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The power of animation and the size of this market worldwide are proportionally growing year by year: just compare $259bn in 2018 and $270bn in 2020. In just two years, we see steady progress in the wide use of animation! Gaming, software, and any industry that puts CX first are now referring to the advanced animation techniques while creating their marketing pieces.

List of Advanced Animation Techniques 2024 | Explain Ninja 20
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This article unveils the finest animation techniques your company can choose to make customers more engaged and loyal. Let’s dive into this topic together!

What is Animation?

This term primarily stems from the cinema industry. It is associated with the incredible achievements of the cartoon tycoons like The Walt Disney Company, the Twentieth Century Fox, and Universal Pictures International. Though the weight of their impact is still solid, today, the animation is no longer limited to the creation of animated movies. 

In 2024, animation is a widespread tool that finds its implementation in graphic design, video marketing, and business promotion. Hence, you should stay abreast of time and leverage the best animation techniques to increase users’ attention and keep them involved in your brand story. 

How to Make Your Videos More Unusual?

You can create different types of videos by combining your efforts with animation. Each of them will execute a particular function behind the scene: provide navigation throughout the site, catch the user’s attention, lead to a specific action, etc. However, they’re all common in one thing: animation creates the emotional rapport with your TA. Now let’s see how it works!

Mix Animation with Real Footage

By blending a live-action video with animation, you put more visual highlights for customers. When is it especially necessary? First, for videos introducing a new product. Second, for the explainer videos that educate your TA on using a specific feature step by step. Third, for various marketing pieces that aim to increase sales per personal connection with users.

A great example of applying this approach is the IRIS animation video, which narrates the story of the outside world from the perspective of the animated character. Look at it right now to get the gist quickly! The live video footage creates the scene of the action, while the hero’s moves turn it into a real adventure. Do you feel emotionally attached to this short film?

Make Your Characters Featureless

What is good, or even indispensable, for a book doesn’t work for the animated video. Think for a while! In books, the detailed elaboration of the character is a must-have for readers to feel their complexity and be amazed by the plot. In contrast, animated movies don’t always need it. On the contrary, there exists a trend of using featureless characters in videos!

Wonder why? Many believe that monochromatic characters or silhouettes don’t distract viewers’ attention from the major things. Instead, the target audience of such animated videos can fully devote themselves to following the message attentively. A great example of a featureless character is Living Paper, created by Julius Burton. Enjoy watching it!

Use Kinetic Typography

This animation technique is a simple option for transforming or repurposing your text into a more visually attractive and easy-to-grasp format. It presupposes building the video with extensive text accomplishment, which, in addition to the kinetic movements, makes the content less heavy. At the same time, you don’t compromise its informative value. Interested?

Now, look at the kinetic typography in action! This video follows the fashion of Apple’s Don’t Blink video, but here the focus on slogans and CTAs seems even more intense. How do you like it? Try this type of animated video for conveying a lyrical message or intensifying our brand values. In any of these cases, kinetic typography will play for a raise! 

Combine Animation and Screencasts

This technique is known as screencast animation, and you can best benefit from it while creating video tutorials. Instead of making your listeners digest all the information by ear, you add another important perception channel — visual. In the end, your users can easily follow your instructions and pick up all the steps on the fly. And don’t say ‘thank you’ to us! ;)

With the help of this animation tactic, your video will become way more effective and useful. Let’s have a look at how Fonbet explains its service through both screencasts and animation! Do you consider it helpful for your company’s videos? If yes, Explain Ninja will create you one or few, depending on your marketing goals. Just leave your request to us!

Try Pixilation

Though you already know it as ‘pixilation’, this unusual animation technique also has another name — stop-motion. Its essence is to make a sequence of 10-30 images into a unique animated piece. Usually, the main characters of this type of animated movie are people who, as puppets, add to the narration of the story.

The bright illustration of pixilation is Her Morning Elegance video, which creatively portrays the step-by-step awakening of the female character and what’s going on after it. Looks impressive, huh? This is an absolute masterpiece of this genre, so don’t miss this animation! Better draw inspiration from it and guide it into generating a new pixilation idea.


We at Explain Ninja consider animation a vital tool of contemporary video design. Following these trendy techniques, you accelerate the brand’s identity, attract new customers, explain the key benefits of your product, make information clearer, or connect to the TA emotionally. Whatever way is more relevant, you can hardly argue the value of animation in the video. 

Create an exquisite presentation of your brand with our explainer videos! Ready to make it true from now on? Don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the details right away!

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