4 Strong Reasons Why Your Business Needs Explainer Videos

In the digital age, engagement and capturing an audience’s attention turn into a mission impossible. The data overload forces people to filter their content carefully. Therefore, the companies need to choose the right product presentation formats. Explainer videos are one of such. And here are four strong reasons why entrepreneurs should pay attention to this video design format these days.

4 Strong Reasons Why Your Business Needs Explainer Videos 20
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Why explainer video is a way?

Why you need an explainer video? Both the content and design of the video play an equally important role. A video is compelling if it contains relevant and interesting information. The Internet is overflowing with different video content, so it is necessary to focus on users’ individual preferences and analyze the number of views to gain a competitive advantage.

A short video format like explainers is the most optimized for achieving these goals. Besides, there are more strong reasons to apply video explainers in your business for attaining multiple results:

1.     To attract

Over the past decades, the popularity of social networks has grown significantly. Multimedia content helps to stand out on a small smartphone screen among thousands of posts: bright photos and videos. With the top-notch explainer videos, you attract and engage viewers faster and glue them to your business better.

2.     To interest & engage

Using compelling videos we simplify the submission of complex information on our products and services.

According to NN Group research, website pages display the average of 593 words. Users read only 20% of the text.

So why promote a personal brand, product, or service in a format that doesn’t grab enough attention in a shorter time or generate enough clicks at once? Instead, you may push your explainer videos to pop out of the box and check the results.

3.     To trigger desire

Internet users prefer video, that’s true. And the main reason is simplicity and convenience. We introduce the audience to the brand and manufacturer easier and make it memorable.

The audience is unlikely to remember the item if they have not known much about that or don’t want to. Video allows you to increase the brand, manufacturer, or service recognition and trigger desires to become a part of what they bring to the world.

Users remember an exciting manner of speech and behavior. Thanks to this, the number of purchases, subscriptions, transitions, and reposts in social networks may increase after introducing your explainer video to the community, etc.

4.     To make them buy

Video content evokes much more feelings and emotions than text. The user is more likely to be moved by watching a video than reading a story. And watching a cooking show even engages your taste buds. So, when people see what they want, they are more likely to make it a reality faster.

Often users do not even know what they want, till you show it to them. The video format produces more efficient results in defining the objective for making a purchase.

According to HubSpot, placing a promo video on a landing page increases conversions by 80%. What’s more, data from the Precision Marketing Group shows that adding a video to email results in a 200% to 300% increase in conversions.

So, by adding a video to your business pages, you will benefit more than ever. However, you shouldn’t neglect other marketing instruments.  Textual content or visual design will still help increase the number of clicks on links in the text, under the video, or in an illustration caption. Why do you need an explainer video to define why you need your business growth.

Why do you need an explainer video from Explain Ninja?

The answer is simple as it is. The company delivers a full spectrum of animated video production services that cover project research, scriptwriting, storytelling, voiceover, illustrations, animation, and sound design. One of the key peculiarities of animated videos by Explain Ninja is an excellent sense of humor, outstanding character design, and an exciting script.

The studio’s reputation and proficiency are confirmed by dozens of positive reviews you may check on the variety of directories and social media platforms, as well as an extensive portfolio. Staying focused on creating 2D and 3D animation videos for various purposes, including education, promotion, advertising, entertainment, training, etc., is also so much fun here.

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