Why Use Explainer Videos for Crypto & Blockchain?

Are you still thinking about whether it’s worth investing in blockchain explainer video production? In this article, we provide a little bit of convincing.

Why Use Explainer Videos for Crypto & Blockchain? 20
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Cryptocurrency and blockchain have become two of the most popular topics dominating social media and online space in general. The world of digital money is very attractive to many people. However, when you just enter it, you realize that things there are much more complicated than they seemed before. Most people start looking for educational and explanational materials, courses and tutorials to understand the essence of crypto and blockchain technology. 

However, there is another great alternative of explanational content blockchain companies may consider to attract new customers and make things easier to understand for them. It’s an animated explainer video! In this article, we are going to discuss why explainer videos are effective and beneficial in the crypto and blockchain industry.

Attractive medium to share a message

The first important reason for using an animated explainer video for crypto and blockchain is that it’s really an attractive and extraordinary medium for your company’s message. Although video marketing is gaining momentum today, a few companies in the blockchain industry use them. It can become your competitive advantage in the market and help your brand stand out from the competition. An animated video is a creative content type that allows combining audio effects, voiceover, music and visuals into one comprehensive message. 

Reach to the audience more effectively

There is no big secret, people pay more attention to videos rather than a piece of text in their news feeds on social media and when surfing the internet. So, an explainer video has many more chances to attract your audience’s attention and transfer the intended message to the viewer. Modern user attention spans have become shorter. It also means that people don’t want to spend time reading articles and written tutorials. The majority prefers videos as a more effective type of educational content. 

It helps beginners enter the world of cryptocurrencies

A blockchain explainer video can appear to be the best content type to explain complicated concepts and business ideas in a simple and digestible form. Due to the fact that a video delivers information at the two comprehension levels simultaneously, it’s often treated as a significantly more efficient content. Simple animations and narrative can help the viewer understand the topic faster. We find it a great way for beginners to enter the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Animation increases click-through rates and conversions

People are more likely to buy products or pay for services which they understand inside and out. Animation is an excellent tactic that can help companies deliver a brand and marketing message to a target audience in a compelling and unobtrusive format. In fact, it really grows click-through rates, ROI and conversions. Moreover, animated videos can greatly improve SEO ratings since search engines, just like people, love content that delivers value. Video content stops the user’s scroll making them watch and listen to your brand. The more time the user spends interacting with a certain content, the more is the likelihood that Google or any other search engine will treat it as a valuable one.

Video appeals to the customer’s emotional side

A video is a perfect way to tell an engaging story, Storytelling performs much better than direct selling. So, if you aim to increase conversions, consider incorporating animated videos into your customer journey and marketing funnel. Whether you tell a story at the awareness stage or conversion stage, a video appeals to the customer’s emotions and allows your company to connect with people at a deeper level of interaction.

Wrapping Things Up

An explainer video can be a great asset to any blockchain company and help build a community of loyal customers around it. It appeals to the viewer’s emotional side, serves an easy-to-understand explanation, and performs as a perfect medium for communicating the concept and brand vibe. In this article, we have reviewed the five reasons for using animation in the blockchain and crypto industry. 

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