CTA Video: Best Tips and Powerful Examples

Call to action video is an essential part of your marketing strategy. Your customers need to know what to do next after they have studied the home page. And CTA video is a great helper in this case as it sends a short and clear message.

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This article will guide you through the world of CTA for videos with tips for call to action, discuss types of CTA videos and give some great video call to action examples.

What is Video Call to Action?

What is a CTA video? The short answer is that a call to action video is a piece of video content that has a direct message that suggests an immediate action. After watching this kind of video, a customer usually has a clear idea about what to do next and what actions are required to get to the next step.

A video call to action is not necessarily a direct link to purchase a product. It can appeal to subscribe, sign up, or even a call to action to watch video to know the content better. These messages should be clear with no ambiguity. “Buy Now,” “Subscribe Now,” etc., are great examples.

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What Types of CTA are Existing?

Now we know what a CTA video is, and let’s explore this topic deeper with our call to action tips. Usually, we distinguish three major types of call-to-action videos. They are verbal CTA, text CTA, and CTA buttons.

Verbal Call To Action 

In this type of CTA video, we usually see a person speaking. Alternatively, the video has a voice-over. We can hear the person is presenting the product and suggests we proceed with the link below or asks us to subscribe. 

Text Call To Action

These videos have animated text that explains all the details and calls to action in the end. It’s really convenient to insert some dates, promo codes, or other information that is easier to perceive in reading form.

Call To Action Buttons

This option is not suitable for most videos, but it’s a convenient way to direct the customer to the order placing form or to a subscription form. CTA buttons usually have a short imperative message that calls to click the link and proceed with further actions. 

The Best Kind of CTA for Virtual Selling

CTAs are very important for video marketing strategies. You can include a call to action watch video and add a button in the mobile app explainer video that will redirect the viewer to your website or directly contact your team or place an order. Creating a video takes a lot of effort, and you definitely don’t want it to be in vain if the audience doesn’t know what to do next after watching your video.

Here is a list of the best call to action to add to your video:

  • Book a call or Book a meeting. This will allow your audience to contact your support or sales team to discuss the details of their future order.
  • Get a demo. If a person has watched your video, they are definitely interested in your product, and CTA will allow them to get a custom demo to try.
  • Free trial. If you can offer a potential client to get a free trial of your service, do not miss an opportunity to test your company and get back once they like it.
  • Sign up for a newsletter. This CTA is an excellent opportunity for your audience to receive the latest news from your company and receive exclusive promo codes.

Call to Action Video Examples

There are a lot of great video call-to-action examples out there. To get your inspiration or figure out what kind of CTA video you would like to add to your marketing strategy, let’s look at some of the best CTA & call to action animation examples.

Healthcare Recruiting Explainer Video

This is a great call-to-action video example. HeatlhCare Recruiters decided to create a funny and joyful video explaining what the services are. They show the struggles of unprofessional recruiting within the healthcare field and how stressful it can be. Their company specializes in hiring professionals, specifically in the medical sphere. At the end of the video, they invite a viewer to fill in the form to know more about how their service works and to start the cooperation.

GoPro Music: Swimming With Wild Ones

GoPro company decided to show us how their products work by creating a video fully shot with GoPro’s latest camera model at that time. It’s not a simple CTA video. It looks more like a short film that shows us all the possibilities of a new camera. Underwater filming, dynamic shots, unusual angles. Everything is possible, and if you want to see more, they invite us to subscribe to their channel with a Subscribe button at the end of the video.

Personalized Video Example – Real Estate Agent Promo

This CTA video of a real estate agent is a perfect example of a text CTA. The text with all the needed information is animated and accompanied by a piece of cheerful music. It has the answers to the essential questions of a potential customer and includes a call to action “Contact me today.” ‘Today’ adds a sense of urgency to this CTA and suggests the viewer not to waste time and contact the agent right away. It’s a perfect video to add to your landing page or to add it to an email.

DollarShaveClub.com – Our Blades Are F***ing Great

Dollar Shave Club decided to be more aggressive with their call-to-action video. However, it works perfectly. In a fun, engaging manner, they tell basic information about their company and explain the services they offer. An epic example of a video for startups, this video itself is perfectly shot and extremely well-produced, and 100% stays in your memory for a long time. It matches the rebellious spirit of the brand perfectly, and it finishes with the daring call to action “Isn’t it about time?”

Thinking of Taking on a New Controller? with Joel S. Smith & Associates CPA

Joel S. Smith & Associates CPA decided to use whiteboard hand drawing style to create their video call to action. And it works perfectly! It matches the specifics of the business they promote. They list the services they offer and explain everything in detail. At the end of the video, they offer to contact them back for a free consultation with a phone number and link to their website. 

6 Tips for Call to Action Video Creation

What is the best way to create a call to action button or a video? Here are some useful tips and tricks that will bring you more clicks, views, and sales.

Use a Call to Action at the Start of Your Video

Most of the 1-minute-long videos on YouTube have a 20% bounce rate, while 2-3 minute-long videos have a rating of 40%. Some of the viewers won’t finish watching your video till the very end, and inserting CTA makes more sense in the first half of the video. In this way, you will have more chances that the viewer will click the CTA button at the very beginning of the video while they are still interested and engaged.

Use Different Types of Call to Action

Video is a type of media that is welcoming for experiments. Do not hesitate to use different types of CTA in one video. You can add subtitles to the voiceover and add the CTA button at the beginning and the end of the video. This will help you engage with more audiences as some viewers don’t like listening to audio and reading text only. Some of them don’t read subtitles and listen to the videos only. Moreover, the best platforms to add a clickable element or call to action: YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia.

Let Your Audience Know When They Need to Take Action

Add a sense of urgency to your CTA videos. You can ask your audience to click to subscribe or to like a video now to receive some bonus content at the end of the video or in the nearest future. Let the viewers know that this “Buy Now” button will be active for a limited time only, or the discount will expire in 24 hours. This will increase interest in your invitation to act and encourage the audience to make quicker decisions. 

Use Description Call to Actions

If you think links and buttons won’t work for your video, there’s still a solution. Sometimes videos are already overloaded with infographics, numbers, and statistics, and you don’t want to distract your viewers with CTA buttons. In this case, you can add a link or other CTA to the description of your video. Do not forget to mention that your audience can interact with the description box below your video, and they will be interested in clicking the added links.

Make It Simple to Click on Your Call to Action

It’s important to make your CTA buttons or links noticeable and easy to click. They should not be hidden at the bottom of the video description, or a CTA button should not be lost in the middle of your video. Moreover, you can use several types of CTA in a video, add a link in the video description and add a button to the video itself. This will increase the chances of the viewer following your call to action.

Make Your Call to Actions Mobile-friendly

In 2018 62% of the US Internet users admitted they use mobile devices to watch videos online. Many viewers watch YouTube while commuting or during their lunch breaks. It means they can’t follow a complicated registration process or perform a long list of actions. For this reason, make sure your CTA video is mobile-friendly. Include a simple CAT in your video that people can easily do on a mobile device. Sharing a video, leaving a comment, or subscribing to a channel is a perfect call to action for a mobile video viewer. 

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Closing Thoughts

Call to action video is a great tool for your video marketing strategy. It sends a direct, clear message to your audience on what to do if they want to receive your services. It can explain the kind of services you offer, promote your new product, and tell your brand’s story. At the end of these videos, viewers will see and instantly understand what needs to be done. 

Do not miss a chance and add a call to action animation CTA video to your landing page or your brand’s social media platforms. It will help you to generate more engagement with your customers and bring you new sales.

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