8 Best Whiteboard Explainer Videos

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8 Best Whiteboard Explainer Videos 20

According to recent studies, video marketing is booming. In 2021, 86% of businesses have already used videos for marketing purposes. Compare it to 61% in 2016! Every year, the popularity of videos keeps growing, and the importance of introducing videos in your marketing strategy is rising.

What’s even more interesting: only in the US, the number of digital video viewers is about to reach 248.9 million

As the number of video content and the demand increase, users are also positive about video content. In marketing, videos have a great effect on users:

  • they help to raise awareness by 53%
  • they help to engage the audience 49% better
  • they help to build trust 52% more effectively

Now we know that videos are an effective tool. But how exactly should they look to bring better results? In this article, we will show you 8 best whiteboard explainer videos and explain why what’s good about them. 

What Is Whiteboard Animation?

Whiteboard & animated explainers have been on the market for a long time. In fact, the first of such videos appeared long ago — well-known illustrated hand drawn videos. However, with the time and the development of technologies, the functions of whiteboard animation changed. Currently, companies use such videos in informational, educational, and of course, explainer goals.

Whiteboard explainer videos belong to the category of animated videos with the elements of illustration and 2D graphics. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature about whiteboard explainers is that the whole story is drawn on the screen. Scene after scene, customers watch how the story develops. To make the narration more complete, the voiceover is used.

A perfectly created whiteboard animation can have 68% better return on investment than Google Ads. For any business, it can become a great tool to promote their brand online.

Reasons to Use Whiteboard Animation Videos 

Whiteboard animation is the perfect way to explain complex things in simple forms. They are also great when you need to make something small more significant. Or when you need to draw the attention of the users to some tiny details.

With the help of a whiteboard video, you provide your customer with a creative solution to the problem. You demonstrate the process of fixing it and tell in pictures how to do that.

In any whiteboard explainer video examples, you will notice: they take one idea and make it the key message of the whole video. Due to this, the user is more focused on what you want to say, and it gets easier to convert a user into a lead.

Want to see what exactly makes a whiteboard explainer video a good one? Below are 8 examples of great videos that you can use for inspiration.

Charles Duhigg Asks: What Makes a Great Team?

Charles Duhigg, the author of ‘Smarter Faster Better’, created a video to explain how great teams come together on the example of SNL and Google. 

This is one of the classic examples of whiteboard explainers, so we strongly recommend it if you haven’t seen it yet. Everything’s perfect about this video: the narration, the dynamics, the effects. 

With whiteboard videos, you need to be very careful: if the plot is complicated, the narration is not clear, and the message is vague, it’s more likely that no one will like the video.

The History of Marriage

How to explain the history of marriage in 3 minutes? With a whiteboard explainer video this is possible. 

Watch this example, and you will see how easily complicated things can be transmitted with the help of narration and images. 

This video also shows that no matter how much information you have on the subject, you can present it if you choose a proper way to do so. 

Gymnastics Course

Explainer videos are frequently used as a tool to persuade customers to do something. In the Gymnastics Course video the key message is clear: it helps users understand the basic concepts of attending training seminars.

As you can see, you can use explainer videos for different goals. However, before you start to work on your own video, first define your goal. What exactly do you expect from users after watching the video? Should they subscribe to the newsletter or install an app? 

New Hope on Climate Change

In New Hope on Climate Change, WWF uses whiteboards to talk about complicated topics without being too ‘scientific’. 

Whiteboard board videos frequently are used when it comes to the explanation of sensitive or complicated messages. Drawn images reduce the seriousness of the problem. The idea is also transmitted by the text appearing on the video or the voiceover, and the narration is usually supported by characters that evoke some emotions.

Unilever Series NCAA Dove and Axe BodyWash

This is a great example of the animated whiteboard used to build loyalty with the clients and increase their engagement. The videos are short, funny, and emotional. A user watches one, and he wants to watch others.

However, Unilever delivers a serious message through the videos despite the humor and entertaining content: placing demand on men’s hair and skin care.

TruScribe Whiteboard Video Animations

This video is a great example of whiteboard animation used to explain how exactly things work. In this case, the video explains how video animation works.

For many of us, the effectiveness of whiteboard videos may still be questionable despite all the numbers and facts. How can cartoons be effective? What makes them so attractive to users? This is explained in TruScribe Whiteboard Video Animation.

Additionally, this video perfectly demonstrates how an approach to solving different problems may change depending on the communication channel. For an article, it would be better to use more formal language and more detailed explanations with researches and numbers. For video, it’s enough to be funny.

Content 2020 by Coca Cola

For a long time, Content 2020 by Coca-Cola was perhaps the best whiteboard animation video ever appeared online. This video explains a new marketing strategy chosen by the brand, so it is longer than traditional 2-minute explainer videos.

In some cases, creating long animations is the best choice for the business. For example, if you are planning to demonstrate the history of company development and explain how it affects the current state (especially if the company’s history is long).

But remember, the longer your video is, the more loyal your users need to be. If you are not sure that they can watch a 10-minute video, divide it into several parts.

Whiteboard animation for the Insurance company

If you’ve decided to create your first whiteboard animation video, focus on the most urgent problems of your users. Your main task is to evoke emotions: this is the first step to help you build relations with the clients later.

Stick to the narration best practices: show the situation, demonstrate the problem, provide the solution. In this way, users will get what they want, and you’ll also be satisfied with the result.

Want to try whiteboard videos in your video marketing strategy?

Statistics show that 66% of companies don’t use videos because they think it’s too time-consuming. We can’t deny that creating a video does take time, and you need a whole team to create videos for your business.

However, the numbers say that videos are effective for your business, and as soon as you start using them, you start to get better results. So what can be done in this situation?

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