10 Ways to Use Short Explainer Videos on Social Media Marketing

Are you promoting your business on social media? We bet you are or at least do your best. For your SMM to work best, you need to introduce new types of marketing into your work actively. Did you know that short explainer videos are one of the best trends in social media marketing? Video content grabs the attention of subscribers, promotes and increases product sales.

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Let’s take a look at why short videos are so awesome and how to use them correctly for social media marketing to bring results. Let’s go.

10 Effective Ways to Use Short Videos on Social Media

So, it’s possible to figure out why and where it is worth posting video explainer content for your social media. Here are some good examples of how to play with short videos to attract your subscribers’ attention.

Teach something new

Tutorials are always top-notch content. Imagine that you may learn something in 2 minutes or even 30 seconds without any effort. Sounds cool, right? So your subscribers will love the big short explainer video that may educate. But you should educate in like a real pro. But you should educate in like a real pro. If you sell cosmetics, you may show how to do 80s party makeup in 2 minutes, if you promote an app, teach how to use it quickly, etc.

Show off your expertise

Another way to demonstrate your expertise is to show what you are capable of in your short video. Do you do interior design? Then remove the video “before” and “after” and show how you make it styled. People need to understand that if they ask for help, then only you, and why it’s you.

Demonstrate your product

Ideas and expertise are all good, but it’s a show time for your product too. This is the first thing that comes to mind for those selling particular products or services. Of course, it is crucial and necessary to tell about the product in your new demo. But among the superfluous video reviews, it is essential to stand out and be remembered by the viewers. Try to find a non-standard approach to your presentation to beat the competition.

Give advice on choosing something new

This method is somewhere between a training video and a product demo. It is often difficult for the user to make the right choice when it comes to purchasing. Help them and you will make them grateful. And buying something from you.

Tell us the basic rules for choosing, share your personal experience. So, the user will receive both valuable advice (which is important for them) and a portion of the brand’s native advertising (which is important for you). Here you easily demonstrate a logo, interactive buttons, etc. And never annoy anyone.

Announce events

If you often host events, take note of video invitations. This format is more personal – as if you personally invite the subscriber to join you.

Tell them why it is worth participating, what will be interesting, and be sure to leave a call to action, for example, ask to register and come over.

Show your business backstage

You may share reviews, experiences and shoot expert videos but still not win over your audience. Or you may post a video, as the whole team, including the founder, is working on packing a huge order or processing a hard query if you deal with the digital services. That’s how you will gain the respect of your most skeptical audience.

Showing what’s going on behind the scenes of the business humanizes your company. It is important for subscribers to see that you are real.

Introduce the team

People prefer to do business with those they know. Therefore, it is so important to convey your values, to tell why you are better than others. Demonstrate who is responsible for the main stages of work in the company.

This may be a general video or a whole series of short funny and engaging videos where you introduce subscribers to each member of the team.

Share your reviews

Testimonials are an important marketing strategy tool. Showing how you solve problems with real customers is the best way to build trust with potential users.

This can be either a testimonial from your client or your fuckup/success story about the work done/undone in a couple of bright frames. Let the cases speak for themselves.

Speak up

Even if you don’t have a product, event, team, or panoramic camera at hand, shoot anyway. Or hire professionals to make compelling graphics to communicate with your users in between the news. Share valuable thoughts on the topic, express your opinions, tell the news, etc.

Generally, just be out there and be useful. Stay tuned in, and keep them connected. It’s not necessary to always stay on hype. Explainer videos are quite universal in these terms and may help speak up multiple ideas, except commercials, etc.

Trigger emotions

When you turn to the mind, you are selling a product. This relationship will end with the user as soon as it becomes more profitable to buy from your competitors. But when you turn to emotion, you are selling values. It helps you build unique relationships with your audience and convert customers into true fans, influencers, or your product advocates.

One of the goals of video content is to increase subscriber loyalty to your brand. To do this, not only educate and boost sales but please, motivate and inspire.

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Great ideas for short explainer videos

Why are short videos so in demand? Social network users look at too much information every day. Their time is short. Therefore, when creating video ideas, length plays an important role. The faster and lighter the content, the more likely it is to grab the attention of subscribers. Short videos manage to interest the users before they scroll further.

Short video content is the nuclear fuel for social media and your business marketing progress, which may bring explosive results if professionally made and applied. If you use an explainer video on social media marketing, you get awesome results.

  • Increased subscriber engagement.

According to HubSpot, 55% of users browse online services to the end, the best metric of any type of content. And short videos are just a double win for your SMM.

  • Likes and promotions increase the organic reach of publications and increase brand awareness on social networks.

According to the Brightcove video platform statistics, short videos on social networks gain 1200% more shares than posts with text and pictures.

  • Website traffic growth.

The perfect short video grabs attention. Add an interactive button and you will notice an increase in traffic from social networks, and the conversion, in the end.

  • Increased conversions and sales.

70% of marketers and entrepreneurs believe that videos generate more conversions than any other content. Post a clear call to action, and the short video converts more lead to real buyers.

  • Increased loyalty to your business.

Video content brings a brand closer to potential customers. Short and catchy videos communicate your values ​​to your audience, solve problems, educate, motivate, and even amuse. All this may build open and trusting relationships with subscribers in the long term.

You don’t have to use a photo studio, super-fancy cameras, special effects, and professional actors to create high-quality video content. You may even shoot short and high-quality videos using your smartphone. The main thing is to understand what you want to convey in the video and make it match your audience’s expectations to the fullest.

If you don’t know where to start, watch our very useful video cases for inspiration.


Smart entrepreneurs are already using video content for social media marketing. Catch the wave and craft short animated explainer videos for your business to apply in social media plans. Use at least ten ways to make them engaging and achieve great results.

A competent call to action links the video to the subscriber. You may shoot amazing videos with thousands of likes and hundreds of shares. Develop a potential client to convert it to a real one via professionally shot videos.

What are you waiting for? Just leave us a note, we’ll respond faster than Flash would do!

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