Best 20 Motion Graphics Studios to Visit (2024 Updated)

When it comes to animation, what can you say? For sure, you will remember some incredible studios like Pixar or Walt Disney. Nevertheless, motion graphics is not always about motion graphics video agency cartoons. That’s why we‘ve come up with a list of the best motion graphics companies that are also doing a tremendous job to give us fantastic motion designs for business alone with the magical drawn worlds for many other projects. Let’s go!

Best 20 Motion Graphics Studios to Visit (2024 Updated) 20
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Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja is among the top motion graphics companies because it’s one of the leading award-winning animated explainer video makers in Europe.

Explain Ninja is an animated video production company and subsidiary brand of Fireart Studio, a boutique design and software development company based in Warsaw, the heart of Poland.

Explain Ninja crafts explainer videos that assist businesses in conveying their message to customers, enhancing their online presence, and distinguishing themselves from competitors. This motion design studio excels in offering creative solutions to present projects and businesses effectively, specializing in videos for B2B, marketing, mobile apps, and education. 

Syncredible App Explainer Video by Explain Ninja

Their portfolio showcases a range of formats, including 2D explainer videos, 3D explainer videos, animated ads and promotional videos.

Check out their Portfolio here.


Thinkmojo positioning is the team that creates amazing videos for the entire customer experience – creating leads, converting customers, & turning viewers into advocates.


With an impressive clientele (including industry leaders like Linkedin, Slack, Google, Twitter, MongoDB, Zendesk, Salesforce, Discord, and WordPress), Thinkmojo has established itself as a trusted partner. Their expertise spans product explainers, compelling company stories, engaging ads, dynamic product launch videos, and SaaS explainer videos. 

At the core of Thinkmojo’s success is its commitment to visual communication as a strategic tool for businesses looking to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. 

 You may go and check out their official website to find some design inspiration or video insights for your business.

Here’s how their portfolio looks like. You may find their pieces of work there for good:


BuzzFlick is similarly a video animation production agency that specializes in all kinds of video animation technology services.

With operational bases in three strategic locations — New York City, Houston, and Dover — BuzzFlick has positioned itself as one of the premier motion graphics company, dedicated to enhancing brand visibility and engagement. Their offerings include product videos, NFT arts, 3D modeling, and captivating 2D/3D cartooning.

Among BuzzFlick’s top customers are renowned names like Earthlink, Click Search, and Amazon. By blending creative visions with state-of-the-art motion graphics technology, BuzzFlick stands out as a key player in the realm of video animation production.

They create explainer videos and other corporate marketing staff of superb quality. Go check them out:

Giant Ant

Giant Ant is one of the top motion graphic companies located in Vancouver, Canada. It is a creative studio specializing in Art, design, animation & ideas. Giant Ant has carved a niche for itself by choosing to collaborate exclusively with a select group of clients. Their expertise lies in leveraging storytelling as a cutting-edge marketing trend that captivate and deeply engage the viewer.

Their clientele includes industry giants such as Nike, Slack, Airbnb, Cartoon Network, Mailchimp, Honda, and Ted Talks, among others, underscoring their ability to deliver exceptional motion graphics design across diverse sectors. Giant Ant offers a wide array of services, including commercial animated videos, motion graphics explainer videos, and animated brand videos, to name a few.

TVFCU // Sharing the Magic by Giant Ant

Demo Duck

The team at Demo Duck, established in 2011, has consistently delivered outstanding video marketing content, including notable motion graphic pieces that stand out for their graphic design excellence. 

Demo Duck’s client roster includes prestigious names such as the Weizmann Institute, IBM, GEICO, and Zocdoc, reflecting the broad appeal and effectiveness of their content.

Folks at Demo Duck believe that their resource has the power to humanize brands, educate customers, promote products, and so much more. They produce award-winning creative explainer videos that help businesses.

Early Light Media

Another incredible motion graphics studio is Early Light Media. The company specializes in video production and is based in Baltimore, DC, & beyond. The team, with a background in journalism and documentary production, excels in creating content that illuminates significant issues, earning recognition with awards like EMMYs and ADDYs.

Having the power of telling people-driven stories, they’ve created lots of awesome videos so far. Among their clients are Pandora, HBO Max, Audi and others. Go check them out.

R.A.W. Tuba | An Early Light Media Film (Official Trailer) by Early Light Media


Superstudio, a creative powerhouse based in Buenos Aires, is another one in our list of the best motion graphic companies that deserves your attention. This Animation & Design Company produces great designs for businesses and not only. Their dedication to innovation in animation, graphic design, and 2D & 3D motion graphics is evident in their award-winning projects, which include the Clio Sports Gold and Promax North America Silver. Make sure they do. Check out their incredibly designed & animated website.

SuperEstudio Reel by SuperEstudio & Lamole


Jumbla is an Animation & Motion Design Production Company located in Melbourne + London Animation best motion design studios.

Specializing in 2D and 3D animation, motion design, and creative production, their studio collaborates globally across industries like film, TV, gaming, and more. Their work has earned them several AEAF award nominations and Emmy Award wins for projects like “Lost in Oz.”

Isagenix – The Art of Wellbeing by Jumbla


Another motion design studio to visit is Hornet. They are a multidisciplinary motion graphics agency with two decades of experience producing award-winning project work.

Their New York base appeals to clients preferring in-person collaborations. Their diverse clientele includes Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Kroger and more. Hornet’s solutions span 2D and 3D animation, stop motion, illustrations, and animated video ads, underscoring their multidisciplinary expertise.

Kroger – Today’s Holiday Moments are Tomorrow’s Memories by Hornet

Have a look at their works to inspire your business development. What a beautifully designed page!

Imaginary Forces

If you seek the best motion graphics studios, this one is a design studio and creative agency to fit your business needs.

Imaginary Forces in Los Angeles takes pride in being more than just a workplace by actively celebrating individuality and fostering diversity. The studio is committed to reflecting the demographics of its audience in its team composition and continuously works on enhancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within its ranks.

Here you may find an artist to produce a great effect to impress any client.

Imaginary Forces Capabilities Reel 2020 by Imaginary Forces

Pixel Bakery

Pixel Bakery, based in Lincoln, NE, USA, operates with a profound philosophy that encourages its designers to create work that leaves a lasting impact. Their portfolio, rich in bold, colorful animations, caters to various clients through contemporary mediums.

Specializing in animated presentations and animated logos, along with 2D explainer videos and social media animations, Pixel Bakery is adept at crafting unique content that captures the audience’s attention. Their notable clients include the American Soybean Association, PupBox, and OXBOW.

Oxbow – Hay The Oxbow Way by Pixel Bakery Design Studio


Found’s approach integrates research-driven insights with refined aesthetics, crafting 3D content that is visually captivating and also impactful and groundbreaking, a synergy they describe as “intelligent beauty.” 

Specializing in hyper-realistic animation and VFX, Found blends the boundaries between tangible reality and digital craftsmanship. Their collaborations with industry giants, such as Apple, BBC, and Nike, reflect their commitment to excellence, innovation, and ethical practices within the motion graphics studio domain.

VIZIO | Picture Quality by Found


Renowned for crafting compelling visual narratives, Believe specializes in 2D and 3D motion design, showcasing a portfolio with commercials, immersive game cinematics, and a diverse array of integrated media projects. Their innovative work has also earned widespread recognition, securing awards such as Cannes Lions, Dubai Lynx, and El Ojo de Iberoamérica. 

Based in Santiago, Believe benefits from a strategic location that closely aligns with the New York time zone, facilitating effortless communication with their clients in the United States. This geographical advantage, combined with their acclaimed creative output, positions Believe as a leading force in the motion graphics company landscape.

Del Fuerte — 90th Anniversary by Believe

Motion Giraffx

Motion Giraffx distinguishes itself as an avant-garde player among motion graphics companies. This studio provides comprehensive movie design solutions and masterfully oversees the complete creation process, encompassing everything from voice actor management and casting to meticulous editing and final refinements.

Motion Giraffx offers 2D/3D visual graphics, animated videos, explainer movies, and product demo videos. The studio’s portfolio includes Exum Instruments, Mistbox, AC Club, and Harris County Votes.

Systel Raven Strike by Motion Giraffx

Feral Child 

Feral Child, situated in East London, stands out as a dynamic force among motion graphics studios. A collective of visionary artists founded it in 2018. Talented motion graphics directors Nella Addy and Rogan VD Berg steer the studio.

The studio’s approach has paved the way for successful collaborations with leading brands such as BBC, LUSH, and Belvita, underscoring Feral Child’s adaptability and imaginative excellence across diverse projects.

Mellow Studio

Nestled in Athens, Greece, Mellow Studio has a dedicated team of professionals brimming with diverse video and audio production expertise. This collective specializes in various services, from engaging graphics and immersive 2D/3D animation to intricate sound design and original music composition.

Beyond serving prominent clients, Mellow Studio is equally committed to supporting smaller brands and startups, aiding them in amplifying their market presence with compelling visual and auditory narratives.


Device has carved a niche as a premier multi-style motion graphics company. The Barcelona-based studio crafts animated videos, from captivating commercials and insightful infographics to engaging openings, strategic social promotion campaigns, heartfelt testimonials, and innovative television branding. 

Device offers innovative movie design solutions for brands seeking to convey their messages through high-quality visual content. The studio’s clients are Utah Jazz, NTV, Adidas, The Atlantic, and The Postcard. This diverse client base underscores Device’s versatility and ability to deliver compelling animated videos that resonate across various industries.

Device Reel 2023


Since 2009, Epipheo has distinguished itself as a pivotal force in the motion design studios, specializing in crafting compelling, easy-to-understand explainer movies. With a portfolio that spans over 3000 companies across many industries, Epipheo is committed to elevating brand awareness, enhancing customer consideration, boosting conversions, and fostering growth for firms of all sizes.

Epipheo has an impressive roster of top customers, including Google, Trip Advisor, Amazon Finance, Stackpath, and Jim Stengel. This list underscores Epipheo’s ability to deliver top-tier video creation services that resonate with a broad spectrum of clients.

Attack Motion Design

Boasting over 15 years of experience, Attack Motion Design has solidified its reputation as an esteemed motion graphics company in the heart of Chicago. This award-winning animation studio specializes in crafting 2D and 3D cinematic content, aiming to amplify online presence, enhance search engine visibility, and ultimately drive the success of various companies. 

Attack Motion Design has successfully delivered and posted more than 600 motion graphics videos. The studio’s clientele includes notable organizations such as Feeding America, DigitasLBi, Global Allies, NASA, Nintendo, and LEO Burnett.


Zeitguised, stationed in Berlin, is a motion graphics creators hub that transcends the conventional boundaries of a “studio.” This motion design company has avant-garde, abstract, and intricately complex creations.

At the heart of Zeitguised’s work is a profound exploration of texture and material shading within their 3D modeling endeavors. Zeitguised has been marked by landmark projects such as the post-poetic “The Zoo” (2004) and “Peripetics” (2008). 

Through its dedicated exploration of art direction, Zeitguised’s client roster has top names such as SONY, Philips, Asics, Prada, and Dior.


Of course, there are top of mind motion design companies that deserve your attention but did not get onto the list above. Depending on your business goals or marketing KPIs, you may explore even more incredible top motion design studios to meet your business demands.


Among the top motion graphics studios, there’s always the one that is a perfect match for your business. All you need is to look them through and decide on a reliable partner to broadcast your business ideas via incredible explainer videos or any other motion design product.

Feel free to share your opinion on each motion graphic design company and their works below in the comments. Which did you like the most? Get inspired by their portfolios and improve those of your own.

Feel free to ask for help from the keen animation designers here, at Explain Ninja motion graphic studio!

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