Top 10 Motion Graphics Studios to Visit

When it comes to animation, what can you say? For sure, you will remember some incredible studios like Pixar or Walt Disney. Nevertheless, motion graphics is not always about motion graphics video agency cartoons. That’s why we‘ve come up with a list of the best motion graphics companies that are also doing a tremendous job to give us fantastic motion designs for business alone with the magical drawn worlds for many other projects. Let’s go!

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Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja is among the top motion graphics companies because it’s one of the leading award-winning animated explainer video makers in Europe.

Explain Ninja is an animated video production company and subsidiary brand of Fireart Studio, a boutique design and software development company based in Warsaw, the heart of Poland

Check out their Portfolio here.

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Source: Explain Ninja


Thinkmojo positioning is the team that creates amazing videos for the entire customer experience – creating leads, converting customers, & turning viewers into advocates.


 You may go and check out their official website to find some design inspiration or video insights for your business.

Here’s how their portfolio looks like. You may find their pieces of work there for good:

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Source: ThinkMojo


BuzzFlick is similarly a video animation production agency that specializes in all kinds of video animation technology services.

They create explainer videos and other corporate marketing staff of superb quality. Go check them out:

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Source: BuzzFlick

Giant Ant

Giant Ant is one of the top motion graphic companies located in Vancouver, Canada. It is a creative studio specializing in Art, design, animation & ideas.

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Source: GianAnt

Demo Duck

Folks at Demo Duck believe that their resource has the power to humanize brands, educate customers, promote products, and so much more. They produce award-winning creative explainer videos that help businesses.

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Source: Demo Duck

Early Light Media

 Another incredible motion graphics studio is Early Light Media. The company specializes in video production and is based in Baltimore, DC, & beyond. Having the power of telling people-driven stories, they’ve created lots of awesome videos so far. Go check them out.

Top 10 Motion Graphics Studios to Visit 8
Source: Early Light Media


Superstudio is another motion graphics production company that deserves your attention. This Animation & Design Company produces great designs for businesses and not only. Make sure they do. Check out their incredibly designed & animated website.

Top 10 Motion Graphics Studios to Visit 9
Source: SE official website


Jumbla is another great motion design agency from overseas. It is an Animation & Motion Design Production Company located in Melbourne + London Animation best motion design studios.

Top 10 Motion Graphics Studios to Visit 10
Source: Jumbla


 Another motion design studio to visit is Hornet. They are a multidisciplinary motion graphics agency with two decades of experience producing award-winning project work. Have a look at their works to inspire your business development. What a beautifully designed page!

Top 10 Motion Graphics Studios to Visit 11
Source: Hornet

Imaginary Forces

If you seek the best motion graphics studios, this one is a design studio and creative agency to fit your business needs. Here you may find an artist to produce a great effect to impress any client.

Top 10 Motion Graphics Studios to Visit 12
Source: Imaginary Forces

Of course, there are top of mind motion design companies that deserve your attention but did not get onto the list above. Depending on your business goals or marketing KPIs, you may explore even more incredible top motion design studios to meet your business demands. 


Among the top motion graphics studios, there’s always the one that is a perfect match for your business. All you need is to look them through and decide on a reliable partner to broadcast your business ideas via incredible explainer videos or any other motion design product.

Feel free to share your opinion on each motion graphic design company and their works below in the comments. Which did you like the most? Get inspired by their portfolios and improve those of your own.

Feel free to ask for help from the keen animation designers here, at Explain Ninja motion graphic studio!

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