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6 Best Whiteboard Explainer Video Examples to Inspire You in 2020

March 13, 2020

Have you not yet tried to employ a whiteboard explainer video in your marketing? It’s high time to do it! Many forward-thinking businesses all over the globe have already experienced a sweet taste of success generated after the launch of a video marketing campaign.

Animation for Bolt Food by Aslan Almukhambetov

Animation for Bolt Food by Aslan Almukhambetov

To get inspiration for new experiments in whiteboard animation for brands, we have collected the six most exciting and visually appealing whiteboard explainer videos. Let’s immerse into the fantastic animation journey!

The Campus

Are you looking for a perfect university to start studying in the UAE? Look no further! The Campus will do almost all the work instead of you. It is a service for searching for a university in the UAE that suits best the student’s requirements and expectations.

Above, you can see an excellent whiteboard video that describes The Campus in detail. It has been produced by Explain Ninja, a Poland-based explainer video production company. This animation showcases how you can use a service, what are its biggest benefits, why it is the market leader in the consulting services for students.

The video is featured by a clean and beautiful animation. It celebrates a perfect combination of lines and a super-restricted color palette that generate together memorable and outstanding characters. We would also like to emphasize the beauty of smooth transitions between the scenes in this video.

This video is fun, engaging, and visually pleasing; that is why it serves to appear at the top of our list.

Adobe Echo Sign

This whiteboard animated video from Adobe is another excellent example. It promotes its Echosign product and explains its essence in detail. Adobe Sign is a cloud-based e-signature service that allows the user to send, sign, track, and manage signature processes using a browser or mobile device.

This video has impressed us with its smooth and fluid nature of transitions and object transformations. The lines follow one incredible dance of movements that combine into one object that is changing within seconds and gaining a new look and shape. These beautiful visual effects add even more style and distinctiveness to the animation.

Adobe has efficiently utilized the power of an explainer video, turning into one engaging story and clear explanation at the same time.

Where Good Ideas Come From-Riverhead Books

Do you know “Where good ideas come from”? Steven Johnson helps us to understand it in this amazing whiteboard explainer video.

Drawing illustrations of different scenes one after another, the author is creating an engaging story that follows a clear plotline and expands far beyond a single illustration. When this incredible half-improvisational process is shooted and displayed as one video, illustrations become alive, combining into one animation.

Red Bull’s Whiteboard Series

Do you remember those famous whiteboard series produced by Red Bull? It is a perfect example of the power of whiteboard animated video in terms of marketing. Red Bull has become even more popular thanks to these short animated commercials with the motto “Red Bull gives you wings.”

The animation technique is very straightforward. However, the tastiest manifestation of style lives in simplicity. The characters look pretty simple, but every silhouette is very distinctive. All the animated videos from this collection are spiced up with a pinch of fun and jokes.

Combined with prominent humor, this simple animation gains a particular charm that is able to convince people to buy and try this energy drink.

Coca-Cola Content 2020

We particularly love how a giant Coca Cola has done it. As a marketing innovator, Coca Cola always runs successful campaigns that bring even more popularity to a brand. This year, a company has decided to share its marketing secrets with a whole world.

Coca-Cola has produced a whiteboard animated video that tells about the best content marketing practices and business tactics. In the video, VP Jonathan Mildenhall narrates this animation.

A storytelling style is similar to “Where Good Ideas Come From-Riverhead Books” discussed above. However, in this video, we can see a completely different character design and smoother transitions between scenes. It has probably been applied because an explainer video is under seven minutes long and it requires a well-thought and eye-pleasing way to switch between illustrations.

Apple A Day — Whiteboard Free for iPhone, iPad & Android

Apple has surprised us with an incredibly simple yet genius approach to the launch of a new task management app, “Apple a Day”. The animation also looks very simple, although “the meat” is in the witty metaphor that references the app name to a famous saying, “An apple a day keeps a doctor away.” The whole plot of the video is twisting around this metaphor and makes the animation look even more appealing and smart.


A whiteboard animated video is a perfect tool to convey your marketing message or instructions about how to use your product in a concise and creative manner. Whiteboard animation looks minimalist and requires a bit less time, effort, and investments for its production. However, combined with a great story, it can perform even better than a full-size video and bring more engagement and sales for your business.

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