Guide on Building Video Marketing Strategy

Effective marketing strategy is a key to business success. Our guide will give you an overview of the core steps to build a strategy that helps to attract new clients and convert them into branding video production customers.

Guide on Building Video Marketing Strategy 20
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Are you satisfied with the performance of your business? It could be better, though, with a  video marketing strategy!

81% of businesses have already included videos in their strategy. Why did they do that? It is expected that by 2022, video content will make up to 82% of all traffic. So now it’s time to introduce video marketing into your strategy.

Online video is the Swiss army knife of internet marketing. It really can be used all over the customer lifecycle, whether it’s customer service, marketing, or even recruitment

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In this article, we will explain to you how to use videos to get better results and help you create effective video strategies.

What is Video Marketing?

Video marketing, like any other marketing tool, is used to promote products or services, communicate with the users and prospective clients, engage customers in various ways, build brand recognition and loyalty. As a result, you expect your sales to increase. It has its trends as well. Obviously, video content strategy has its peculiarities, and in this case, it’s a way to create and use videos.

Video marketing is a complex process during which the video is created, distributed, and promoted. As making a video requires revision of the marketing budget, you are to be ready for that.

What is Social Media Marketing?

Putting a story into an animated explainer video is not enough for success. Video content marketing strategy also presupposes content distribution, and in many cases, marketers prefer to use well-known social media.

Industry top 5 social networks are:

  1. Youtube (and other websites like Youtube)

You can create your own business channel and upload your videos. Also, you can use advertisement tools to attract new clients.

  1. Facebook

Add videos to your business page to engage your users. Advertisement tools are also available here.

  1. Instagram

You can use video content in your posts, stories, and ads. You can also collaborate with other brands or influencers to attract more new users or promote your new products or features.

  1. TikTok

A video-streaming platform that is based exclusively on video content. Use ad options or create your brand TikTok page to communicate to your audience and new customers.

  1. Twitter

Still one of the most popular social networks. You cannot write long messages here, but you can upload your videos. A platform for promotion is chosen regarding the goals you follow, your existing audience, and the audience you want to attract.

In your video marketing plan, always set the goals for every network you use. In this way, you will understand that something is wrong or that everything goes perfectly.

Steps to Build Video Marketing Strategy

If you have never created a video marketing strategy before, you may be a little bit frustrated with all the options: where to start, what to do, and how to track the performance. However, even a basic understanding of video marketing principles will help you succeed.

You’re lucky: we’ve created a video marketing strategy template with tips and recommendations for inexperienced marketers and some tricky recommendations for video marketing gurus. It means that you can start experimenting with your marketing strategies videos right now and get the first results soon.

The basic video marketing plan should cover the following aspects:

  1. Your target audience 
  2. Goals you expect to reach
  3. The budget you are ready to spend
  4. Planning of shoots
  5. Creating sketches
  6. Finding your niche
  7. Video distribution

Understand Your Audience

In a videography marketing plan, your target audience is a clue to define what messages you need to put in the brand story of your video.

If you are selling HR solutions for corporations and enterprises, your approach to creating and distributing videos will have its peculiarities. For instance, you will create video explainer pieces of different lengths and distribute them via Youtube and Facebook, while entertaining videos in TikTok and Instagram won’t be in your focus.

Set Company Goals

Online video marketing strategy is, first of all, a marketing strategy. Therefore, it must be effective for a business. And the only way to track the effectiveness is to set company goals. 

For example, you may concentrate on the following:

  • improving the conversion rate of the landing page with a video
  • attracting new clients using video advertisement on Facebook
  • engaging existing customers with an explainer video

Set any goal you want, and track the results to understand how a video helps you to reach it.

Make Sure You Have Enough Budget

Video production marketing strategy is not a cheap investment. Therefore, before you decide to create videos, consult with the video production companies to distribute your budget effectively.

The budget to create a video will depend on the:

  • length
  • tools to implement
  • necessity of voiceover
  • time

It’s always better to create several short but interesting and beautiful videos than a 20-minute long one. In this way, you will be able to post videos more frequently or publish them on different platforms. Surely, when you have only one video, you can post it just once – and it’s not a video marketing strategy at all.

Plan Your Shoots

Before you start a shoot, make sure that you have a well-written script, a professional shooting crew, actors, and decorations. During shooting, concentrate on the process and make as many successful shots as possible.

When you prepare for the shooting, you need to predict any possible situation that may happen: cameras might break, actors might fall ill, a light might be too shiny, etc. And, of course, you need to predict how to overcome such situations.

Create a Sketch

If you want to use animated videos in your marketing strategy, you don’t need actors and decorations, as the artists will create everything for you.

However, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need to prepare for the process. Except for a script, you will also need a sketch with all the characters used in the video. In this way, the whole team of the artists will catch the vibe of the video and will work as a single whole on your project.

Own Your Niche

We’re sure the first thing you will make for your video marketing strategy is competitor research. Why do they create? What kinds of videos do their customers prefer? What channels of distribution do they use? Of course, this information is important. But you do not need to copy your competitors. Own your niche!

You can always make a 3d animated explainer videos instead of live-action. Or you can create only 30-second videos. Or you can ask your CEO to become the protagonist of your video. Be creative with your video niche!

Look for More Ways to Share Your Videos

We have already mentioned the top 5 social media networks for video promotion, but they are insufficient for a sufficient video content strategy.

In addition to social media, you can use your business resources, for example:

  • website

You can use different types of videos on your website: short and long, informational and educational, promotional, and explainer videos.

  • blog

Give your customers a choice: they can read the article, check the infographics, or watch a video.

  • landing pages

Great news for you: adding video to a landing page helps you attract users’ attention and turn them into clients!


Video marketing strategy has never been more in demand than today. Internet users prefer videos to any other type of content, and you can use this to your benefit. Of course, creating a video requires time, money, and effort, but it is worth the result.

If you have any hesitations on whether your business needs video marketing now, we at Explain Ninja will gladly help you answer all your questions. And if you decide that you’re ready to start a video marketing journey, we will help you with video production! Our team of professional artists and voice actors will help create your brand’s vision, so your customers will surely love it.

Feel free to contact us to discuss all the opportunities of video marketing.

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