Tips to Create a High-Performing App Explainer Video

Do you plan to produce an explainer video to promote your mobile application and build engagement? You’re in the right place. In this article, we consider how to implement it.

Tips to Create a High-Performing App Explainer Video 20
Illustration by Yuliia Dobrokhod for Explain Ninja

There are so many mobile apps in the app store… At the same time, each application is unique. However, we used to consider them as alternatives or competitors. Standing out of the market remains complicated since the number of apps is continually growing. It opens a marketing challenge for app owners looking for creative ways to introduce their product to new users. At this point, an explainer video can come in handy and help you boost awareness and engagement. 

The video production process is complex and comprises many steps, including scriptwriting, storyboarding, illustrations, animations, voiceover and sound design. However, there are some fundamentals of app explainer video creation that you need to know before digging into the animation production process. In this article, we are sharing five effective practices that will help you make a really high-performing app explainer video.

First of all, what is an app explainer video?

An app explainer video is a marketing video that clearly describes a mobile application, its mission, core features, value, and competitive advantages and provides other kinds of convincing for the user. Also, it commonly mentions where the app can be downloaded. It’s a concise and easy-to-understand way to introduce the application to novel users, communicate its value, and explain its essence. 

Frequently, an app explainer video also showcases a user interface and design. It can be achieved by demonstrating app screens in a screencasting video or by imitating the user interface in an animated video. An app explainer video usually aims to grow engagement around a mobile application, earn user loyalty, and encourage them to try out a product.

Create intrigue around your app

Think of audience engagement. You will need to create a feeling of intrigue around the product. The brand can achieve this by incorporating impressive branding, extraordinary sound design and thought-provoking metaphors. All these elements help draw the viewer’s attention and awaken their interest in your mobile application. Intrigue is an important component of app marketing aimed to make the app introductory video memorable and even viral.

Clearly explain the problem and solution

It’s essential to explain how your mobile application is going to help users manage their daily challenges. Thus, it’s also critical to clearly describe what kind of problem your product can solve and how it achieves this. You can start by creating a short story of how the potential user struggles to overcome their challenges and then present an application as a problem-solver that facilitates everything. 

Consider app screencasting

Screencasting is a digital video recording of your mobile app screen and usually includes audio narration. Just like a screenshot, screencasts can be called a screen capture video or screen recording. This is a great way to share ideas and demonstrate the digital product, user interface design, and functionality. You can combine an animated video or live-motion video with screencasting to deliver the product value more effectively.

Mention how your app is different 

Don’t forget to mention competitive advantages! It’s an integral part of app marketing, and almost none app explainer video comes without that. Is it, maybe, the outstanding design, technology you use to build an app, or the extraordinary approach to solving the user problem? It can be any of them. So, be sure you have included competitive advantages in your product presentation, as it can significantly increase your audience engagement.

Add a pinch of humor, and voila! 

Humor helps raise the mood of potential users and earn their trust and loyalty at the same time. It allows establishing a more personal and emotional connection between the brand and the audience. Humor can be incorporated in a sound design, voiceover and narration, visuals, and as an animated logo at the beginning or the end of the video. 

In this article, we have presented our vision of a great and effective mobile app marketing video. Hopefully, it has brought some explainer video inspiration for you! Would you like to learn more about an app explainer video production process? Don’t hesitate to contact our team at [email protected]!

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