Where to Get Your Business Video Ideas: Top Useful Tools

You probably know that more than half of people on the planet – 65%, to be exact, are visuals. Add 30% more audials there and get 95% of the audience watching and listening to the video content rather than reading the text. Voila! Now find video content ideas for businesses below and go ahead with your business promotion.

Where to Get Your Business Video Ideas: Top Useful Tools 20
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Explainer videos are a great idea for creating a meaningful and marketing video for business. Short explainers are the best choice to explain your business essences or the key aspects of your project. It’s a powerful tool for marketing and other business purposes.

Explain Your Business

As a welcome message for new customers, such a video would be very appropriate. The main task is to tell people about your business. When a person visits the page of a company or brand to get the information needed quickly, an explainer is what works the best.

Explain Your Project

A distinctive feature of explainers is a short duration, which’s the best thing if you need to explain your project in a nutshell. It is essential to combine information content, quality, and brevity skillfully. Naturally, if you have a severe and complex business, you cannot tell in a few words about it. But, generally, a minute and a half are always enough to have a try.


A resume may help focus on your brand. This will help increase customer confidence in it and build a positive image & relations. Such videos will be especially effective for start-up companies and for small businesses with a small number of employees. Though, giant corporations may also use business resumes to represent themselves in a nutshell.

Video Resume

A short, concise video will create the impression of a resume, viewers will want to know better about you and your brainchild, and they will go to your page searching for more helpful information. That’s natural if we apply video resumes to promote business.

Social Media Videos

According to HubSpot, 55% of users watch videos on social media to the end, which is the best metric of all content types ever. And short videos will be just a double win for your SMM.

Social Video Content

Creative video content brings a brand closer to potential customers. Short and catchy videos communicate your values to your audience, solve problems, educate, motivate, and even amuse. All this in the long term builds open and trusting relationships with your business subscribers.

Facebook Cover Videos

70% of marketers and entrepreneurs believe video drives more conversions in social media than any other content.

Add a clear call to action, and the short video converts more leads into actual buyers. It won’t be slow to impact sales – video marketing via your business Facebook page may increase your corporate profits by 49% per year as compared to those who don’t use it.

Facebook & Instagram Ads

By contrast, you may use creative videos for targeted advertising via your social media accounts. Promote your product with professional explainers, made by professionals. It’s not a secret that visuals work much more efficiently than verbal. Therefore, rather than telling and describing how good your product is, it is better to show it.

LinkedIn Ads

Another way to share your business video is through LinkedIn advertising. Be sure to include some emotional fragments in your video, for example, happy customers who are already using your products or your employees who create them. Let them tell you what has changed in their life after purchasing the product. It is also essential to add the beneficial aspects of your brand to the video. After all, this is the main thing that potential customers want to get.

YouTube Intro

Of course, the YouTube video sharing platform is the mass weapon to your business video promotion. Welcome with the demo video, easy to understand, giving your business advantages. Just show the functionality of the product and its convenience there.

Video Advertisements

That’s true that you may additionally create a video for marketing to promote it via video ads in any convenient way. Google services provide great opportunities for that, alongside popular social media platforms.

Video Ads

To make the impression of your product or service positive, so that everyone wants to urgently subscribe to you and position an order, you may create a video ad where you will show the real action of your product design.

Internal Comms

There is also an option to use internal comms. Using internal comms tools like Bambu, etc., reduces your marketing costs and increases your social reach through the power of various participants within an organization that shares your business content via a variety of channels (employees, partners, etc.)


Organizational socialization also needs excellent marketing tools. By organizing effective and engaging onboarding with the help of video content, you speed up many processes within your organization, apart from traditional hiring.

Team Update

Whether you’re working with teammates on a project or planning a weekend activity with them, you may include these updates into your marketing schedule and attract more potential prospects by showing your real corporate life in videos.


There are no restrictions on the format of video ideas for business. Focus on what exactly you need to show in your presentation. In the end, you may use animated objects here too. And, of course, be sure to take into account your target audience, its most common pains, and problems, in order to devote your video case to this.


Represent your company updates in your presentation.  Another way to demonstrate your trust is to show your company activities updates.  Do you do interior design? Then include the content on “before” and “after” and demonstrate your expertise. People need to understand what they may get from your cooperation.

Sales Presentations

A sales presentation or sales pitch may be a great idea to persuade someone or something, within a planned sales presentation strategy of acquiring extra services or products from your company.

In selling technique, a product or service sales presentation is a great tool designed to initiate and close a sale certain product or service.

Sales Videos

Sales business idea video is the first thing to include in your video marketing strategy when your product is ready for market launch.

Launch Videos

Shooting color 30-second videos is an excellent example of making highly conversion marketing campaigns.

Absolute viewer’s engagement is guaranteed when you pick a good view, scene, and script to create a professional video to launch supporting your business activities.


If you need great business video ideas to act as a powerful marketing tool, shoot only high-quality videos, lively, engaging, showcase your benefits to your company. Hurry up to create an amazing video explainer, because your competitors are already doing it.

Use a video shooting studio, super-fancy cameras, special effects, or professional actors to create high-quality video content. You can even shoot short and high-quality videos using our support.  The main thing is to understand what you want to convey through your video to the audience, as well as to understand the basic rules of shooting and editing.

If you don’t know where to start – company video ideas from Explain Ninja will help you to the utmost.

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