moreover, animated videos are commonly shared much more often than any other type of content. It helps you extend your target audience to reach across different platforms and drives engagement.


There is a limitless number of benefits of using animated explainer videos in your product marketing strategy beyond boosting engagement and sales. Videos are a perfect option to uncover your brand’s amazing personality, product, and services. At Explain Ninja, we wish you to explore the power and benefits of animated videos for your newly released products.

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